Our Work with the Michigan Humane Society

For years now, epiphany glass has partnered with the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) in an effort to find loving homes for all of Michigan’s furry friends in need. Our founder and owner April Wagner is a lifelong animal lover, and a big time cat lady. The sitting cats pictured above are part of our Pet Collection. We donate partial proceeds from the sale of all pet-themed items to the Michigan Humane Society. But our relationship with them doesn’t end there!
In addition to our MHS collection of work (which we explore more of below) we have also worked with them on various events over the years. They always send volunteers to help us with our open studio events. This gives them an opportunity to educate our patrons about their work rescuing and adopting animals, and it gives us some much needed support at these busy events. They’ll be out in full force at our 2017 Holiday Show this weekend! And we’ll have materials for our guests to learn more about how they can help the cause.
We also participate in many MHS events throughout the year, such as the Bow Wow Brunch and the Mega March for Animals. We’ve found this is a great way to help an organization that we believe so strongly in, and to bring like-minded animal lovers to epiphany.

These sleeping cat statuettes are some of our most popular pet-themed items. They’re the perfect gift for the cat lovers in your life. They’re small, affordable, and completely adorable. April created this design years ago when our relationship with the MHS was just beginning. She’d long been searching for a way to incorporate her affection for cats into her work with hand-blown glass, and this seemed like the best possible marriage of the two. We make these kitties in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We could even custom-make one to look like your own cat! And every purchase comes with the very special bonus of helping animals in need.
Some of the other items in our MHS collection include paw-print coasters, cat and dog bowls, pint glasses stamped with paw-prints, and small dog statuettes. Resident studio cat Shiva clearly enjoys her glass cat bowl, which is heavy and sturdy enough to avoid being broken by rowdy creatures, and won’t leech plastic and other nasty chemicals into her water.
April has also created decanters and decanter sets adorned with those fantastic paw-print stamps. In the image on the right, you can see the ‘cat head’ stopper that tops the decanter. These pieces are made with all of the talent and finesse that go into our regular decanter sets, and a lot of extra love. We’ve also started to incorporate dog-head stoppers into this line, so as not to exclude the many dog lovers out there. The team at epiphany may consist mostly of cat people, but we love dogs as well, and we know how crucial it is that all domesticated animals find safe and loving homes. April has even gone out with the rescue team from the local MHS chapter and assisted them in finding stray dogs and cats and bringing them into shelters for healthcare, grooming, and ultimately adoption. She’s appeared on various local news stations with the MHS to promote pet adoption, and will continue to work closely with this organization in the future.
If you’d like to see our pet collection in person, and also learn more about the MHS from their lovely volunteers, please come to our Holiday Show this weekend at our studio in Pontiac! It’s a free, family friendly event that’s always a LOT of fun. CLICK HEREfor more details. And if you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat, please consider rescuing one instead of buying one. There are so many animals out there that desperately need a home, and in our experience, rescues make the absolute best pets. You can find more information on the Michigan Humane Society Website.

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