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Clip from flower sculpture video

10 of our Best Glassblowing Videos

If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t you should!) you probably know we post a lot of videos. Glassblowing is a captivating visual process. Since it’s not an art form everyone has access to like drawing or painting, people love to watch it. And we do too – it’s definitely magical! Keep reading to binge on 10 of our best glassblowing videos! Many of these were special projects or commissions. For pieces that we have available for sale, we’ve included links to our webstore for your convenience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the studio, tools and processes shown in these videos, check out our Glassblowing 101 and Glassblowing FAQs blog posts.

1. Large-Scale Coiled Light Fixture

This is just one of many pieces we’ve made using our large reheating chamber. We really loved the idea of these large coiled light fixtures and how they’d sparkle in the light. Unfortunately, they didn’t pan out because they kept cracking. 

It’s not all bad though! The coiled glass idea (also used in ceramics) was repurposed for our La Ruche line of lighting. Same concept but on a smaller scale.

Read more about La Ruche here.

2. Large Splash Bowl

You might be familiar with our small tabletop Splash Bowls. These are a classic epiphany piece created using the Fazzoletto technique.

Last year we decided to make a series of large Splash Bowls, which of course required using the large reheating chamber. We think the finished pieces are striking and hope you love them as much as we do! 

If you’d love one of your own Splash Bowls, find them in our webstore here.

3. Free Form

Right before quarantine, April started making these amazing free form bowls. These are pieces she made years ago and decided to bring back.

Free forms are really unique and use some similar techniques to the Splash Bowl but end up with a completely different result.

We think these free forms would look stunning in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Get one of these unique pieces of functional art here.

4. Volcano

Another unique piece April has continuously made over the years are her volcanos. It’s an experiment in color and form that isn’t quite like anything else she makes.

The process of making these pieces has some similarities to the two above vessels, but volcanos look very different when finished.

Any one of the above vessels are sure to stand out and make a statement wherever you choose to display them!

5. Baptismal Sink

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen this series fairly recently. We had to call in all of #teamepiphany to create this baptismal sink commissioned by a local church.

After all the time, effort, energy and glass, we thought we had one ready to had over to the church – but it cracked! Fortunately, we had a backup sink ready to go. 

This sink was just installed in the church (click here to see a picture!). We think it looks amazing and are so happy with the results!

6. Flower Sculpture

As you know, a lot of April’s work is inspired by nature. These beautiful flower sculptures are no exception. They look amazing all year round and never need to be watered. Plus it’s really fun to see how she makes them!

April really experiments with color when making these flowers, leading to some unique and beautiful results.

Get your very own flower sculpture here.

7. Nest Vase

Another epiphany classic are our nest series. The ones shown here have necks so we refer to them as nest vases. The unique combination of blown and sculpted glass creates a stunning end result. 

It’s so fun to see how the glass is layered on and built up to create the rounded nest form. It’s a very meditative process that results in a beautiful piece of functional art.

We don’t have any nest vases in stock, but you can get one of our gorgeous nests here.

8. Dog Sculpture

This dog sculpture was a very special commission from a few years ago. It really deviates from what we normally do and we love the finished piece. Our work typically isn’t so figurative, as you can see from the selection of artwork above.

We are frequently asked to make specific animals or to create sculptures based on pets. Unfortunately, because of the time that goes into it, this is not something we typically do. It was certainly a fun one-off project to take on though!

9. Hand Sculpture

This had sculpture was created specifically for an award. This is another special commission that deviates from our usual work. Pieces like this take a lot of work, time and effort.

Figurative pieces like this are based on a tangible idea that people are familiar with. It’s easier to mess up because everybody knows what a hand or a dog looks like! At epiphany our work generally leans more towards the organic, abstract and functional artwork. These pieces are fun to create occasionally though and we hope you enjoy the process!

10. Pineapple

Each year we are commissioned to create these adorable pineapples. They’re really special because we roll the glass in gold leaf.

The large pineapples (shown here) have gold leaf on the body and transparent green leaves. We also make small green ones with gold leaf-tipped leaves. 

They’re really precious piece of artwork that fit in your hand. We really enjoy getting the chance to make them year after year!

We hope you enjoyed watching 10 of our best glassblowing videos! Don’t forget that we post videos frequently on our Instagram and Facebook. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates. Thanks for visiting!