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Starry Night Stars


Starry Night Stars

Dreaming of celestial skies, making wishes and the wisdom of ancient light, our stunning,  hand-blown glass stars are extra out-of-this-world gorgeous.

Each one is made using a special layer of Dichroic Glass. This special glass contains multiple colors that change in the light, looking gold, blue or magenta, and making our stars dance playfully with the available light.

Add magic and wonder to your holidays by hanging these stars in the window or in your tree to sparkle joyously. Send our Starry Night Starry to loved ones you can’t be with this year, remind them of glittering winter nights spent together and good wishes for the future.

Large: Approximately 9″L x 8″W x 0.25″D
Small: Approximately 6″L x 5″W x 0.25″D


If you’re like us, you are enchanted by the tiny, flickering stars in the distance. Their bright light travels for years to delight our senses. Imagine if you could capture the shimmering light of the stars and keep them close at hand or gift that sparkle to someone special. We’ve created our Starry Night Stars to bring the glittery beauty of the night skies within reach.  Each dazzling star is born in the glow of our 2000+ furnace and handcrafted by our master glass artist with over 25 years of experience creating heirloom quality art glass objects and sculptures.

Like the celestial giants, each of our Starry Night Stars is truly unique as they are handcrafted using the centuries old skills of glassmaking. We start by gathering a clear ball of molten glass and picking up a small piece of dichroic glass that becomes the heart of our Starry Night Stars. Dichroic glass is a special glass material that adds the sparkling accent to the center of the stars and will shift in color as light travels across the ornament. The gorgeous star then begins to take shape at the glassblower’s bench where the artist uses special tools to gently pull the molten glass to create the 5 points. When the artist is satisfied with the size and shape of the star, it is removed from the punty rod, and reheated where it was attached with a torch. This step smooths and prepares the glass for the metal stamp we use to emboss a star pattern onto the back of the star. The star is then placed in an annealing oven overnight where it will slowly cool to ensure quality and everlasting beauty. Just like Christmas, we are excited to open the annealing oven the next day to reveal the beauty of our Starry Night Stars. We then hand select the gorgeous stars found here.

Display our Starry Night Stars during the Holidays as a stunning entryway decoration, an elegant tablescaping accent or shimmering window sun catcher. Looking for the perfect holiday hostess gift? Our Starry Night Stars make a beautiful housewarming gift or stunning wedding décor idea. Our Starry Night Stars come in a variety of opulent colors and feature a shimmering dichroic center with an embossed star on the back. You can see the collection here. As each is handcrafted in our Pontiac, Michigan hot shop, we sign and date the back of stars for authenticity.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm

Aqua, Gold, Cranberry, Violet, Cobalt, Clear, Amethyst, Copper Ruby


Large, Small

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