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Art & Self-Care During COVID

While we’re all spending more time in our homes and living through uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to focus on self care. Taking time out to focus on the beautiful, safe and familiar things can help keep us grounded through this ever changing world we’re living in.

Art and self-care really go hand in hand. Treating yourself to some beautiful new art can give a fresh perspective to an overly familiar space. Today we’ll be looking at some of the ways adding art to your home can facilitate your self-care.

Art adds something special to a space

Art can completely transform the space you put it in. We’ve been spending more time at home this year and you might be getting sick of the space you’re in! The addition of art, big or small, can be a powerful change. 

Art can make a room look bigger, add much needed color, or just create new dimension. Experimenting with shapes, forms and colors can be a lot of fun and bring new life to a room.

Here are just a few ideas on how to integrate new art into your home:

  • Add a beautiful paperweight to your home office. The colors and designs can help you stay focused.
  • Add a pop of color to a neutral room with an abstract tabletop sculpture
  • If you’d prefer something a bit more practical, consider a beautiful bowl such as our Zanfirico, Free Form or Splash Bowls. They’re the perfect marriage of form and function.
  • If you want to think big, consider having a wall hanging or chandelier custom made to bring sparkle and light to a room.

Since you’re spending so much time at home, you may as well make it into a place you love! Adding a new creative visual element can make a difference and change the atmosphere.

Art improves your mood

There’s a reason why art is incorporated into so many public spaces like office buildings and hospitals. It has a positive affect on your mood. 

Viewing art can help you feel less stressed, help you to focus and make you happier. 

Art is proven to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. So if you suffer from mental health difficulties, surrounding yourself with beautiful art can help.

Art can be transportive, a healthy distraction. You can get lost in a piece of art, which can give your mind a break or help you change your perspective. 

Next time you have the blues or feel stressed out, try taking a look at some art. Not just glancing at it, but really focusing on it. If you find it helps you feel better, it’s definitely worth incorporating into your life!

Read more about the benefits to your mental health that art can have in this article.

Art is a great investment

Ether Chandelier

Art can definitely be expensive (read our blog post Why is Glass so Expensive? to learn more on this topic!). But if you take care of it, it can last several lifetimes. 

Original artwork can increase in value over time and if the artist who made it has great successes, you could end up with artwork that is worth quite a lot.

This however, doesn’t have to be your main concern when buying art. Buy art because you like it, not necessarily because of it’s monetary worth.

Plus, there’s always the benefit of helping the artist you’re purchasing from!

You deserve to treat yourself!

Even when we’re going through hard times, we deserve to treat ourselves. If it makes us happy and can help us get through dark times, it’s certainly worth the money spent.

We all need something to look forward to from time to time. You could certainly treat yourself to some fancy chocolate or an expensive coffee, but we love the idea of treating ourselves to art.

Art can benefit anyone who views it and you can enjoy it for years. Glass art is really special because it can change throughout the day depending on art. April’s abstract sculptures can even be displayed in multiple ways, so you can switch it up if you want to get a different perspective. 

If it makes you happy, we think it’s worth it!

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We hope this post some light on how beneficial it can be to have art in your home. If you’d like to read more on this topic, check out the articles we’ve linked below. 

Take care of yourself! This is an unprecedented time we’re going through and we need to do what we can to stay healthy.

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