Glassblowing can be for anyone!

Yesterday we had special guest Syma Chowdhry from WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in glassblowing action at our studio! Syma was able to make an icicle ornament with April using the tools and techniques of the epiphany trade. Our Holiday Open House starts tonight, 4-8 pm and we’ll be making icicles all night long! Or stop by tomorrow, 12-6 and Sunday, 12-6 for more glassblowing delights! Light snacks, beautiful artwork, and a festive celebration all included!


April Wagner on Fox 2 Detroit

Did you catch April on Fox 2 Detroit this morning? Stop by the studio this weekend during our Holiday Open Studio, we’ll be open Friday from 4-8 pm, Saturday from 12-6 pm, and Sunday from 12-6 pm.

Ornament Session Sign-Up

Our ornament-making sessions are filling up fast! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out the tools of the glassblowing trade in front of our 2400 degree furnace! For $50, you’ll get to work with one of our studio assistants to make your very own icicle ornament. These sessions also make great gifts for your hands-on friends and family members. Call the studio at 248-745-3786 to make a reservation! Spots are open Friday, 4-8 pm and Saturday/Sunday, 12-6 pm.


Facebook Live TODAY!

Catch us over at Michigan Humane Society’s Facebook page at 11:30 AM TODAY where they’re hosting a Facebook live behind-the-scenes look at epiphany studio! This is going to be so fun – we hope you’ll join! Hot glassblowing + studio kitties + the most beautiful art = most awesome work environment ever! And don’t forget to come see it for yourself this weekend at our holiday open house!


Don’t Forget to Look UP!

Our awesome team member Shannon took this great photo of our ornament chandelier. Come over and witness the beauty for yourself this weekend! Our holiday open house is Friday, 4-8 pm, and Saturday/Sunday, 12-6 pm. Take your pick from any of these hanging jewels – any one of them would look great on your Christmas tree!


Facebook Live Event THIS Wednesday!

“Meeeeowww!! You better tune into epiphany’s Facebook live session on Wednesday, November 30! I’ll be prancing around, look cat-tastic purrrr usual! Oh, and of course you’ll get to see where my employee, April, makes the glassblowing magic happen. She may tell you differently, but I really run this place…”

– Brahma, epiphany feline manager extraordinaire


Candy Cane Zanfirico

We’ll be featuring our newest line of Zanfirico bowls at the Holiday Open House this weekend! With candy cane stripes in the cheeriest of reds, this Zanfirico is perfect for the holiday season. But we’re positive it won’t get stored away come New Years… these vessels are gorgeous all year round!


A Bow-Wow Deal!

This time next week we hope you’ll be at our holiday open house! We’re going to have our friends from the Michigan Humane Society with us, and as always, a portion of the proceeds from items like this beautiful dog bowl will go back to the pups in need. These bowls are durable with a no-slip rubber coating on the bottom, plus you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into the water like you would with plastic or metal bowls. Win-win all around!


Black Friday? Or Fire-side Friday?

Who’s out there with the masses, scrambling for the best deal of the year? If you’re choosing to stay home and relax instead, take a little peek at our Twisted Icicle ornaments, which are back for this holiday season! Handblown in almost every color, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you!


Giving Thanks

From our studio to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful for Beauty

We love the way glass bits and baubles look when they’re all piled together. Sometimes a random assortment of colors and shapes is the most beautiful. The light diffuses through each of these peas casting gorgeous reflections and shadows amidst the jumble. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s important to take moments to slow down and enjoy the everyday beauty!


Year-Round Decor

Did you know that many of our Fall 2016 pumpkins are available for purchase online? Visit epiphanyglassstore.com to see all of the colorful choices! We’ve discovered over the years that the general consensus is that all seasons are pumpkin season… these beauties are popular all year round!


Gift Inspiration

We have a feeling our heart ring holders are going to be pretty popular again this holiday season! At $25, these are the perfect price point to grab a few for the perfect stocking stuffer! Purchase them right here on our web shop!



Congratulations Britto Charette!

Congratulations to Britto Charette on being a finalist for the Interior Design magazine “Best of Year” awards! We were thrilled when this fabulous design firm from Florida asked April to bring their idea for a beautiful glass bowl to life. The resulting ” Puquios” vessel is a testament to the power of collaboration between artists and how hard work and persistence can pay off big time. “Puquios” is a gold winner in our hearts!


Form and Function in epiphany Decanters

If you’re looking for a really special gift for a friend or loved one, consider a beautiful handblown glass decanter! These are truly heirloom quality. At epiphany, we only use the purest of glass for the ultimate clarity and sparkle. Each design has been carefully tested and tweaked for both beauty and performance (aka “pourability.”) You really can’t go wrong with any of these – and they look equally beautiful as a showpiece when not in use!

Decanter Grouping_sm

Harvest Pumpkin

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but have no fear! There’s still time to deck out your table with a few glass pumpkins to add a little sparkle to the big meal. We suggest our Harvest Pumpkin. Its classic golden color is sprinkled with touches of white. We’re envisioning end-of-season fields dusted with the winter’s first snow… now stay inside and keep warm!


And the Award Goes To…

Throwback Thursday time! April has had some pretty cool opportunities as an artist over the years. In 2011, she designed an award for GM’s Corporation of the Year Award which was given to Lear Corporation. You can see her creation in this photo – the beautiful silver blue sculpture in the center of the trophy case. We love that GM chose to use a local artist for the creation of one of their most prestigious awards!



Shine Bright like a Diamond

Our nest vases will be back in action for the Holiday Open Studio! Although these nest vases aren’t very large, you don’t have to worry about them sitting quietly in the corner. The hundreds of intricate strands of glass create dozens of facets and angles that bounce the light in the most amazing way. Put a nest vase under a bright light and watch it shine like the gem it is!


What Do You See?

“Orange Circles” is a roiling, boiling mass of bright tangerine curls. This could be a burgeoning fire with sparks flying out into the air. Or maybe the movement of a dancer bending, twisting, contracting, and exploding across the stage. Or maybe you simply see a dense knot of color that leads your eye around with its complex lines. As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and we think that goes for art interpretation, too!


Azure Breeze Pumpkin

We think our Azure Breeze pumpkin is perfect for the folks of Michigan – people who eat, sleep, and breathe everything having to do with water and the beauty of nature. The Great Lakes are one of the most precious resources we have, and the rich blues of this pumpkin are a bit of a tribute to the crystal clear waters of Michigan, Erie, Superior, Ontario and Huron!


Coast into the Holiday Season

The holiday season marathon is nearly upon us, and let’s face it, that usually means a lot of… adult beverages. Step up your host game and try serving your favorite wine with our beautiful handblown glass coasters! These pieces are each incredibly unique with swirls of color and shimmer. They also make great hostess gifts, so even if you don’t have to tame the crowds, this is a great buy!


Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek of the kind of ornaments you could be making at our Holiday Open Studio! Beautiful epiphany icicle ornaments have been some of our best-sellers over the past year, and now’s the chance to make your own! Or gift an ornament-making session to someone who loves to express their creative side. We’ll be open Friday, December 2, 4-8 pm and Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4, 12-6 pm. Call the studio for reservations – 248-745-3786.


