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And just like that…the epiphany expansion is complete


Thanks to the support of so many, this huge endeavor has finally come to fruition. As many of you know, it was only after years of dreaming, planning, and campaigning that we were finally ready to break ground, only to be locked down for essentially 2 years during the, hopefully once in a lifetime, pandemic. This […]

How We Make Our Birds Of Beauty

Birds Of Beauty at 770 Orchard Lake Road epiphany glass

Welcome, Warmer Weather, Blooms & Birds of Beauty Everywhere…At Last Creating Our Colorful Birds Of Beauty We love the beauty of nature at epiphany glass and we are fortunate that our Pontiac, Michigan studio is surrounded by water and trees. We encourage the local birds to visit us by placing bird feeders all around the […]

Colored & Specialty Glass

Silver Blue Splash

Glassblowing in general is fascinating, but even more possibilities are created when you add elements to it. This can take the form of different techniques, colors, working with different types of glass, etc. Since these are things we get asked about quite frequently, we thought it would be fun to give you the rundown on […]

Our Large Reheating Chamber

The Large Reheating Chamber requires an amazing team to work together!

Now that we’re back in the studio blowing glass, we’ve decided to go big or go back home. This week we got to work with our large reheating chamber. We don’t get to use this beast very often, so we thought it was a great time to fill you in on when we use it […]

10 of our Best Glassblowing Videos

Clip from flower sculpture video

If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t you should!) you probably know we post a lot of videos. Glassblowing is a captivating visual process. Since it’s not an art form everyone has access to like drawing or painting, people love to watch it. And we do too – it’s definitely magical! […]

Glassblowing FAQs

April working

Glassblowing is a fascinating and mysterious art. We get asked a lot of questions on social media and in person so we thought we would create this resource to answer some of your Glassblowing FAQs. It’s divided up by section to help you find what you’re looking for. If you have any other questions, please leave them […]

How to Commission Artwork

The Four Elements II

Have you ever had a vision for an amazing piece of artwork for your home or office but just haven’t known how to make that vision a reality? Commissioning artwork is a great way to get the perfect piece that is totally unique and made just for you! However, it can also seem like an intimidating and expensive […]

Why is Glass so Expensive?

Three Stars Up 1

We get asked this question often – Why is glass so expensive?  When we post images of artwork for sale online some people experience sticker shock. Today we’re going to deep dive in what goes into making glass and how we price our art. Training Glassblowing is HARD! People frequently comment on our videos to […]

What are Seconds?

Firsts vs Seconds

Above all at epiphany we value quality and craftsmanship. We take this very seriously and stake our reputations on it!  So when something isn’t up to our standards but isn’t cracked, broken, or sharp we make it a “second”. Our seconds are sweet little jewels with slight imperfections and inconsistencies that don’t match our intention […]

Art Glass

Current Leaves

Glass is an extremely versatile medium used to create items that span a wide variety of applications. Functional glass objects are so common in our everyday lives that we may not even think about how much rely on this material. Windows, smartphones, medical equipment, drinkware and a million other things we interact with daily fall […]