Kickstarter: epiphany studios expansion

We’re putting an addition onto our studio so we can continue making even larger and more impressive sculptures and to do this we need your help! As part of our funding strategy we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise 25K. Please join us by donating and sharing our campaign with your family and friends. Together we will make great art come to life!

Thank you for your support!

To download your personalized meme, click on the image, when enlarged image pops up, right click and press “save as”.
Please share and tag us on social media! @epiphanyglass on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you!

Sean Emery
Elizabeth Klos
Nicole Wagner
Audrey Almquist
Elizabeth Buc
Patricia Kassab
Sherri Kleist
Erin Tiburcio
Kimberly Welch
Eric Gorges
Dry Ice Works - Gordon Mahrle
Stephanie Londo
Terri Stearn
Bob Zhang
Carole Wilson
Kathy & Roy Engel
Tamara Jefferson
Jean Hansen
Jeffrey Atto
Barbara Aubrey
Michael Guy
Maggie Durant
Becky Hanel
Michael Optie
Guest 2122241725
Eileen Pailes
Kent David Snyder
Kim Harty
Guest 82274270
Guest 795251867
Randall Fogelman
Elanah Hunger
Guest 191142094
Nikki Barbour
Tom DiLillo
Bradley Reyes
Kristin Lusn
Jeff Nelson
Linda Willemsen
Jeff Davidson
David Meador
Karen Monroy
Todd Wyett
Jamie Latendresse
Benjamin Nabozny
Stephanie and Jeff Bergeron
Peter Ghafari
George & Barb Moeller
Sally Freels
Nina Holden
Mary Messana
Michelle Perron
Abby Groth
Paul Runde
Nicole de Beaufort
Ellen Anderson
Katherine Huber
Abigail Miszewski
Cynthia Pasky
Bill Sullivan
Tom Carleton
Elizabeth Fish
Chris & Kristin
Guest 1751838906
Guest 95784220
Guest 1663662219
Guest 1629547803
Eric Ahrens
Guest 1226536293
Sarah Hecker
Ann Beuschel
Guest 1050886021
Renee S. Voit-Porath
Nicole Piach
Tonia Williams
Guest 1494477676
Kelly Bajnai
Stephanie Harvey
Nedra Keahl
Nadine Jennings
Kim Dent Design
Guest 1817636308
Nieves Longordo
Michelel Czarka
Shannon Teeple
Guest 1333128664
Robert Stepan
Lisa, Betty & Peter
Guest 55716922
Colleen Robar
Amelia & Jonathan Hughes
Guest 470457321
Robert Belloni
Ali Turfe
Harry Mingle
Tom Voiles
Maureen Devine
Ellen Prevost
Guest 376897605
Julie & Adam Rothstein
Elliott Broom
Mollie Hansen
Guest 1282593222
Sharon Crute
Katherine Richard
Jeff Antaya
Amy Hubbard Somers
Emily & Justin Remington
Michael Usher
Scott Klinker
Jody Astrein
Janet Kelman
Charles Dewey
Timothy Post Travis
Guest 1386614792
Teresa Weaver
Ken Gardner
Guest 726528793
Ron Montgomery
Jonathan Teeple
Aki Choklat
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