Flutterby Friday

It’s Flutterby Friday! (That’s a thing, right?) These small niche sculptures are a great example of how you don’t need a lot of glass to have an amazing impact. By picking up on the color palette of this fabulous wallpaper and using a stark white background, April created wall pieces that make the perfect complement to their surroundings!


Lullaby in Dreamland

Moonlight Lily is today’s beautiful Throwback Thursday tribute! The dreamy blues! The midnight purple! the perfectly placed pop of pink! We’re ready to sail away on a fluffy cloud to dreamland with this one.


Paw Print Pints All Around!

If you’re feeling a bit like you need a drink after last night’s madness, grab a beer in one of our fun paw print pint glasses! As always, a portion of the proceeds from our paw print products goes directly to the Michigan Humane Society. And friends from the MHS will be joining us at our Holiday Show on December 2-4, so you can pick up a pint there too!


Current Leaves

It’s amazing how so many individual parts can make an entirely different whole, isn’t it? “Current Leaves” is made of hundreds of blown glass pieces that all have the same basic tripod shape. When nestled closely together in a palette of greens with spots of bronze, the result is an undulating field of grasses. Or maybe the view through close-knit branches swaying in the breeze! The beauty of this piece is that it is ultimately made out of a fairly simple shape repeated many times and modulated in color and rotation.


Give the Gift of CHOICE!

It’s not too early to start thinking about gifts for the holiday. Everyone has that hard-to-buy-for person in their life, so a gift card to epiphany is a great way to make sure they get something they love! Gift one early, and then join us at out holiday show from Dec 2-4 where they can pick out their new art AND see the glassblowing process in person! That’s what we call a win-win.


Show Your School Spirit!

We might be in Tigers here in Detroit, but did anyone enjoy seeing the Cubs break their 108-year old curse last week? What a story! Our twisted leaf ornaments in your favorite team’s colors are the perfect classy way to show your spirit! We’re thinking a bright orange one would be perfect for Tigers fans!

Twisted Leaf - low res

It’s a Winner!

For those of you who love color, movement, and energy in art, this piece is for you! “Choreia” is one of the newest April Wagner sculptures, available exclusively on Artful Home. This piece just sings and vibrates. The tight curls of crimson and cobalt are perfectly anchored by a masterfully shaped orange ribbon. We’re in love! Check out more here.


Facebook Live

We’ll be hosting a Facebook live stream at epiphany on November 30, so mark your calendars! This is an especially neat opportunity for those of you who can’t make it to our holiday show to see the magic of April’s glassblowing. The live stream will be hosted by Michigan Humane Society, so you know you’ll get to see our feline friends Brahma and Shiva! We hope you’ll tune in to get a behind-the-scenes look at the studio!


Mind. Blown.

Get ready to be floored. These new solar glass roof tiles can completely power the electricity needs of a house, with only a 2% loss of energy. For being such an ancient material, glass is ever at the forefront of futuristic technology. Consider our minds completely blown away.

Photo from techcrunch.com, story by Darrell Etherington and Greg Kumparak

Photo from techcrunch.com, story by Darrell Etherington and Greg Kumparak

One Month to Go…

Believe it or not, our holiday open studio is right around the corner! Find all the details on our event page, and tell us you’re attending to get updates on what fun goodies we’ll be having at this year’s open house. It’s going to be fabulous – we hope you can make it over!


Candy Stripes

What are you going to do with all your leftover Halloween candy? We can envision a candy-colored Zanfirico bowl filled to the brim with shiny little wrappers. Simply delicious (and we’re talking about the bowl here)!


Halloween Kitty

Happy Halloween from our resident Halloween kitty, Shiva and the rest of the team at epiphany! Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate compared to other colors of cats? That’s just one of the reasons we support the Michigan Humane Society! And remember, any purchase of our glass kitties will help the MHS find homes for all their feline patrons! Don’t forget to reward yourself with a sweet treat!


Color Experimentation

The epiphany paperweights are perfect for playing with color! April uses the format of paperweights to explore different combinations of hues and patterns, and how they reflect and glimmer when encased in thick, clear glass. This one with a palette of marigold and harvest orange is perfect for this time of year!


Halloween to Thanksgiving and Beyond!

With Halloween right around the corner, every house needs a good pumpkin to celebrate the holiday. But why stop there? Our glass pumpkins will stay fresh until Thanksgiving and beyond! Bring the Golden Wheat Pumpkin out year after year for the perfect touch of fall glory!


Friday in the Garden

What a Fun Friday shot! You can really see the scale of the flowers in “Le Jardin les Enfants” with April standing among them. And check out the mastery on that sunflower! Each petal is an individual ribbon of blown glass, which is then pieced together after the glass cools. It’s like inventing AND putting a puzzle together at the same time!



Throwback Time!

This Throwback Thursday brings back the memories… April and her team drove through an epic blizzard to deliver “Gonzo” to the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado. Of course, as Michiganders, we’re used to the snow, but that was a doozy! Thankfully, the bright oranges and yellows of “Gonzo” warmed right up upon arrival. :)


Davidson-Gerson Modern Glass Gallery

This city is awesome for glassblowers. You may not realize it until you leave Detroit, but this region of the country has a history of glassblowing that’s unlike any other place in the United States. So it makes sense that the Henry Ford Museum just opened a completely new modern glass gallery celebrating this incredible material and its infinite possibilities. Put this on your weekend to-do list now!

Photo courtesy of Henry Ford Museum

Photo courtesy of Henry Ford Museum

Way Back When…

Here’s an oldie but a goodie! April made “Ruby Iris” all the way back in 2000! Even though that’s quite a few years ago, we still see her love for pure colors and organically shaped glass. April has always been adamant about bringing out the natural qualities of molten glass – the way it can bend, slump, droop, expand, and curl. Pieces like “Ruby Iris” foreshadow the direction of her larger commissions and her dedication to this philosophy of glassblowing.



A stylish salon deserves stylish decor! April created this tangled glass pendant for Ezelli Salon in Detroit. Although the light diverges from April’s colorful norm, the whirly, curly ribbons wrap around several tiny LED lights. Sparkly, shiny, and crystal clear – this piece is definitely all epiphany.



Instant Classic

Fall colors are usually all about deep mustard, burnt orange and coppery red. Despite the warm palette, we think our Vintage Navy Pumpkin fits right in. The richest blue color is striped with a delicate golden overlay, resulting in a combination that’s both surprising and an instant classic all at the same time. This one is for anyone who likes to buck tradition and do their own thing when it comes to home decor.


Life Among the Flowers

Get swept away by the dreamy hanging flowers of “Pam’s Garden.” Wouldn’t life be great if everyday required time spent among nature?


We’ve got the power!

Did you know that women-owned businesses contribute 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS to the U.S. economy and employ over 7.9 million people? AND women-owned businesses are growing at 1.5x the national average! That’s some pretty awesome girl power. We’re proud to be part of the movement.



