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A Year Of Growth & Renewal


3 Groundbreaking July 30 2021

These larger projects require a lot of space to create and the new building will be the perfect place to do it. It is a 2,600 sq. ft. open floor plan building with a 26′ ceiling.  The new addition was designed to hang sculptures from the ceiling, the walls, or stand on the floor, and have room to breathe and be fully realized. The bonus is that it is only steps away from the glass furnaces where all of her art takes shape.

We  created a photo journal of weekly updates for all those who followed us through the entire bumpy but rewarding process as well as for our new followers who are curious about the brand new, shiny black building located next to the glass shop.
Click here as we rewind through the wheres, whys, and whens of this project, celebrating the journey and enjoying the rewards!

The first of three major undertakings in 2022 was the growth of our studio footprint from 4000 to 6600 square feet with the completion of our new addition. While many of you are familiar with the beautiful glass pieces we offer at epiphany studios, like our birds of beautysleeping kittiesrocks glasses, pumpkinspaperweights, and ornaments, you may be less familiar with April Wagner’s larger than life, iconic, and place-making sculptures installed all over the country.  

Black Cladding 1-7-22


The second major project we completed this year was the replacement of our glass furnace. 

After 21+ years of continued use we finally retired our well loved old furnace and built a brand new furnace in its place. Check out our photo journal of this monumental renewal undertaking here.

Exciting New Ventures

Our third and very exciting project was the creation of April’s largest glass art installation to date that took most of the year to make and a couple of weeks to install all the way over on the west coast in Oregon. We can hardly wait to share the reveal the entire installation and you’ll be one of the first people to see it once we are can.  The 32′ wide  x 36′ tall sculpture resides in a historic judicial building in Salem, Oregon, that is in the final phases of a major renovation. With this project complete, 2023 holds new opportunities to create beautiful new art glass installations.


2022 was also a year filled with enchantment as many of our new offerings featured extraordinary shimmering and gilded elements as well as bold and beautiful colors to make them extra sparkly and precious to the collector.

Handmade glass heart paperweight
Enchanted Heart
Golden Enchanted Wine Stopper In Situ
Enchanted Wine Stopper
Luminous Leaves
Glass Rainbow Rain-Bones
Rainbow Rain-Bones
Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Glass Sculpture Living Room
Enchanted Sleeping Kitty
The Enchanted Swan
Enchanted Swan
Enchanted Rose Gold And Blue Gold Pumpkin
Enchanted Pumpkins
Enchanted Peppermint Candy Ornament On A Tree
Enchanted Peppermint Candy

Celebrations & Sharing What We Love

2022 was also a year filled with celebrations including our Spring and Holiday Open House events, many hands on workshops and our official Ribbon Cutting Dedication for our new addtition.

Spring Open Studio Workshops
Ribbon Cutting New Addition
Holiday Open House

We look forward to 2023 with our renewed imaginations and lots of exciting things to share with you as we start a brand new year. Thank you for your continued support, we are so happy you are on this creative journey with us. 



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