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Great Pumpkin Patch Party

For the FIRST TIME EVER we are going to teach you to make your very own glass pumpkins! This means that you will still be doing all the usual stuff – picking your colors, working at the reheating chamber and bench, holding the glass on the rod, BUT now you will also be blowing into the pipe – something we are asked for on the regular but held off on doing until we were sure we could make it safe and enjoyable for everyone! This is going to be so fun…
we’re making a party out of it!

Our first annual
10-5 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 
September 23rd/24th

In addition to making your own pumpkin, we’ve been playing around with some new pumpkin designs,
including a ton of one-of-a-kind artwork that should not be missed because we won’t be making them again. 

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Workshops, art glass, a discount, and of course hot cider and donuts – what more could you want!?
After a short break this summer, our glassblowing life is starting all over again in the crisp fall!

The glassblowing workshops are a hands-on experience like no other. Our amazing glass artists are ready to guide you every step of the way, regardless of your skill level. Adults and children (6 years and older) will use various hand tools and age-old techniques to create a unique glass sculpture of their own, while learning about the creation of glass art and the many beautiful forms it can take. 

Each registered participant may choose their own glass colors before working with one of the professional studio artists to create a vibrantly colored pumpkin in front of the 2000+-degree studio furnaces. Then, as you hold the steel rod, turn the glass, and use artisan tools, you can watch the glass turn from liquid to solid in a magical transformation. 


If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of glass art, our workshop is the perfect opportunity. From discovering the secrets of glass art to creating your own sculpture, these hands-on workshops promise to be a unique and fulfilling experience. It is the perfect activity for couples and families. So why wait? 

Remember: You’ll need to come back to the studio for pick up once your project has cooled down. If the studio is far away, we can ship your piece to you at a flat rate of $12. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes and pulling back longer hair. We also have safety glasses available for use during your glass making session.

So get ready to celebrate our Great Pumpkin Patch Party with us and bring your friends and family to join us and make something special a little early for the Autumn Season at epiphany studios!
We’re looking forward to another great show and hope to see you here


Coming to the studio?

Google may (or may not) know that Orchard Lake right in front of our building is closed as of today until Nov 1 –

Oh the JOY! …… Well, we don’t really feel that way now, but we will once construction is complete.

Here are some backroads to get to us.

Westbound Orchard Lake Road Detour: Take Orchard Lake Road west to Voorheis Street. Take Voorheis Street west to Myra Avenue. This will dead end into Sylvan Court, when you turn left and drive toward Orchard Lake Road you will find us!

Eastbound Orchard Lake Road Detour: If you are arriving via Telegraph Rd do not take the exit ramp at all and continue North on Telegraph to Voorheis Street. Take Old S. Telegraph Road to Telegraph Road (US24). Take Telegraph Road (US24) north to Voorheis Street. Take Voorheis Street east toward Orchard Lake Road. You will take a right turn (south) on Myra Avenue, which will end at Sylvan Court. Make a left turn and take this down to the studio on the right before Orchard Lake Road.

If you are arriving via Telegraph Road (US24) do not take the exit ramp for Orchard Lake Road at all and continue North on Telegraph Road (US24) to Voorheis Street.

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