We’ve got some exciting news to share! epiphany glass has recently been awarded certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This organization, which supports and certifies businesses owned by women, holds a rigorous standard of excellence. There’s a lengthy application for acceptance, including an in-depth inspection of our business practices and a careful on-site visit. We’re proud to be part of the epiphany team and April’s vision for a forward-thinking, responsible, and successful business!


Pam’s Garden

One of April’s newest custom commissions hangs effortlessly from the ceiling. “Pam’s Garden” is a tribute to these homeowners who love tending to their garden and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Much of April’s artistic inspiration comes from nature, so this project was a perfect fit. And to have the flowers growing from the ceiling? Just another unique touch to make this piece extra special!


Hearts on Hearts

Our heart paperweights are so dreamy. Each one feels pleasantly heavy and has unique patterning and shape – that’s what you get with handblown glass! We’ve got several varieties available on the web shop under “studio e.”



Let Me Take You Down, Cause I’m Goin’ To….

Strawberry Fields forever! This berry bright Strawberry Fields Pumpkin brings out the best of the best when it comes to color in glass. Such a rich magenta detailed with strands of cotton candy pink looks sweet and sassy next to the vivid chartreuse of the stem. We think Paul, John, George, and Ringo would like the looks of this one!


CARE House Cares

Last night our beautiful Zanfirico bowls graced the tables at the CARE House Care Night gala. We’re proud to support an organization that provides help and resources for the most vulnerable in our community. Three cheers to CARE House for their great work in Pontiac and beyond!


Winter Blues

Fall is great, but soon enough we’ll be at sub-zero temperatures and then you’re going to want to have something around the house to perk up those winter blues. The Midnight Flower by epiphany is the perfect piece. The indigo and purple of the petals perfectly complement icy nights, but the energetic form of the blown glass will bring a special warmth to your home. This one’s available over at our webstore!


Sweet Tooth Alert!

We’re doing something CRAZY this week and celebrating Flashback Friday! (Instead of our beloved Throwback Thursday… we know, we’re nuts.) With Halloween just around the corner, you might be stocking up with candy for the neighborhood kids.But imagine if you had this sweet confection in your house everyday! The Candy Shop Chandelier is a sticky, gooey, sweet, tangled mess of pastel taffy – and we mean that in a good way!



New studio e Kitties!

Let go of superstition and get in the Halloween spirit with a black cat from studio e! We’ve got a fresh litter of sleeping kitties available, and they’re all a little different, so contact the studio to see what we’ve got! And remember – all cat purchases will benefit the Michigan Humane Society!


Fit for a Queen (or King!)

Deep purple is one of the most quintessential fall hues we can think of, so this Royal Purple Pumpkin is really calling our names right now. Topped off with a delicate golden stem? So. Good.


Crazy for Color

Just another Manic Monday! If you’re feeling a bit hair-brained this morning, you might be able to relate to this piece of April’s glass art, which is just as crazed and frenetic (in the best way, of course)! This detail of Primary Fete highlights the phenomenal array of color and form you can get with blown glass.


We’ve Got a Secret…

We have something really exciting to reveal… but we can’t quite tell you yet! In the meantime, keep checking our Facebook page for great art photos, up-to-date event information, and all the latest from epiphany!


Don’t Miss Out on Sweetest Day!

This time next week, you could be making one of these gorgeous glass florals! We’re offering flower-making sessions for Sweetest Day, October 15th from 10-2. You know you love it when your love brings you a fresh bouquet, so why not make some that will bloom forever? (Just like your love, right?)


Sweetest Day Flowers

Treat your hunny bunny, the love of your life, your shining star, bae, boo, or whatever your favorite term of endearment is to a flower-making session for Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 15th! We’ve got a few more spots open from 10 am – 2 pm, but they’re filling up fast! Call the studio at 248-745-3786 to reserve appointments for you and your sweetheart!


Splendor in the Glass

“This is the journey I could spend the rest of my life on.”

We are thrilled to see April featured in the most recent issue of Detroit Home Magazine! Big thanks to Carol Hopkins for the wonderful article! Read more here.

Photo by Michele and Chris Gerard for Detroit Home.

Photo by Michele and Chris Gerard for Detroit Home.

Celebrate American Craft Week!

It’s American Craft Week! Celebrate with us by checking out the fabulous pieces April is hosting on Artful Home, a terrific website that offers a wide selection of handmade goods from artists across the country. You could really go down the rabbit hole on this website…



Shine On

Our Iridescent Orchid Pumpkin is the most beautiful emulsion of purples. And the silver blue of the stem? It’s probably the color we get the most compliments on – it catches the light in a truly dazzling way.


Classic and Cozy

When we picture fall, we think of deep jewel tones, rich surfaces and cozy textures. April’s Jelly Roll light encapsulates the feeling perfectly – especially when hung in this modern take on a classic bar set-up. With a bit of a masculine feel, this room’s ambiance is softened by the warm glow of the Jelly Roll light. We’ll drink to that!


Want a Deal?

A little bit of glass goes a long way in making this home space unique and vibrant. Rondelles are great for covering square footage – April’s keen eye places each piece for maximum impact! If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, consider a one-of-a-kind rondelle mural. :)


Red, Red Wine

The first day of October calls for a rich red wine. And even better served in an epiphany Tornado decanter! We promise you’ll never feel as classy as when you’re pouring your drink out of one of these beauties…


Harvest Fest Tomorrow!

Guys! Guess what? Tomorrow is Harvest Fest at Fleur Detroit! Rain or shine, we’ll be out with pumpkins galore from 10-5! (And maybe a few black kitties, too!) So join us and bedeck your home with the loveliest of fall foliage and festooning!


Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday to this sassy piece! “An Insolent Dragon” rears its acid yellow head with all the ferocity of a mystical fairy tale creature. Added bursts of ruby and cobalt give this dragon a totally fantastical appearance. The depths of the imagination know no bounds!


See the Rainbow

Our rainbow paperweights are definitely a fan favorite. The colors are so vibrant and pure! And because they’re all handmade, you can rest assured that your rainbow is like no one else’s in the world! Check them out at our web store by clicking “store” above!


A Legit “Knockoff”

Nothing goes to waste here at epiphany! (Or at least as little as possible!) These “knockoffs” are segments of excess glass that are cut off when making a Zanfirico bowl. With the same colored and patterned cane as our beautiful vessels, these little treats make a nice little paperweight (and glitter os nicely in the sunlight, too)!


The Perfect Fit

All of April’s commissioned pieces are site-specific. That means each shape, color, and proportion is specifically calculated to fit the client’s home. In this case, the delicately transparent aqua bubbles perfectly match the chic hue of the ceiling, and the chandelier fits like a glove in this gorgeous entryway!


Sun-Roasted at Harvest Fest

This Friday, you’ll be able to check out Sun-Roasted Pumpkin and its colorful brothers and sisters at the fleurdetroit Harvest Fest! Join us on October 1st, 10 am-5pm as we celebrate fall and all of its glorious decorating possibilities at the most beautiful flower shop on the block. We hope to see you there!


Class Act

It’s getting to be that time of year where you might want a little somethin’ somethin’ to warm yourself at the end of a long week. Our awesome Michigan Humane Society decanter set with gorgeous tortoise coloring is perfect for having a few friends over for the classiest of drinks. Cheers!


