Show in St. Joseph

April has been on the road installing an exhibit of her work at the Inn in Harbor Shores in St. Joseph, Michigan. You can see it starting May 13!

Read more here!

'Cobalt Lemon Cranberry Lily' by April Wagner

‘Cobalt Lemon Cranberry Lily’ by April Wagner

April Wagner, "Sitting Pretty"

April Wagner, “Sitting Pretty”

Flower Power

“Rabbit Lives at Claire’s House” is one of April’s newest sculptures commissioned for the Flint Institute of Arts annual Party fundraiser. This piece is such a fun celebration of nature and color!


Smilin’ at epiphany

Nothing gets our guests smiling more than the moment when they see their own creation come to life. You can make a glass flower with us at our spring show and experience the fun for yourself! We’ll be open May 7-8 and we still have open sessions on both days. Call us at 248-745-3786 to reserve your spot.


Whiskey and Ivory

If this chandelier doesn’t send your heart pitter-pattering, we don’t know what to tell ya! The subtle colors of whiskey and ivory provide a surprising but chic contrast to the muted pink walls.



Chanel Thinking Outside the (Glass) Box

A former townhouse in Amsterdam gets a stunning makeover with a facade of glass. This is such an awesome and unique way to integrate glass into architecture. Glass always seems so fragile, but used in the right way it can be an extraordinarily strong material!

See the full story here.

Photos by Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee, from dezeen.com

Photos by Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee, from dezeen.com

Party Prep

We’re getting the studio so fresh and so clean today for an event that was donated to the College for Creative Studies wine auction last fall. We love these events because we know the funds go to such a great cause!


Don’t Miss Out!

In case you missed it, our glass is on display at the Bloomfield Public Library! Our mini show is only up until April 28, so be sure to stop by to see it before it’s gone!


Try your hand at glass!

Have you reserved your spot to try your hand at glassblowing at our spring show? It’s pretty hard to do glassblowing at home (we don’t recommend playing with fire unattended…) so why not take the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art facilities? Call us at 248-745-3786 and we’ll get you set up!


Extra, Extra!

Whenever April makes a large sculpture there are always pieces leftover. And what do we do with all those extras? Sometimes they get made into coordinating artwork as in the case of “Turchina Filirana.” The clients were so in love with their wall piece that they requested a second, smaller table piece. Good thing there’s all those spare parts… :)



Bow Wow!

Today we’re spending the morning cuddling puppies and kittens at the Michigan Humane Society’s Bow Wow Brunch! Have we made you jealous? This Pawesome (ha. Ha. Ha.) event raises funds for homeless animals in our city. Such a great cause!

This retriever/husky mix, “Snow,” is currently available for adoption at the MHS. Find more info about snow here. We love how his cute ears look just like our pups!

Snow, a siberian husky/labrador retriever mix. Photo from michiganhumane.org.

Snow, a siberian husky/labrador retriever mix. Photo from michiganhumane.org.


Stella’s Got Her Groove Back

You don’t have to be a oenophile to enjoy an epiphany decanter. This Stella decanter would look just lovely displayed as a piece of art. Beauty and function coming together as one? Perfect.

Stella Decanter

Stella Decanter

New Kitty on the Block

We’ve got new kitties in our studio! Our spring show will feature these sweet friends in a multitude of colors.


Sleeping cats grouping

Throwback Thursday!

Time for a little Throwback Thursday! We love the play of colors amongst these transparent discs. And the punch packed by the colorful piece is simply terrific!



Bits and Baubles

At any given moment, our studio has a table full of sculpture parts waiting to be made into something beautiful. April really has the magic touch when she creates her sculptures!


Pinnacle Pixels

Mother’s Day Flowers

Our Mother’s Day flower-making sessions are getting booked up faster than you can say “Love ya, mom!” And what better way to show your momma a little love than to spend some quality time with her? Call us to book your flower-making spot at our open studio, May 7-8, 6-12 pm. 248-745-3786!


Happy Colors

Happy Monday! This colorful piece always makes us smile. Can you imagine getting to see this in your house every day? :)

Bow Wow Brunch

We’re very excited to be back at the Bow Wow Brunch again this year! Every year, the Michigan Humane Society hosts a fabulous brunch with silent auction items, delicious food and of course, adoptable furry friends! We’ll be there too with some awesome glass critters. As always, a portion of our proceeds will benefit the MHS. Tickets are still available for this family-friendly event – April 17 at 11:30 am! Get more info here.

