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Awards & Corporate Gifts

Recognizing the hard work and support of those connected to your business by creating unique corporate gifts and awards can help set your company apart from the competition. Whether presented to employees, vendors or clients, awards can help to instill a sense of satisfaction, provide incentive to work harder or give more support, and create a deeper connection and stronger loyalty to the company.
Unique benefits in the form of gifts or awards are pieces the recipients will want to display and share with others. They can also help to boost motivation and morale among your employees and network. In this post, we’ll take a look at different types of corporate art and the ways it can benefit your company, employees and other business relationships.
Grosse Pointe War Memorial Awards
Grosse Pointe War Memorial - Community Service and Spirit Awards

Benefits of Corporate Gifts & Awards

Commissioning gifts and awards can offer many benefits to the reputation of your company. If people feel they are treated well and that they are valued, they will tell others. Employees want to feel that they are working for a company that appreciates the effort they give, not that they are easily replaceable. Keeping good employees happy is the key to retaining them!

Vanguard Awards
Vanguard Awards

Corporate gifts and awards may not only keep the great employees you already have, but could encourage others to join your team as well. The top talent of industries look for companies that are unique, give back and are involved in their communities. Offering out-of-the-ordinary incentives, such as handmade gifts commissioned by local artists, shows that you’re interested in local businesses, appreciate a job well done and want to recognize the unique value of your employees with items that are less typical than a watch, clock or fountain pen. 

Zanfirico Award
Zanfirico Supplier of the Year Awards for GM

Working with a local artist to create gifts and awards also gives you the opportunity to design a custom piece that implements branding and reflects the values central to your company mission. Some ways to do this are by incorporating company colors, logos or other references to your company’s culture and brand. First, you should determine the intent of the award or gift you are creating. How and where would you like it to be displayed? How much branding do you want to incorporate? Do you want a functional, semi-functional or sculptural piece? When April works with clients to create corporate art, she determines a degree of branding that successfully represents the company’s culture and themes but does not detract from or compromise the epiphany brand by overtaking the unique handmade feel of the piece.

An example of a sophisticated use of branding is shown in the above piece, which was commissioned by GM for their Supplier of the Year Award. 

April used their company colors as inspiration and they were incorporated into the cane for these beautiful, custom Zanfirico vessels. The recipient of the award loved the vessel so much that they  commissioned 20 similar vessels to give to their own employees. This is a great example of how a unique award or gift can inspire others!

Great Lakes Women's Business Council Award
Great Lakes Women's Business Council Award
Great Lakes Women's Business Council Awards

Some companies have built long lasting relationships with us and regularly come back for annual awards and gifts. This relationship has helped to elevate our brand because employees of these companies have become familiar with the work April creates and want to receive an award with a sculpture designed by her. Receiving a prestigious award from a great company also helps to elevate the reputation of the recipient, whether it is an employee or a vendor. Companies that do unusual things can generate buzz around themselves and may receive in-kind marketing from the artists or companies they commission to make unique pieces. Corporate gifts and awards are not only beneficial to your company, but also to the recipients and the artist commissioned to make them!

What Are the Differences Between Corporate Gifts and Awards?

THAW Awards
Thaw Awards

In general, awards will have a larger budget. They will be engraved with signifiers including the award title, date, name of recipient and company name. These engravings can be placed on the side or the bottom of the piece or on a base made of glass or granite. When we craft our awards, we ensure that the bases are high quality – to match the quality of the artwork that will accompany them. The glass can be affixed to the base or separate, depending on how the client would like the piece to be displayed. Awards are typically given to signify a milestone the recipient has reached, such as top sales performer, best supporting vendor or an anniversary, and are given at a ceremony or banquet.

Custom Decanter Gift Set
Custom Decanter Gift Set

Corporate gifts may be given for holidays, anniversaries or to recognize something the recipient has done, such as speaking at an event or conference. Gifts are not only for employees, but also clients and vendors. We offer a wide range of functional and semi-functional gifts that can be customized and branded to fit the needs of your company. We are lucky to have relationships with companies that come back to us year after year for holiday gifts, anniversaries and other special events. By consistently giving gifts that are elegant and distinguished, they have developed reputations for offering unique and thoughtful handmade gifts that people appreciate and want to display.

There are many positives to presenting Awards and Corporate Gifts. To read more about the benefits of corporate gift giving, take a look at the articles listed below. Click here for more of our corporate gifts and awards.