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Decanter Grouping

Goodbye to These epiphany Classics

As artists evolve, their style changes and epiphany is making some changes. We see this as a positive thing, change is good! It’s time to turn over a new leaf, try something new. We don’t create art in a vacuum, we are constantly evolving and growing as people and our art needs to reflect that.

All of our work is limited edition. We may make items for a while – some of these have been made for two decades! – but everything must come to an end sooner or later. We recommend if you love something that you don’t wait too long to make it your own!

We are creating this blog post to let you know about some of our artwork that we are retiring. Don’t worry – there’s still time for you to get ahold of these pieces before we say goodbye to these epiphany classics! Keep reading to find out what we will no longer be creating and how you can get it before they’re gone.

Splash Bowls

The Splash Bowl series is based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Italian style called “fazzoletto”. This style was developed in the 1930’s by the Venini factory, in Murano, Italy. “Fazzoletto” means to blow the glass in a free form manner using gravity and centrifugal force to help shape the piece. 

Splash Bowls have been made in a variety of styles over the years; with or without a stripe and with overlay color. Don’t wait to get one if you’re considering it! These are the last ones we’ll ever have.

How can you get your own?

  • Some Splash Bowls are available in our webstore.
  • Call, email or visit the studio

Using traditional Italian glassmaking techniques and pairing them with a contemporary flair for pattern and color, our Zanfirico vessels are expertly-crafted hand-blown glass bowls and vases.

These vessels are made in the studio using cane that we pull ourselves. You can learn more about this process in our post about Colored & Specialty Glass

How can you get your own?

  • Some Zanfirico bowls are available in our webstore.
  • For other styles of bowls and larger vessels, call, email or visit the studio
Zanfirico Vessel
Decanter Grouping
Decanters & Wine Glasses

Our decanters marry form and function. Meant to be stunning enough to want to look at them all the time and decant so well you want to use them every day. Each style is and exceptional example of well-crafted, beautiful design.

Decanters as well as matching wine glasses will no longer be in production. We’re sorry to be discontinuing the Bubble, Tornado, Saturn, Stella, Kayan and Krackle decanters. 

How can you get your own?

  • Krackle and Stella Decanters are available in our webstore.
  • Call, email or visit the studio for other styles. 
Paw Print Rocks Glasses

These charming pet themed glasses will delight the pet lovers in your life. Adorned with sweet little paw prints on the dies and a large one on the bottom. Available in a variety of colors to mix and match. We have very limited quantities available.

As with all of our pet items, a portion of the proceeds from the sales from these glasses goes to benefit our charity partner, Michigan Humane

How can you get your own?

  • Available in the webstore and in the studio.
Paw Print Pint Glasses
Dog Bowls
Pet Bowls

Treat your pet to a beautiful handmade glass bowl. They’re heavy and sturdy enough to avoid being broken and won’t leech plastic and other nasty chemicals into their water. There’s also a silicone bottom to keep them from sliding around. 

How can you get your own?

  • Call, email or visit the studio for other styles. 
Flower Paperweights

Though we will be discontinuing our flower paperweights, we still have many available for sale in our webstore in a variety of lovely colors. 

We will not be selling pulled flowers but we will still be offering them as a workshop. 

How can you get your own?

  • Flower Paperweights are available in our webstore.
  • Call, email or visit the studio.
Flower Paperweights
Mardi Gras Coaster
Fleur de Lis & Mardi Gras Coasters

Keep your tables safe with a set of molded glass coasters. Featuring gorgeous designs depicting a Mardi Gras mask or a Fleur de Lis. A set of these makes a beautiful present for a loved one, or yourself!

Mardi Gras and Fleur de Lis coasters are available in green or clear glass. Mix and match between colors and designs or get them all in the same style and color.

How can you get your own?

  • Call, email or visit the studio

Thanks for reading our weekly blog post! Don’t forget if you’re interested in any of these pieces, you can email us, call the studio at 248-745-3786 or find some of them in the webstore.

 Just a reminder that this Saturday, August 29th, is Seconds in the Garden. From 10am – 3pm you can visit us outside the studio to shop from our seconds carts. We hope to see you there!

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