Sleeping cats grouping

See us at the Bloomfield Library

April is known around Michigan as Glassblowing Month! To highlight our craft, the Bloomfield Township Public Library is displaying some of April’s works at their location on Telegraph and Lone Pine Road. Head over to see them – beautiful glass in an equally beautiful library!



Treat Your Mom!

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t a thing, it’s an experience! Our Spring Open Studio is over Mother’s Day weekend this year, and what better way to celebrate than treating your mom to a glassblowing session? Pick up a gift card for $50 and let her make her own glass flower at our studio – it’s a lot of fun!


Springy Zanfirico Bowls

New Zanfirico bowls will star at our Spring Open Studio. These beautiful bowls are a favorite of art collectors and glass art lovers alike. To make them, April and her team utilize traditional Italian techniques to create patterns out of handmade cane. Each one is unique – we never use the same pattern twice!



Instagram Specials

Have you been loving our inside-look glassblowing videos? We’ve got even more good stuff on our Instagram. Follow us over there at @epiphanyglass!


Adam Weinberg Lecture at DIA

If you’re like us and interested in art museums, check out this lecture at the DIA by Whitney Museum of American Art director Adam Weinberg. He’ll explore how the architecture of the Whitney has evolved over the years and informs the way museum ethos. The lecture is Thursday, April 7 at 6:30.

Get info here!

Gift Cards Available

We have some exciting news! We are now offering epiphany glass gift cards! These cards are the perfect way to give someone a flower-making session at our Spring Open Studio. (Hint, hint, stellar Mother’s Day idea!)


Pets on Parade

A few weeks ago, each and every resident of the old MHS facility in Detroit trotted, walked and ran down the street to the brand spankin’ new animal care center (with plenty of stops to sniff along the way). You won’t regret watching this pet parade video – see what the MHS is all about and you’ll understand why we continue to support this amazing organization.

epiphany Colors the WHOLE Rainbow!

April (the month, not the person!) has arrived and that means spring is REALLY on its way, right? We have to admit though, we’re a bit sad that March and the epiphany rainbow is over. It was so much fun to see April’s (the person’s, not the month’s) work through the color spectrum. Let’s enjoy it one last time…


Fresh Spaghetti!

The farm to table trend is nothing new – check out these spaghetti farmers in Switzerland!

epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Clear

Today marks the last day of our epiphany rainbow! We hope you’ve enjoyed our travels through the chromatic spectrum. We’re ending the rainbow with the most classic “color” for glass – crystal clear. April’s crystal chandelier is a pure celebration of the media of glass. Sparkly from every angle, this piece de resistance is just fab!



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Gray

The smoky gray tones of this swan sculpture are anything but dreary! Sometimes a neutral palette is the most sophisticated way to go, especially if you start off with a gorgeous, clear embellished base.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Lavender

Two lavender curls top off this “Burberries” sculpture. We love the repeating circular forms layered over each other in this piece.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Violet

April made this piece for a Florida residence and it perfectly complements the mood and feel of a seaside life. The violet curls really add dimension and depth to the field.


Happy Easter!

We’re vibing on the springy colors of the Candy Shop Chandelier today. We hope all of the Easter eggs you find are full of yummy candy!



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Purple

One of the coolest parts of transparent glass is the way the colors deepen when you look through several layers at once. This purple thistle sculpture is the perfect example!


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Indigo

These little burberries are the most fantastic indigo! Sometimes you don’t need a lot going on to make a sculpture truly shine.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Navy

We’re nearing the end of our epiphany rainbow, but we’re getting into some of the prettiest colors! Blues and purples are always popular. This gorgeous lily is full of shades of navy. The play of light on a piece like this makes it seem different every time you see it.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Royal Blue

There aren’t too many royal blue flowers in nature, but the great thing about glass is that you can make it any color you want! This bright color looks so deep and reflective on the petals of one of April’s newest flowers.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Cornflower

Cornflower blue is such a lovely shade and some of the vertebrae on “Backbone” are just the ticket! When April made this sculpture for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, she included one “bone” for each of the chamber’s 100 years of activity. Local businesses make up the backbone of our community – we’re glad to be part of this body of people!



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Sky Blue

This one is a fan favorite! “L’eau d’Vie” is definitely the largest hanging piece April has undertaken. With hundreds of hanging components, the visual effect is certainly impactful. We love the sky blue color that makes up so many of the hand-blown orbs.

