Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl


Add a pop of color to your home décor with our Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl. This handmade, mouth-blown glass bowl showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship and intricate design inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of Marrakech. With its vibrant colors and sophisticated styling, it promises to be a statement piece in your collection. The Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl is not just a piece of art but an experience, transporting you to the mysterious streets and captivating culture of Marrakech every time you lay eyes on it. Being handmade implies each piece carries a unique touch, ensuring your bowl will be an exclusive addition to your home or office. Whether you are seeking a timeless housewarming gift or to enrich your home décor, the Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl is your ideal choice. Its skillful design pronounces it will never go out of style, and its superior quality guarantees its longevity. Owning the Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl is owning a slice of Marrakech’s charm and a testament to the artistry of handblown glasswork.

Approximately 6-7″D x 2-3″H

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Years of exploration into the physics of colored glasses have led us on a wonderful journey of curiosity and discovery. Difficult to master and expensive to use, the colors in our Marrakech Wanderlust Bowl as well as all of our new Wanderlust Bowls series are lush and vibrant combinations using a technique developed by epiphany studios. Unique from every piece we have created in the past, we used flat glass in a mosaic pattern over clear, blown glass. We were able to pair colors that would normally not work together due to their chemical properties in eye-catching swirling patterns. This technique is one we have been developing over several years and is solely unique to us. This is just the beginning as we continue to explore, so join us on this journey as we go around the world and collect the whole series!

[wan-der-luhst] noun
the wish to travel far and wide;
to let the world be your guide
a need to visit different places;
to seek out the world’s many faces
the impulse to travel and explore;
always craving more
a strong desire to roam;
to feel free wherever you go
always seeking new adventures;
wandering is your treasure

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm