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Kaleidoscope Pumpkin


Kaleidoscope Pumpkin 

Contemporary color in a traditional form, these little gems add a burst of joy to your fall displays. Unique and special with a delicious silver blue stem and a mix of jewel-like threads, our pumpkins are a must have for any serious glass pumpkin collector. They are unlike anything you will see elsewhere. Size vary slightly.

Large pumpkins are approximately 5″D x 6.5″H.
Medium pumpkins are approximately 3.5″D x 5″H.
Small pumpkins are approximately 3″D x 3″H.


Take your tablescaping skills to the next level with our handblown glass pumpkins. Our spectacular pumpkin collections span a range of color combos, sizes, and shapes to match every home – like the beautiful Kaleidoscope Pumpkin! Each hand-blown glass pumpkin is topped with a twisted, solid, hot-sculpted stem, and then signed and dated on the bottom. We particularly love our stunning glass pumpkins when used as a mix-and-match collection, since they range in size and color. These handcrafted pumpkins will stand out as a truly unique centerpiece for your stylish tablescape or to welcome guests in an entryway for your seasonal get togethers. The swirled colors, shimmering details, and a variety of sizes make these gorgeous gourds work so well together. Start a luxurious glass pumpkin patch on your mantel or scatter them throughout your home. Be sure to place your sparkling, one of a kind, pumpkins where they will capture light to showcase the unique details on the swirling stem and colorful surface. Imagine a cluster of Kaleidoscope Pumpkins on a rustic fireside tray, the firelight dancing across the elegant handblown glass and curly stem. These jewel-tone glass pieces will delight no matter where you display them with all the beauty of a fresh pumpkin without any of the mess. As each are handmade, sizes and stems may vary slightly. Find all styles here. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see new webstore releases. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest product releases and store events.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

Small, Medium, Large

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