Workin’ for the Weekend

Sometimes on Fridays, we have to get a little filing done before we go out and party it up. Hope your work isn’t holding you up from enjoying the weekend!


Autumn is Here!

Happy first day of fall! We’re celebrating with our Caramel Latte Pumpkin, hot off the press from the Fall 2016 studio e line. This little guy has all the rich frothy swirls of your favorite coffee shop drink, with a surprisingly bright green stem. The combination is unexpected, but totally modern.


Whiskey and Ivory

How great are the colors in this Whiskey and Ivory Bubble Chandelier? The subtle hues are the height of sophistication. Even though these neutrals can transcend any season, these warm, caramel tones seem to be just as fall-worthy as a cozy cable knit sweater.



Harvest Fest!

The first day of fall is right around the corner (Thursday!) so we feel it’s TOTALLY acceptable to be pumped for Harvest Fest! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and head over to fleurdetroit​ where you can find the most beautiful plants, flowers, and gifts to spruce up your home for fall. We’ll be there with our Fall 2016 collection of glass pumpkins, so don’t miss out!


Meet Rebecca!

We bet you never knew the staff of epiphany was so big! Today, Meet Rebecca! With four years of glassblowing experience under her belt, we are so fortunate to have Rebecca as a studio assistant. Rebecca is a natural hustler, and we love her outgoing personality and hardworking attitude. Thanks, Rebecca for all of your contributions to epiphany!


Happy, happy, happy!

Are you enjoying a relaxing Sunday? This shade of orange is so happy – we hope these sculptures bring a smile to your face!



Don’t get caught empty-handed!

Here’s a stellar idea for your Saturday: Grab a couple of our heart ringholders to keep on hand for last minute birthday presents! At $25 each, you can get one in every color! :) Check out the colors available online under “studio e gifts.”


Play-Doh Day

It’s National Play-Doh Day according to our wacky holidays calendar – what a fun holiday! If you’re feeling creative, go grab a can of your favorite color and spend some time sculpting. In the meantime, enjoy April’s sculpting power in this video of her making a Volcano. Glass has that perfectly soft and stretchy look that *makes* you want to touch it… but alas, she’s gotta keep that hot glass at arm’s length!

Mysterious Throwback

With fall approaching, we’re all about the moody darkness of this week’s Throwback Thursday, “Black Pond.” Abstract shapes in poppy, lavender, cream, and chartreuse emerge from an inky well of black glass. This piece gives off such an air of mystery… what else is lurking within the ebony pond?


Mini Me

Can you guess what’s special about this lime and aqua Old School? It’s hard to tell in a photo, but this piece is actually a MINI Old School – about 2 inches tall! April made this exquisite miniature version of her classic epiphany vessels with all the same care and precision as the regular size. And just because it’s mini doesn’t mean it’s easy… a tiny piece like this can be even harder to make than the original!


Save the Date

It’s never too early to pencil in the epiphany glass holiday show! Bust out your calendars and mark December 2, 3, and 4 for one of the best local shopping haunts! Plus we’ll have demos, snacks, and merriment to boot, so don’t miss out!


Meet Jamie!

On today’s edition of Meet the Team, we invite you to Meet Jamie Latendresse! If you’ve ever received an epiphany postcard, business card, or seen one of our beautiful posters or flyers, you can thank Jamie for the amazing graphic design work. Playing for team epiphany for over a decade, and has kept our brand looking goooooood the whole time! Thanks, Jamie, for all of your fantastic work!


Paperweight Maker

April uses the art of making paperweights to explore relationships between color, pattern, and form. Our office collection is full of prototypes and favorites. Each one has a unique personality. A beautiful glass paperweight not only makes a delightful desk accessory, but can look awesome when sparkling on a window sill or other sunny spot.


The Wonderful Wizard of Glassblowing

We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz! This Emerald City Pumpkin is part of our Fall 2016 collection and the rich color is sure to make you swoon. Swirled with the most delicate yellow and topped off with a golden stem, we can’t think of a gift any more magical! You might even say it’s a horse of a different color. :) And it’s available on the epiphany glass web shop!



We’re celebrating Friday with another fabulous new piece called “Bolero.” The saucy red color and stretching red ribbons remind us of a passionate dancer wrapped up in her art. A “bolero” is a slow-paced Latin dance, and we think this sculpture invokes the spirit of dance perfectly! This piece is available exclusively on Artful Home.


Seuss-tastic Flowers

This Throwback Thursday goes out to all the elementary school kids, parents and teachers who are in the full throes of the Back to School madness! Hopefully this year brings many readings of the classic Dr. Seuss books. The whimsical and fantastical illustrations of Dr. Seuss inspired April to create series of flower sculptures in 2011. This one has a bold primary color palette with a totally Seussical vibe!

suess flower_1

Book Learnin’ Only Goes So Far…

Today is “Read A Book” day according to our wacky holiday calendar. We’re all for reading, but when learning how to blow glass the best way is to get as much hands-on time as possible. April attended the College for Creative Studies where she could spend almost 24/7 in the glass studio. All those hours (plus thousands more after graduation) paid off!


Meet Brahma!

Meet Brahma, the right-hand kitten in our Feline Dream Team! Brahma was hired on as the resident studio kitty at epiphany glass this past spring. She was born, like a phoenix, out of the fires of the Russell Industrial Center hot glass studios. Brahma graduated early with her PhD in Adorability and provides integral support to the day-to-day tasks of the studio. Her hobbies include climbing the screen door, taking cat naps on piles of paper, playing with string, and monitoring the overall efficiency and productivity of the studio. Meow!


Blue Lagoon

You might not find a turquoise pumpkin in your garden, but our Blue Lagoon pumpkin shines in a gorgeous jewel tone. Check it out on our web store!


Playful Puppies

Yesterday we posted about the Michigan Humane Society Mega Marches. These are fun events where you can bring your dog out for a great day and support the MHS. But how can you get involved if you don’t have your own pup? Any purchase of our glass dogs will send a portion of the proceeds to the MHS! studio e doggies don’t shed, don’t bark, and will live forever! The perfect pet!

dogs grouping

Mega March Madness

The Michigan Humane Society Mega Marches start Saturday, September 10! Take your pup on a lovely stroll Downriver – beautiful scenery and great camaraderie are sure to be in abundance. You can also join up with other Mega Marches at Belle Isle, Kensington, and Stony Creek! More info here.


Throwback Thursday

“Red Sentinel” is the star of today’s Throwback Thursday! Dozens of red curls fit together to create a tapering tower of glass. We love how the sculpture looks a bit like one long ribbon of glass all tangled and knotted together. The shadows made by the curving glass introduce a spectrum of colors from the lone red.


Hello, Butterscotch Pumpkin

It’s not too early to start priming your home decor for the refreshing cool days of autumn! After a hot summer, it feels so great to turn off the AC, trade out your iced coffee for a warm mug, and wait for the leaves to change to their glorious colors. Our Butterscotch Pumpkins celebrate the harvest season with its marigold hue.


