Looking for some gorgeous and unique decor for the fall season? Our handblown glass pumpkins are a beautiful addition and are suitable for both Halloween and Thanksgiving! Spanning a range of color combos, sizes, and shapes, you’ll find a style that will work in any space. Mix and match them or put just one in a special place – these handblown glass pumpkins look amazing on their own or in groups, both indoors or outside in your garden. Each piece is handmade and has its own unique and charming characteristics. Hand-blown glass with a sold hot-sculpted stem, signed and dated on the bottom.

  • Handblown glass pink & blue pumpkin
  • Handblown glass fire orange pumpkin
  • Handblown Glass blue & pink pumpkin
  • Bright Orange Pumpkin
  • Green Pumpkin with Blue Stem
  • Handblown glass light orange pumpkin
  • Handblown glass orange pumpkin
  • Handblown glass pink pumpkin with clear stem
  • Handblown glass pink pumpkin with lime green stem
  • Tapioca Pumpkin
  • Transparent Green Pumpkin
  • Yellow Pumpkin
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