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Paperweights add something special to a garden

Art in the Garden

With the weather (finally) warming up and restrictions being slowly lifted in Michigan, we are taking things outside. Art doesn’t have to be enjoyed only indoors. We love to take our glass outdoors and mix it into nature, the sun, the sparkle, the organic shapes everywhere.  Here are some of our ideas on how to incorporate artwork into your garden, and the end we’ll share something fun and exciting we have coming up at the studio!

Enjoying Glass Outdoors
Glass can add something special to your garden.
How to Display Glass Outside

Maybe you’ve never considered putting your glass art outside in the garden. It’s a fun way to add extra color, beauty and even whimsey to a flower bed or planter. 

Many of the pieces we put outside are seconds since they already have imperfections. Seconds also sell at discounted prices, so this can encourage you to display them in less precious ways.

You might also consider using some older glass art you’ve lost interest in. Incorporating it with nature can give it fresh life and you a new appreciation for older pieces.

We love to group things together among growths of ivy or clovers. The glass peeking out adds a hint of manmade beauty. You can see at the left how a few glass birds and a beautiful paperweight contribute something fresh and unexpected. You can be strategic with your placement or just put things where you think your garden needs a little something extra. They’ll look beautiful no matter what!

Paperweights add something special to a garden
Glass ornaments sparkle in the sunlight
Paperweights look beautiful among rocks
Glass Butterfly in the garden

There isn’t really any limit on how you can showcase glass art in your garden. Put some flower or heart paperweights among the flowers. Hang some round ornaments in a tree for a beautiful sparkle. Place various round paperweights among rocks and foliage. Or put glass insects or animals in a flower bed for as a sweet accent. 

Glass holds up well to the elements. We leave our pieces out most of the year. We recommend bringing them in during cold winters as glass is more likely to break. Obviously, there is some risk to leaving breakable glass outdoors and unprotected any time of year. But that’s why you don’t leave your most precious pieces outside in the garden. 

We love how ornaments and sun catchers glisten in the sunlight. Putting artwork in a new environment can give it a new and exciting perspective. 

Be playful!
Garden Oranments
Glass art in the garden
Glass in the garden

It’s fun to play with color, shape and form. Find some lovely twisty garden ornaments that add a vertical element among your plants. Larger sculptures can make really special and beautiful statement pieces. Or just include small pieces of glass here and there as a surprise. The options are limitless and we hope you’ll try adding some glass art to your gardens! It adds sparkle, beauty and a new kind of life.

Seconds in the Garden

If you’re now interested in snagging some artwork to showcase outside, you’re in luck! We’re open every Saturday from 10am – 3pm for Saturday Shopping. You can peruse our seconds carts to find the perfect pieces to display in your own garden. AND we will be doing Seconds in the Garden again this year, so stay tuned for more info!

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter (we give out exclusive weekly coupons!).



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