Spotlight on Pulled Flowers

There are some great subtle colors in this pulled flower bouquet. April’s glass is often wildly vibrant, but the more reserved colors really look great when nestled all together. The light plays off them in such a smooth, effortless way.


Meet Shiva!

It’s Monday and so we want you to meet the #1 of our Feline Dream Team! Shiva works remotely from home most of the time, but occasionally comes into the studio to take care of some paperwork. If you’re one of her chosen favorites, she may deign to purr around your legs, but in her perfectly coy artist’s cat way, she’ll never stick around for long… she’s an independent lady!


Back 2 School

Back to school in Michigan is just around the corner! We’ve got a few studio e pen holders that are just perfect for any teacher or student who wants to keep their desk space organized and looking beautiful. These make great gifts, too!


Color Happy

My, oh my do we love this Zanfirico bowl from the 2016 collection. It’s one big celebration of color and pattern here! The Zanfiricos are part of the classic epiphany line, but this year’s colors seem more vibrant than ever before!



Introducing the newest April Wagner sculpture, “Flambeaux!” Named after the gaslight torches that lined the streets of Mardi Gras in the 1800s, this sculpture is a burst of color and flair. Currently, this piece is available through the online art marketplace Artful Home. You can check out her profile here.


The Perfect Pairing

Glass and light go together like peanut butter and jelly! Today’s Throwback Thursday is to one of our favorite photos of the iconic epiphany Splash Vessel. This transparent aqua is simply gorgeous with a deeper turquoise stripe spiraling out from the center.

photo in Free Press 2001

Pumpkins are Here!

Attention, world! Our Fall 2016 studio e Glass Pumpkin collection is official available on our web store! Each pumpkin is handblown and made right here at epiphany. These pumpkins may be small, but they are rich in color and pattern. We’re pretty sure they’re the perfect way to usher in a beautiful fall! Visit www.epiphanyglassstore.com and click “studio e” to shop the collection.


Balancing Act

Balance is the name of the game in “4 Stars Up.” The beauty in this piece is in the way the stars appear to float on top of each other. Even though each of these glass stars is fairly lightweight, it’s still a tricky process to get them to do their acrobatics so freely!


Meet Paul!

We’re back again with our Meet the Staff series! Today we want you to Meet Paul Runde! Paul has worked with epiphany since 2011. With over 20 years of glassblowing experience, Paul knows a thing or two about the best way to engineer, fabricate, transport, and display custom glass art. You might recognize him from some of our action photos because he often partners with April on installations! Thanks, Paul – the studio wouldn’t be the same without you!


Glass as Thread

April’s “Warp and Weft” pops off the wall like a jumble of bright ribbon. Pure white and electric red tangle together to create the warp and weft of this totally unconventional wall tapestry.


Sneak Peek

Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the lovely pumpkins we’re introducing this fall! Before we know it the leaves will be turning and the smell of pumpkin spice will be in the air… and everyone needs a charming glass pumpkin to grace their home! These will be on the web shop soon, so stay tuned!


The Princess…

We know you love our Throwback Thursdays, but how about we go crazy and have a little Flashback Friday!? (I know, we’re nuts.) “And the Pea” is a great piece with a fantastic title. We can just imagine the princess climbing up the layers and layers of glass mattresses and still feeling the tiny glass pea, disturbing her slumber.

And the Pea

Evergreen Magic

How does a work of art go from individual glass pieces to fully developed wall mural? This time-lapse video shows the development of April’s newest piece “Evergreen” during installation. Seeing “Evergreen” start small and grow into a beautiful tree should give you an idea of the way April visualizes her art – many simple forms that come together to make a complex and dynamic whole.

Say Hello to our Little Friend

Introducing the Petite Zanfirico! These small vessels are the mini-me to epiphany’s larger Zanfirico bowls. Although they stand a mere 7″ tall, they pack all the same punch and energy as their bigger counterparts. Perfect for nestling on a fireplace mantle or bookshelf among your other treasures.

BP Zanfirico - LowRes

Kitchen Accoutrements

Who watches FOX 2? Keep an eye out for some very special decor – our Michigan Humane Society decanter and glasses grace the kitchen set. These fun decanter sets can be purchased at our studio or on our web store! Click “store” above to shop.



Splish, Splash, I was takin’ a bath…

What do you do when your glass sculpture needs a bath? Take it outside and soak that baby down! (Much easier done in the summer than our Michigan winters…)


Lighting as Material

Lighting makes all the difference with glass art! April’s new piece Evergreen is carefully spotlighted to throw beautiful shadows on the wall, magnifying the dimensionality of the piece. Concrete glass + intangible shadows = awesome composition.

FINAL detail


Oldest Known Glass Factory Discovered!

This is for all you history buffs out there – archaeologists have uncovered the remains of an ancient glass factory! It’s awesome to see that the medium we still work with today has lasted so long. Read more about the discovery here.

Credit: Assaf Peretz, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority. Via www.livescience.com.

Credit: Assaf Peretz, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority. Via www.livescience.com.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars – we’re hosting flower-making sessions on October 15, which just so happens to be Sweetest Day! If you’re looking for a great date activity, look no further than making a glass bouquet with us!


spring studio 2016 flowers 2

1,000 Forever Homes

So many animals have been adopted at the new Michigan Humane Society’s Detroit facility – two cats made #999 and #1000 just yesterday, in fact! And with any purchase of our glass kitties, we’ll donate part back to this fantastic organization.

Sitting cats grouping

National WHAT Day??

We found out that today is “National Lazy Day,” but who can celebrate that holiday when there’s amazing glass art to be made? Pieces like this Blue Peaz Bowl don’t come together on their own… each pea is blown and assembled by hand to create the stunning finale.

blue peazbol 2

POP Art!

Tuesdays might not be the most thrilling day of the week, but we bet we can make yours a little brighter with this gorgeous shot of April’s “Primary Fete.” Those colors on a fresh white wall = pure visual delight! This piece has so much pop in it!


Meet Sherri and Jerry!

Meet Sherri and Jerry! When we have events and open studios, we call on Sherri and Jerry, husband and wife duo extraordinaire! From sales to packing glass to chatting with our guests or clients, these folks are there for us. Their impressive knowledge about glassblowing is just another reason that they’re such a great asset for the studio!


2,400 Degrees

We’re finishing up our week of number crunching with an impressive stat… we work with our glass out of a furnace that heats up to 2,400˚ F. To put that in perspective, the surface of the sun is only a *bit* hotter at 10,000˚ F. :) So basically, glassblowers are some of the toughest, hottest people out there!


52″ Diameter

Our studio contains one of the largest and most sophisticated glory holes in the world. The glory hole is the chamber where glass is heated as it’s being blown and manipulated. The largest dimension of our glory hole is 52,” which means we can create single pieces of glass that are just a bit smaller than that. What’s your wingspan? 52” is probably almost as big as that!


10 Ingredients

Did you know that not all glass is created equal? The glass we use here is made up of 10 (count them!) ingredients: silica, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, lithium carbonate, sodium nitrate, zinc oxide, barium carbonate, fluorspar, and antimony oxide. You chemists out there will instantly recognize that when melted at 2000˚ this combination will produce crystal clear glass!


