Memorial Glass

Cremation Memorial Glass Art Heart Red

Let us create a beautiful, custom glass artwork using the cremation ashes of your loved one or pet. These sweet keepsakes are a reminder of all of the love and memories you have, captured in timeless beauty. Read below to see how they are handmade in our Pontiac, MI studio, the options you can choose from for shape, color and size, and how to order. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Gorgeous handcrafted glass art offers comfort and makes a beautiful remembrance of a beloved friend, relative or pet. Our glass artists work with the utmost care and respect to create a beautiful memorial of your loved one.Each piece is carefully handmade in our studio. Using a little more than a trace of ash, our glass artists create a one-of-a-kind glass piece with the ashes and colors of your choice.

How They're Made

Cremation Memorial Glass Art Process
Cremation Memorial Glass Art Process 4
Cremation Memorial Glass Art Process
Cremation Memorial Glass Art Process 6
Engraved Memorial Glass
Memorial Certificate

Each piece is finished with a heart stamp on the bottom. We can hand engrave the bottom of each piece with a name, dates, or short sentiment (left). A memorial certificate of authenticity is also included with their name, date it was created in our studio and an epiphany studios wax seal (right).

Paperweights and Marbles


These beautiful hot-sculpted solid glass paperweights swirl vibrant colors along with your loved one’s ashes. The celestial, striking white trail of ash plays sweetly with the vibrant glass colors amid a cascade of pearl like bubbles. The joyous energy and motion reminding you that the spirit of your loved one will last into eternity. Have one made for yourself or order a collection to share memories over at a family reunion. The small marbles can be carried with you during important events like a wedding or graduation to remember someone important and to feel their presence. 

Chose from five different colors swirled with white or two duo color options.

Choose from a variety of beautiful colors in two sizes. 
Paperweights: Approximately 2.75″D x 2.75″H
Marbles: Approximately 2″D x 2″H
Colors (left to right): Cranberry, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Purple & Cranberry, Blue & Green
Bottom: Blue, Purple & Cranberry

Order here.

Heart Paperweights

The emotive colors in our heart paperweights speak to the complexity and depth of our feelings. Made of solid hot-sculpted glass, they are a lovely reminder of the love you shared with a beloved friend, relative, spouse or pet. 

Pick from one of five colors that reflects your feelings and memories. Ashes are swirled through the glass to create a beautiful design. 

These are wonderful mementos that you can display at special events such as weddings or holidays to honor those who can’t be with you physically.

Heart Paperweights are approximately 4″L x 4″W x 1″H.
Colors: Cranberry, Aqua, Purple, Red and Blue.

Order here.

Cremation Memorial Glass Art Heart Set
Cremation Memorial Glass Art -Memorial Dog Bones

Dog Bones


The loss of a beloved pet can be so difficult. Remember your faithful canine companion and the time you spent together with a beautiful handblown glass dog bone. 

Available in four different colors swirled with white glass and ashes.

Dog Bones are approximately 3″L x 1.5″W x 1.25″H.
Colors: Cranberry, Purple, Green and Blue.

Order here.

Sleeping Kitties

Remember the days of your kitten sleeping in a sunny spot or on your lap. Send us a picture of your favorite feline along with a teaspoon of their ashes and we will make a sleeping kitty modeled after them. Ashes are swirled into the color to create a unique design. 

The kitty shown to the right was one of our studio cats, Ronnie. When he passed we created these precious memorial kitties after him and gave one to each of the studio employees.

Sleeping Kitties are approximately 3″D x 1.5″H. 

Order here.

Ronnie Memorial


“When my youngest sister passed away, I considered exactly what I wanted to do with my bit of her ashes. I had seen glass memorials online, but did not like the idea of having to mail the ashes and risk the transport of the memorial back to me. When I found out that epiphany did memorials, that was the perfect answer. I liked the idea of supporting a local business and being able to go in and see their work and actually talk to someone about my options. epiphany was great to work with. I chose a round paperweight with purple swirls because my sister’s favorite color was purple and she loved to travel around the world. Her ashes now swirl around the globe.”


“These have been the most wonderful way to memorialize my dog and cat who have passed away in the past year. They are so beautiful and can be placed anywhere you please. I have a sleeping cat, and a dog bone, both filled with my animals remains. Each piece is inscribed with the animals name, and the years of their births and deaths. They are my valued treasures.”


Sleeping Kitty & Bone

“Once upon a time there was an Alex…… For almost 15 years my boy was truly the total delight of my life. He came to me as a rescue, became a certified therapy dog, walking buddy, clown, nap-time snuggler..just a treasure. I hold his Memorial Bone close to my heart, feeling again and again the bond we had. Thank You, Epiphany Glass, for making it possible…..” 


“Thank you, April and team! I love my paperweight commemorating our beloved King!”


 ● ● ●

“Thank you to epiphany glass for making my hearts with my husbands ashes in them. I checked all around and found this place. They were the best people to talk to and they did a beautiful job on all my hearts I had made. I had 3 different ones made for me, my Daughter, and my Granddaughter. They all turned out beautiful.  We love them and the little extra touches that they did was over the top. Thank you all very much !! I will be getting some more hearts made from you.” – E.H.

 ● ● ●

“I received the cat today and it’s looks great! You got the rounded ears and added the white belly… my wife / kids will love it!! ” – J.D.

 ● ● ●

“We received the beautiful sculpture today. It is so, so lovely. My husband raised Grover from a day-old kitten and losing him has been really hard. My husband was very touched by the sculpture and it is a beautiful tribute to our friend. Please give our sincere thanks to the artist.” – L.M.

How To Order

1. Select the memorial glass, style and color you would like and place your order in the webstore.

2. At checkout if you would like the glass items to be engraved with your loved one’s name and dates of birth and passing please include them in the Order Notes at the bottom of the checkout page. This information will be included on the memorial certificate as well.

3. Once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email from the webstore and from PayPal (even if you use your credit card, it is processed by PayPal). If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. 

4. Send 1 teaspoon of ashes per item (if you’re having 3 paperweights and 2 marbles made, please send 5 teaspoons) to our studio:
770 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac, MI 48341

You can send them in a plastic baggie or empty pill bottle placed in an envelope, bubble mailer or small box. If you’d prefer, USPS makes packaging specifically for cremains that you can find here. Please note, that it costs quite a lot more to ship them this way and it is not necessary.

5. If you are ordering a Sleeping Kitty, send a few pictures of your cat to

6. We will email you to let you know your order has been received and again when the ashes arrive.

7. Orders will take 6-8 weeks from the day we receive the ashes.

8. We will ship your completed memorial art to you free of charge (if you’re located in the U.S.) with the unused cremains and a certificate. When they ship out we’ll contact you with a tracking number.


For questions or concerns, please contact us at

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