L'eau de Vie-8' x 12'-Glass

April Wagner 'L'eau d'Vie' Chandelier V2 8'd x 12'l

epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Seafoam

Seafoam dreams await for you within this sweet sculpture. April achieves a soft, wrapped-up feel here – quite the feat when you’re dealing with glass!


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Turquoise

The epiphany splash bowls are definitely a fan favorite. The stripes of this turquoise striped bowl shows off the curving perimeter of the vessel. Simple choices like color and pattern really count in a piece like this!


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Olive

Olive is our color of the day and we’re really loving the muted green tones in April’s “Earth” sculpture from the Four Elements series.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Emerald

Legend says that when you look at mythical Medusa with her snake-filled hair, you’ll turn to stone. Not so much with April’s “Medusa” nest. That emerald green color teeming throughout is just stunning!


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Kelly Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What a coincidence that our color of the day for the epiphany rainbow is kelly green! April’s “Delta” sculpture for Strategic Staffing Solutions is one of our favorites. Although its completely monochrome, the beautiful curls and swirls make this sculpture exciting and dynamic.



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Lime

It’s a day for bright, sassy LIME as we color the rainbow here at epiphany! This little sketch sculpture is almost exactly the color of the citrus fruit. Now who’s ready for a little lime in their margarita? “You put da lime in da coconut and drink it all up…”


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Chartreuse

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have noticed that April uses the word “juicy” to describe a particularly great sculpture. This sculpture is named “Juicy” and ow, ow! That chartreuse color is oh-so-bold.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Tan

Tan probably doesn’t strike you as the most exciting of colors, but today this beige gets an epiphany rainbow makeover! “Sahara Dancer” has anthropomorphic qualities as the two dancers engage in their tango.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Gold

“All that glitters is gold…”

April’s Gold Cirrus Chandelier certainly sparkles like all things gold! The rich color is perfect for its warm surroundings.



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Yellow

Today’s color is yellow and this sculpture actually seems to be celebrating the vibrancy and excitement of its own hue! We see a dancer leaning backward and reaching up with an extended arm. This is the best part about art – seeing something beautiful and inspirational in simple shapes and forms.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Lemon

The color lemon feels so fresh after a long winter. “Insolent Dragon” rears its bright head with attitude. It certainly spices up this contemporary dining room.



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Peach

Peach is the color of the hour in this sculpture, “Three Sahara.” Each curl is such a subtle, sophisticated color. We’re loving it.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Tangerine

The glass really glows in this shot of “Solar Flare” for today’s color, tangerine. This hot color is so spicy!



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Orange

To highlight today’s color orange, we have a really unique sculpture made for the Farmington Hills City Hall. The glass blades slowly spin as air moves throughout the atrium of the building. April hasn’t made a ton of kinetic sculptures, but this one is pretty darn cool.



epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Mango

We see shades of mango in April’s “Feu Nymphe.” In fact, this curly pyramid contains a lot of shades of tropical fruits – we see oranges, bananas, pineapple… and now we’re hungry.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Red

Day 6 of our epiphany rainbow is red. Sometimes we overlook primary colors as too plain, but “Red Sentinel” destroys any notion of plain or boring. This sculpture stands at the ready and looks totally fierce.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Merlot

Merlot makes us think of that perfect glass of red wine, but today we’re eyeing the wine-colored hues in this peaz bowl. Each pea is blown individually and then assembled into the bowl shape after the glass cools. The result is a funky, textured bowl that makes a bold statement.


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Magenta

Today’s color of magenta is wrapped up in April’s sculpture “The Tempest.” Shakespeare’s play featured a wild storm and this sculpture is just as wild and tangled as any stormy night. The jewel tone color of the sculpture just makes the storm more furious!

April Wagner, "Tempest," 2009, 36" x 6'6" x 18"

April Wagner, “Tempest,” 2009, 36″ x 6’6″ x 18″

epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Fuchsia

Day 3 of our epiphany rainbow calls for this fuchsia nest vase. These minis have been pretty popular lately. They’re the perfect size for a single bloom but look equally lovely as a standalone statement piece. (Who could ever get enough of those delicate crystal strands??)


epiphany Colors the Rainbow: Pink

The epiphany name is well-known for producing stunning paperweights in a rainbow of colors. Today’s color is pink and we are loving these paperweight’s particular hues. They are cheery and rich and happy, happy, happy!



epiphany Colors the Rainbow

It’s March here in Michigan and that means spring is likely still a ways off. So in the interim, we’re going to blow up your newsfeed with color, color, and more COLOR! Throughout the month of March, we’re going to color the rainbow with epiphany. We’re starting with the most lovely shade of rose, embraced here in one of April’s Que sculptures.