3 Forms of Color

There are 1, 2, 3 ways to add color to glass. Rods of concentrated color can be added to clear glass after heating them in a color warmer. Frit, which is coarsely ground glass, can be added to achieve a spotted or speckled look. Lastly, finely ground colored powder can be used to layer multiple colors or create a gradated appearance. If you know one thing about April’s work, it’s that color is the name of the game, so she employs all of these methods on a regular basis.




2 Glassblowers

In today’s installation of “Epiphany by the Numbers,” we’re counting 2 for the minimum number of glassblowers needed to create a work of art in the studio. Very few glass objects can be made by a single glassblower, that’s why this is a craft that relies on strong teamwork. Watching glassblowers work together is a bit like watching a dance – each member knows where to be and when to make sure the piece comes together smoothly!

Count with Us

Count along with us this week as we share some fun facts about epiphany! We’ll begin today with big ol’ #1. We have 1 giant furnace for holding clear glass. This furnace has been going strong for about 16 years, which is quite impressive for a furnace. Eventually we will have to repair the crack and rebuild the furnace, but it still works in the meantime! This baby runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – our #1 workhorse!


Meet Mike!

On this week’s edition of “Meet the Team,” we’d like you to meet Mike! When we need the handiest of handy men, we call Mike. He’s the definitive jack-of-all-trades, and assists with installations, engineering challenges, maintenance around the studio, and so much more! Thanks, Mike, for your amazing contributions to making this place run smoothly!


Cool Hues

Moonlight Lily has to be one of our favorites. (Although who can really choose?) The cool colors are so calming, and then a little pop of rose is a fun surprise.


Stellar Studio

Did you know that epiphany’s studio was built by the same person who designed and built the studios of Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra, Steuben and the Corning Museum? Pretty awesome! It’s great to have world-class facilities at your fingertips.


MHS Mega Marches

All across the Detroit metro area, people are raising funds for the various Mega Marches in September! If you’re interested in joining up with these fun events, check out the Michigan Humane Society’s page for more information.

Image from michiganhumane.org

Image from michiganhumane.org

Throwin’ it Back

There’s nothing more Throwback Thursday worthy than a bunch of hot Old Schools! We don’t blame you if you’re drooling now.





As July winds down, it seems like summer is fading way too quickly. Even if you’re not a fan of seafood, April’s “Summer” panel for her Four Seasons series at the Stand Gastro Bistro exudes the laid-back ambiance of a warm evening by the shoreline.


Summer Second Sale!

Tornado decanter: $360.
Tornado decanter of second quality: $180.
TWO decanters of second quality: Buy one get one half off!

The joy of seeing a beautiful and functional piece of art in your own home? Priceless.

And the BOGO applies to all seconds in the studio! Shop our Summer Second Sale this Wednesday and Thursday, 4-7 pm. See you here!


Meet Mary!

It’s Monday, so we’re continuing our “Meet the Team” series. Today, we’d like you to meet Mary! Where would we be without the guiding light of our studio manager? We’d be in rough shape, that’s for sure. Mary runs this place like a boss, taking on everything from accounting to client relationships to events. Mary has been with the studio for about 5 years and we hope she’s here for many more!


1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila…

Last week was National Ice Cream Day, but this week is a little bit more of a grown up holiday. It’s National Tequila Day! We get a lot of requests for tequila when we show off our liquor decanter sets at events. This beautiful gold set (made with real 23k gold!) is oh-so-classy.


Red + Blue = ?

Let’s play a game to see if you’re a glass expert! True or false? Mixing blue and red glass frit will give you purple glass if you put the furnace at the hottest temperature possible.


Check us out on YouTube!

We’ve been adding videos to our YouTube page recently. There are some pretty awesome shots of glassblowing in action here, so be sure to check it out! You can even subscribe to our channel if you want to stay in on the excitement.

Our paperweights are just right!

Sometimes it’s nice to have a few fun items on hand for that tricky moment when you need a last minute-hostess or birthday gift. Our flower paperweights are perfect for pretty much any occasion and they come in pretty much any color!

8 flower paperweight grouping

Truth Booth

The Truth Booth is a very cool art project organized by artists Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks, Will Sylvester and Hank Willis Thomas. Inside the inflatable speech bubble, visitors are asked to fill in the blank: “The truth is _____.” Responses are recorded on video and the wide array of answers is pretty eye-opening. The Truth Booth is coming to Detroit at the end of July and there will be several opportunities to see it – we definitely encourage you to go and speak your truth!

Learn more about the Truth Booth.

Image from Cause Collective

Image from Cause Collective

Weekends on the Lake

It’s that time of year where everyone heads Up North for the weekends. April celebrated the Michiganders’ love for water and lakeside living in this “Lake Michigan Chandelier.”

Lake Michigan Bubble Chandelier JPEG

Meet Chris!

Every Monday for the next few weeks we’re going to introduce you to one of our team here at epiphany. First up, meet Chris! An alum of the College for Creative Studies, Chris studied Animation and Digital Media but soon fell in love with glassblowing and never looked back. He’s a rockstar in the studio, assisting April on custom projects and bringing his own flair to studio e with a series of ornaments and pumpkins. Hands up for one awesome studio assistant!



It gets pretty hot in the glass shop this time of year. Good thing it’s National Ice Cream Day! Go out and get yourself a cone or two. What’s your favorite flavor?


Nest Vase Love

We’re just over the moon for these little nest vases. Picking a favorite is nearly impossible…



We hope your Saturday is as carefree and relaxing as the calming colors in Violet Aqua Water Wall. Sparkly aquas + sea greens + deep purples = yes.



Christmas in July

Throwback Thursday, “Christmas in July” edition! If you’ve ever wondered how April gets that perfect spiral on the Vivid Icicle ornaments, follow the link to our Facebook to see the mystery is revealed!

vivid icicles with white twist - low res

Click here to see the Vivid Icicles being made!


A heart ringholder is the perfect “just because” gift. Keep it by the kitchen sink or bedside table so you never lose your favorite jewelry!

Confetti ring holder - insta sale

Blast from the (Recent) Past

Spring studio this year was a blast! We got some awesome photos from Detroit photographer Sebastian Sullen of our open studio and are having fun reliving the memories.




Physics is a Glassblower’s Friend

Using centripetal force is one of the best ways to change the shape of hot glass quickly and evenly! Then a steel rod becomes an extension of April’s hand as she shapes the piece further. Check out the video here:


Sitting Pretties

“Prepare to be Blown Away!” We love this title! Thanks to Allison Rosbury and My City Magazine for a fantastic feature on April.

Read the story here!

Photo by Eric Dutro

Photo by Eric Dutro

Odds and Ends

Do you know what this is? No, it’s not a pile of crushed ice… it’s our leftover clear glass! Whenever April blows glass, there are little pieces that get trimmed along the way. We throw these clear bits in a bin to cool down. We can recycle clear glass a few times before it loses the clarity that is so important for April’s work.

Clear Glass pile

Catchin’ a few ZZZ’s…

All work and no play makes Brahma a sleepy kitty. Happy Friday, everyone!


