La Ruche

Last month, at the Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC, we debuted our new lighting line, La Ruche. Based on the playful gathering and folding of fabrics, with a nod to the organic, layered beauty of a beehive, the gorgeous La Ruche designs are highly functional, exquisite lighting, that adds elegance to both contemporary and …

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Art Glass

Glass is an extremely versatile medium that can be used to create items that span a wide variety of applications. Functional glass objects are so common in our everyday lives that we may not even think about how much rely on this material. Windows, smartphones, medical equipment, drinkware and a million other things we interact …

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Molten Sensuality: The Crystalline Creations of April Wagner

By: James W. Tottis Edited by: Susan Higman Larson James Tottis, Adjunct Director of Collections and Curatorial Affairs at Saginaw Art Museum, did a wonderful job curating April’s first solo museum exhibition, Molten Sensuality : The Crystalline Creations of April Wagner. He put together this amazing essay as a companion to the exhibition. Whether or …

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