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Birds Of Beauty at 770 Orchard Lake Road epiphany glass

How We Make Our Birds Of Beauty

How We Make Our Birds Of Beauty
Welcome, Warmer Weather, Blooms & Birds of Beauty Everywhere...At Last
Birds Of Beauty at 770 Orchard Lake Road epiphany glass

Creating Our Colorful Birds Of Beauty

We love the beauty of nature at epiphany glass and we are fortunate that our Pontiac, Michigan studio is surrounded by water and trees. We encourage the local birds to visit us by placing bird feeders all around the studio grounds and we are graced with an abundance of chirping birds and bursts of color as they fly to and from the feeding stations. We wanted to share how we make our birds of beauty as each is inspired by their unique characteristics as well as their special meanings to anyone who has a favorite feathered friend. Not only do they bring joy to those who collect them but they also make a wonderful gift when you want to send a handmade gift that includes a special message from the heart.

How We Create Our Birds Of Beauty

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The Loving Cardinal The Loving Cardinal Sculpture – Cardinals symbolize the loved ones that surround us. Like messengers from the Heavens, this ruby-colored bird makes a wonderful companion. Cardinals partner for life, singing together and staying with each other year-round. A symbol of love and unity, the cardinal is a wonderful reminder of the strong bond between you and those you love. The bright red color of the cardinal is also a symbol of confidence, reminding you to be bold and sure of yourself and to keep going until you reach your goal.

The Joyous Bluebird The Joyous Bluebird is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Its sweet nature will bring you joy and spark your childlike wonder of the world. With its carefree, happy nature the Bluebird sails thru the skies, its rich colored feathers emitting safety, freedom, and wealth. The Joyous Bluebird’s song reminds you of the beauty in life even when things get hard. Keep this deep blue sky-colored bird close when going through transitions and times of self-renewal.

The Inspiring Robin The first birds of Spring, Robins represent renewal and transformation. Often considered a sign of new beginnings and growth, the Robin inspires us to be open to new possibilities, letting go of things that no longer serve us. Combining tenacity and strength, the robin survives the long, cold winter and sings joyously awakening the song in our souls.

The Peaceful Dove Doves are symbols of purity, peace, and compassion. Bringing us the deepest kind of calm, the dove soothes our worried minds and troubled souls with by gracing us with hope and purpose. These graceful birds promote diplomacy and wisdom and bring harmony to relationships. Keep one of these gorgeous birds nearby as a reminder to center yourself in times of stress and noise.

The Enchanted Swan The Enchanted Swan is a symbol of heavenly beauty. Floating elegantly through the water or flying like angels in the air, the swan embodies fluidity and grace. Moving through life with poise, they remind us to go with the flow, to look beyond outward appearances, and embrace the light that shines from within. The spirit animal of both Aphrodite and Apollo, the swan brings love into our lives, love for ourselves and those around us.

The Abundant Turkey Turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving; they are a symbol of the many blessings we receive from Mother Nature. These majestic birds remind us to honor what the Earth has given us and to generously give back, sharing our unique gifts and talents with the world. No matter if it is in our personal life or professional life, the turkey is a powerful omen of richness, energy, and connection.