Throwback Thursday

We haven’t done one of these in a while… it’s Throwback Thursday! “Floating Bubbles” graces the wall at the Hideout Restaurant in Hollwood, California. With its expansive size and dramatic lighting, we can imagine a great many selfies are taken up against this backdrop.


Go, go, go FIA!

“This project is a gamechanger for us.” We echo the Flint Institute of Art’s director John Henry’s sentiments. We are happy to cheer on the Flint Institute of Arts as they break ground on their own hot shop! Very excited to see this fantastic museum invest in artmaking.

Read on here.

Transformation Tuesday

Today is “Transformation Tuesday.” Can you believe that something so sparkly, clear and beautiful starts out as a simple mix of powdered minerals? Add a little color and a whole lotta talent and voila!


Flower? Or Firework?

We usually call these sculptures “lilies” but they could just as easily be fireworks for the 4th of July! We hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday!


Gettin’ ready for the 4th!

Our patriotic ornaments make a great statement throughout the summer. The bright colors and simple patterns are perfect for hanging in a brightly lit room – then add it to your Christmas tree in December!


Patriotic Ornaments

The holiday weekend is upon us! April created a line of patriotic ornaments that are perfect to hang in your window. The little stars are called “murrine” and start out as a cylinder of cane that is sliced into tiny discs. Then the cross-section of a star is revealed and placed onto the hot glass in the desired pattern. We still have some of these ornaments available on our web shop… click “Store” above to shop our selection!


Busy Bees at epiphany

Happy half birthday to the year 2016! What’s that saying… “Time flies when you’re having fun!” With a lot of projects on the horizon, this year is speeding along. We love being busy, though!


April installing “Primary Fete,” 2010

How to Beat the Dog Days

It’s that time of year when everyone needs to make sure to stay hydrated – and that includes your furry friends! You can give your pets the royal treatment with one of our beautiful handblown glass pet bowls. Glass doesn’t leech toxins like metal or plastic, so it’s the perfect way to make sure your pet’s drinking water is safe. And the bottoms of our bowls are no skid so you can have no worries! Each bowl benefits the Michigan Humane Society.

Shiva with small pet bowl

Dog Bowls

Making Music from Glassblowing

If you’ve ever watched even 2 minutes of glassblowing, you know what an amazing spectacle it can be. These artists are taking the performativity of glassblowing to a whole new level!

Some Like It Hot

It’s getting hot, hot, HOT here in Michigan. But the 90-degree temps are nothing compared to the blazing 2400 degrees of our reheating chamber. This gig isn’t for the weak…


Lazy Monday Morning

Monday mornings have got us feeling a little like April’s kinetic sculpture… lazily twirling whenever the breeze wafts by.



Z is for Zanfirico

Today is our last day of the epiphany alphabet and it’s a good one! Around here, Z is for “Zanfirico!” These awesome vessels are crafted with colored cane that we make here in the studio. April arranges pieces of cane in various patterns and then the cane is picked up with a gather of clear hot glass. See Marc in action as he picks up the cane for a few zany Zanfiricos.



Y is for You!

Y is for “You! (Yes, YOU!)” We probably don’t say it enough. Without the support of our friends near and far, epiphany studios wouldn’t exist. Whether you’ve bought an artwork, attended our open studio events, or introduced us to your friends, we appreciate YOU!

epiphany glass spring open studio 2016

epiphany glass spring open studio 2016

X is for X-ing Boundaries

Oy. Today’s letter of the day is X… before you judge us for this one, we challenge you to find a glassblowing term that starts with X! In the meantime, X is for “X-ing Boundaries” (as in *Crossing* Boundaries). Did you know that glassblowing is a field largely dominated by men? While we love ourselves some burly glassblowing hunks, you gotta give it up for April’s hustle and determination to make a name for herself despite the odds!


W is for Wine

We’re celebrating everyone’s favorite letter … W is for Wine! The epiphany decanters are always a classy statement. From the performativity of a Tornado decanter to the cool and sophisticated Kayan, epiphany decanters are truly works of art.

V is for Volcano

Long-time epiphany fans will appreciate this one… V is for Volcano! April recently made a few of these throwback pieces and we captured the moment for you. The Volcano is a classic epiphany piece that pairs a base of clear bitwork with a gracefully waving body.

U is for Unstoppable!

We may be biased, but we think U is for “Unstoppable!” April’s work continues to evolve as she refines her skills – even a master glass artist keeps growing and learning every day! She’s not stopping anytime soon…

T is for Tweezers

T is for “Tweezers” and no, we’re not making any comments about your eyebrows… Our tweezers are HUGE and used in a lot of different projects. If you’ve ever made a glass flower with us, you’ve used the tweezers to shape the petals!

flower making 10cropped

S is for… SO much!

As you can imagine, S is a big letter for us. S is for “Sculpture,” “studio e,” “Splash Bowls” and “Shiva” (our “Studio” kitty)! All of these S words are just part of a day’s work at epiphany glass. Jealous yet?



spst sari blue silver stripe


R is for Rondelle

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post, we’re talking about another of the elements April employs for her sculptures. Today is R for “Rondelle!” A rondelle is a flat, circular disk that can be made in any size (as long as it can still fit in the reheating chamber!) The rondelle is created by spinning the pipe and taking advantage of centripetal force.

Q is for Ques

Bet you thought today would have us tripped up, but we are celebrating Q for “Ques!” Most of April’s sculptures involve a lot of smaller glass pieces combined together to create a larger work. A “Que” is one type of these smaller pieces – a flat ribbon of glass that twists or curls in a unique line. All of the Ques have a unique shape, but they become recognizable by their general style and proportion.



P is for Punty Rod

Today’s letter is P and our word might be new to you. P is for “Punty Rod” and we can’t make glass without one! This is the rod that attaches to the hot glass and allows us to hold onto the glass while we’re shaping it.


O is for Ornament

O is for “Ornaments” at epiphany and even though it’s not the holidays, we’re of the opinion that these gorgeous baubles can be hung all year round!

threads ornament



N is for Nest

Whether it’s one of the originals or a brand new piece, around here, N is for “Nest!” The nest works show the many ways hot glass can be used – from the delicate strands of clear glass to the clarity of each colored core, the nest vases have it all!

Silver Nest from the Silver Series

A beautiful violet epiphany glass nest.


M is for Mark

Where would we be without M for “Marc?” One of our talented glassblowers, Marc VandenBerg brings a fantastic set of skills to our studio and helps us with a multitude of projects. One of Marc’s fortes is lampworking, which is a detailed sculpting of glass. Follow him over on Instagram at @marco2150 to see some great videos of his work.


L is for Lilies

April’s most recent show focuses on L for “Lilies!” If you get a chance to make it over to the Inn at Harbor Shores in St. Joseph, Michigan, you can see “View Through a Colored Prism,” an exhibit which highlights April’s large floral sculptures. (Not to mention, you can check out L’eau d’Vie – the largest chandelier April has ever made!)

