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Solstice Spring Cleaning

Shine bright like a diamond. That’s what it looks like when the jaw-dropping “Solstice” sculpture at Detroit’s TCF Building (formerly Cobo Hall) beams with its full gleam, and that’s exactly what happened after our dream team came in to clean it. But it took more than just hard work and elbow grease to get it looking its best – it took careful coordination of special tools, lifts, and scaffolding, as well as three fearless women from April Wagner’s studio who weren’t afraid of heights.

Have you ever looked at a massive sculpture and wondered how it’s kept clean? Three skilled women, Shannon, Amy and Dominique from April Wagner’s epiphany studios in Pontiac took on the daunting task of cleaning the monumental ‘Solstice‘ sculpture at the TCF Building, formerly Cobo Hall. The women of epiphany studios are not just skilled in their craft but also fearless in their pursuit of challenging projects. Together, these women tackled the cleaning of the Solstice sculpture and delivered excellent results.

Cleaning the Solstice sculpture was no easy feat. The intricate design and size of the sculpture posed a challenge. The delicate glass surface required a gentle touch, and any misstep could result in damage to the artwork. Moreover, the height of the sculpture made it difficult to access certain areas, adding another layer of complexity. With their expertise in glasswork, the trio knew exactly how to handle the situation. They carefully assessed the sculpture and designed a cleaning plan that would ensure it was cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage. And with the help of the dedicated and experienced maintenance staff at TCF, they were able to lift our team to dizzying heights to tackle this enormous cleaning project!

As the cleaning process began, the team worked meticulously, using their skills and precision to bring back the sculpture’s original shine. Despite the challenges they faced, they never lost sight of their goal and remained dedicated to their work until it was completed to a high standard. Their hard work and attention to detail paid off, and the Solstice sculpture now stands tall, clean, and radiant. 

During the cleaning process, the team utilized special tools and equipment to ensure that the Solstice sculpture was restored to its original state. One of the tools they used was a specially formulated cleaning solution that effectively removed the dirt and grime that had accumulated on the sculpture over time. They also used a variety of brushes, cloths, and sponges and even q-tips to ensure that every nook and cranny of the sculpture was cleaned thoroughly. They worked carefully and deliberately to ensure that every inch of the sculpture was actually cleaned, rather than just appearing to be so. 

The amazing results are a testament to their dedication and expertise. The once dull and dusty Solstice sculpture has been fully restored to its original grandeur, thanks to their meticulous attention to detail.