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Glass Circle Of Life Wine Stopper


We love our wine at epiphany. You have seen our stunning decanters, stemless glasses, and wine bottle holders. Now we are proud to introduce the hand-made solid sculpted glass Circle Of Life Wine stopper created using colored glass frit. The frit is picked up on a gather of clear glass, twisted and shaped into these festive wine stoppers.  Each glass circle of life wine stopper is unique and the exact patterning will vary, as shown in the image.

The Circle Of Life wine stopper base is made from food-grade stainless steel, and will not pit or corrode with vinegar and wines.

Each is unique, special, and priced so you can easily give them to everyone.

Approximate Dimensions: 1.75″W & 4″ L  and refer to the size of a single stopper

This series of hot, solid sculpted, handmade glass wine stoppers by April Wagner uses two vibrant colors in a round loop to symbolize the powerful circle of life. The swirling colors capture potent emotions, thought and feelings.

Each color of our hand made wine-stoppers has their own powerful symbolism.

Orange/Health- Creativity, joy, vitality, success, and determination.
Emerald/Abundance- Wealth, new beginnings, growth, balance, and nature.
Ruby/Leadership- Passion, happiness, energy, elegance, and success.
Violet/Power- Nobility, luxury, ambition, and independence.
Royal Blue/Wisdom- Strength, reliability, calmness, and depth.
Aqua/Balance- Stability, peace, growth, and energy. Represents the Earth



The wine bottle stopper, each one is unique with eye-catching designs. Handmade by our talented artists in our Michigan studio from 2000-degree solid hot-sculpted glass.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm

Orange, Blue, Cranberry, Green, Violet, Aqua

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