Photo by Don Campbell, Herald-Palladium Staff

Photo by Don Campbell, Herald-Palladium Staff

Photo by Don Campbell, Herald-Palladium Staff

Photo by Don Campbell, Herald-Palladium Staff

K is for Kitties

K might be our favorite letter of the whole alphabet because K stands for “Kitties!” April is a huge animal lover and it shows through everything from our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society to the newest member of our team, Brahma. If you want to be part of the furry love here, you can shop our pet products on the epiphany webstore. Click on “store” above and then “MHS Gifts.”


J is for Jacks

Glassblowers use a very unique set of tools, one of which is our letter of the day, J for “Jacks!” The jacks consist of two long, metal arms that are connected at a spring-loaded joint. In this video, you can see April using the jacks to narrow the neck of the glass bubble she’s working with. No project happens without the jacks!

I is for Innovative

Over the years, epiphany glass has created some truly unique glass art, and that’s why I stands for “Innovative.” Whether it’s the flared body of a massive Volcano, or the delicate strands of a nest vase, April has been making work that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Watching her push the limits of glass on a daily basis is a pretty cool thing! #epiphanyABC


H is for Hotshop

ABCDEFG… H! Now that we’re back on track with our #epiphanyABC, you might be able to guess that H is for “Hotshop!” This name is especially apt as the weather warms up outside, giving our air conditioner a run for its money. April and the team start working extra early in the summer to beat the heat.

april at work 2

F is for Flowers (and Forgetting…)

Whoops – when we asked you if you knew your ABC’s, we should have double checked our own kindergarten knowledge…. We totally skipped F! Which is a shame, because F stands for “Flowers” here at epiphany! Not only does our studio have a sweet little garden outside, we’ve also got pretty flowers on the inside (and those last through the rough Michigan winters, too)!


G is for Glory Hole

The epiphany alphabet gets a little crazy when it comes to the letter G! Around here, G is for “Glass,” “Gallery,” “Gifts,” and “Gaffer” (the word for a professional Glassblower.) But maybe we’re most fond of G for “Glory Hole,” the hottest reheating chamber on the block. If you’re feeling gutsy, take a whirl with a piece of glass in this video. #epiphanyABC

E is for epiphany!

Is it cheating if we say that E is for “epiphany?” Well, we’re happy to “Educate” you on the “Evolution” of our business’s “Epithet!” When April started “epiphany” in 1996, she was “Exploring” terms that could describe her “Expertise” in creating art. “epiphany” means an insight in to the “Essence” of an object or material. That’s “Exactly” what she was doing with her creative “Experiments” in glass. And the rest is history! We hope this lesson has been “Edifying.” ;)

epipS-logo wType-blk2

D is for Decanter

D is for “Decanter” here at epiphany! Over the years, April has developed several unique designs that not only perform but look good doing it. A decanter might be a piece of functional glass, but there is definitely a fine art to making one. #epiphanyABC

Tornado Decanter with wine_sm

C is for Chris

In the epiphany alphabet, C stands for “Chris,” our studio assistant who rocks our socks! Unlike many art forms, glassblowing is definitely not a solo act. Most recently, Chris was part of the team that made over 500 glass tumblers for a special Detroit Grand Prix project. That’s persistence! #epiphanyABC


B is for Bubble

We’re continuing on with our epiphany ABC’s today and if you’re just joining us, have no fear! We’re only on B, which around here stands for “Bubble!” Many of April’s large commissions utilize the basic element of a glass bubble to create something great and marvelous. These chandeliers are the perfect example of the power of creativity. #epiphanyABC


Learn your ABC’s!

Do you know your ABC’s? You’re probably thinking, “Of course I do, DUH!” But do you know your epiphany ABC’s? School may be out for the summer, but we’re going to teach you a thing or two. At epiphany glass, A is for “Annealer,” the special furnace that the glass goes into to cool down at a slow and steady pace. This removes stress from the glass so that it doesn’t break as easily. Don’t be fooled, the annealer is HOT too – starting out around 900 degrees. (Oh yeah, and it goes without saying that A stands for “April”… :) )

What Do You See?

Happy Tuesday (that probably feels like a Monday if you had the day off yesterday)! This is a fun wall piece that reminds us of paper clips or bobby pins. Such simple forms, such a great juxtaposition!


Stars + Stripes

Happy Memorial Day! We hope you’re out there celebrating the good people who have sacrificed for our country.


Zoom, Zoom!

The Detroit Grand Prix is right around the corner! April’s “Racer” swoops with the zip and movement of any great racecar.



We get it. It can be tough (even impossible!) to buy art for someone else. What color, what style, will it “go?” That’s why we’re now offering epiphany gift cards! These can be purchased in any amount over $25 and make the perfect gift …. You can’t go wrong!


Garden Party

We’re excited to be going back to the Garden Party again this year! This is a great fundraiser that supports local students pursue their education in trade programs such as culinary studies and applied technologies. We can’t think of anything more worthy! We’ll be featuring our full line of beautiful decanters this year!

Learn more here.

garden party 2015

New Kitties in the Shop

We just updated our web shop with new glass kitties! These fun pieces have far and away been the most popular from our Michigan Humane Society series. New items include a few sleeping kitties – these go quickly, so nab them while you can! Click “Store” to shop.



360º View

“Rabbit Lives at Claire’s House” is certainly our new favorite sculpture. So many little surprises in this one!

The Glass Age Continues

Ever dropped your phone to find the glass totally shattered? Those days may soon be long behind us… part II to yesterday’s sweet video on advancements in glass. (Plus a great high-speed camera capture of a St. Rupert’s drop!)

The Glass Age

Take a few minutes today to watch this really awesome video by the Mythbusters dudes. We bet you’ll learn something you never knew before – like that the internet would probably not exist without glass! (Not to mention, their high-speed cameras are AWESOME.)

Be a Friend of Art!

April has always been involved in the local arts community. As a board member of the Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art at the DIA, she gets to help plan awesome programming for those who love contemporary art! If that’s YOU, head on over to the FMCA Facebook page and give them a follow – they post fun articles on art and announcements about local events!

Find their Facebook page here.

Get involved with the FMCA and be a part of the art scene at the DIA!

Get involved with the FMCA and be a part of the art scene at the DIA!

Ah, the memories…

We’re in the process of creating a new website and so we’re re-editing a LOT of photos! This means a daily walk down memory lane. This sculpture takes us way back to 2004 when April started making her gorgeous lilies. This “Wing Lily” looks like it’s about to taking off in flight!


Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

According to our wacky calendar, today is “Be a Millionaire” day. What would you do with a million dollars? We’d probably fire up the giant furnace and make some pieces just for fun.


I Spy with my little eye…

FOX 2 in Detroit just installed a new kitchen for their cooking segments and it’s totally outfitted with April’s work! Let’s play “I spy.” How many epiphany pieces can you find?


Remembering Loved Ones

Did you know that you can keep your memories of a loved one who has passed away in a beautiful paperweight? Cremated ashes are transformed into delicate bubbles when combined with clear and colored glass.

paperweight with ashes sm

Celebrity Chat

Our very own epiphany “celebrity” was interviewed by the Michigan Humane Society in their recent issue of Michiganimals! Since this interview, April has adopted another little girl kitty, too!



Color, color, color

Happy Friday! Just a little shot of April’s personal collection of paperweights. Gorgeous!