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DIY Memorial Cremation Paperweight | First Thursdays


Celebrate the Day of The Dead and create A DIY Memorial keepsake to commemorate your loved ones.

The Day of the Dead is the perfect time to celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed, so what better way to honor the holiday than by commemorating their spirit in their very own glass piece? Make your own DIY Memorial Creation Paperweight from 2000-degree molten glass with the help of our studio artists. You may bring a small portion of cremation ashes from your pet or loved ones to encase in your glass sculpture or simply make a sculpture to commemorate. After a demo of all the steps, tools, and safety guidelines you will pick your colors from a delightfully wide array of choices. When it’s your turn you will hold the steel rod, turn the glass, and use the tools while sitting at the glass-making bench. So much fun, and like nothing you have ever done before! Watch the glass turn from liquid to solid right before your eyes. Once finished your piece will cool for over 24 hours and be engraved with an inscription of your choice. Ready for you to pick up the following week.

4 spots are available per hour.

Each of our workshop experiences accommodates one guest per registration as you will be creating the piece alongside one of our experienced glass artists. We definitely encourage you to bring other guests to watch as the registered guests make their glass art project at the glass maker’s bench. If you think the other guests may want to make something as well, we encourage to register for them prior to the event as they often sell out. On some occasions, we may have an opening the day of and you could check for availability while in the studio.

Project Pickup
Since glass has to cool down slowly, you are not able to take your piece home the same day. On the day of your workshop, our glass artists will let you know the earliest day and time you can come back to the studio to get your masterpieces!
If the studio is far out of your way, we can always ship pieces to you at your cost. We offer a flat rate shipping option of $12 to ship locally.

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6pm, 7pm, 8pm