It only comes every four years…

Happy Leap Day! In some old traditions, any man who rejects a woman’s proposal for marriage on Leap Day must buy her 12 pairs of gloves. Ha! (But maybe 12 pairs of gloves would prove useful in our Michigan Februaries.)

In other news, here’s a funky flower to commemorate this funky day.


Feline Sensibility

Shiva contemplates color choices. What, you don’t leave your creative direction up to your cat?


Mighty, Mighty Furnace

If you’ve ever visited our studio, you’ve likely seen us working out of our three main furnaces – one that holds clear glass, one for reheating the glass while working on it, and one for warming the pipes. But did you know that we have a fourth MEGA furnace? This baby is reserved for the super huge pieces of glass. Wowza!


An Apple a Day…

How fun is this apple ring holder? That apple looks good enough to eat…


Zany Zebra

A black and white Old School vessel is perfect for this Throwback Thursday. Those stripes are so zany and the red lip caps the whole thing off perfectly! Not for the faint of spirit, this piece…


Beacon & Batten

Remember Emily Donald, our guest artist from last year’s spring open studio? Her company, Beacon & Batten, is brimming with the best hand-crafted home goods. We’re particularly fond of the Striped Circle hand towels.

Shop Beacon & Batten here!

Photo by Emily Donald.

Photo by Emily Donald.

Secrets Revealed…

The secrets of glassblowing revealed… (spoiler: not much has changed in thousands of years!)

Brand NEW Zanfiricos!

Have you seen our new Zanfirico vessels yet? This technique is inspired by traditional Venetian glassblowing combined with April’s keen eye for fantastic color and pattern combinations!



First Look

If you follow us over on Instagram, you’ll get the first look at lots of pieces, including our new little kitty friends! (Have we convinced you yet?)



Love Your Pet!

According to our wacky holiday calendar, it’s “Love Your Pet Day!” We’re on board. We love our studio kitty, Shiva. And thanks to our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society, she can eat her lunch in style with these awesome glass food dishes.

Shiva with bowls

Tropical Waters

It’s about that time of year when we start dreaming about sandy beaches and warm afternoons under a hot sun. But for now, we’ll settle for daydreams inspired by our Tropical Waters flower.


Contemporary Crystal

Throwback time! When you hear “crystal chandelier” you probably think of a super traditional light fixture with faceted crystals and maybe electric candles. April’s version is… shall we say… a bit more contemporary. :)



Women in the Arts in 2015

We’re proud to be a studio that is owned and operated by a strong female artist. Articles like this can be disheartening, but are also important in bringing light to the distance we still have to go to reach equality in the arts.


Cover Artist

This might be the first time we can say that one of our glass pieces is gracing the cover of a published book! Robin Moyer visited our studio to get the inside scoop on glassblowing for her book “A Gathering of Glass,” which features a glassblower as the main character.

Check out more about this book here.


April has been SEEN!

“Working with glass is immediate and responsive. It has an organic quality in the way that it moves and flows, but it always surprises you.”

We’re stoked that April was recently featured in the Detroit lifestyle magazine Neighborhood Seen!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be mine, Valentine!

red heart paperweight 2

Last Day for Valentine’s Shopping

Today is the last day that epiphany is open to the public until May, so hurry over to get your fill of beautiful glass art before it’s too late! Stop by between 10-3 to see our Valentine’s Day gift options. Your sweetie will love a thoughtful and beautiful piece of art!


Open Studio TODAY!

epiphany glass is OPEN today from 10-4 for Valentine’s Day shopping (or just any kind of shopping, really). How could you resist these beautiful ring holders? At only $25 each, you can get one for all your friends!


Pink Coat

Throwback Thursday time! “Pink Coat” is an exciting exploration of movement in rose-colored hues. We love how the arms of this sculpture reach upwards all while resting on a single swooping tail.


Hearts on Hearts

We’re seeing hearts everywhere and April’s sculpture is no exception.

'Captured Hearts 1' by April Wagner

‘Captured Hearts 1′ by April Wagner


Millions on Millions

Did you know… over 180 MILLION Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year! Whoa! We’re not sure * quite * as many heart paperweights have been gifted, but it might be close. ;)


True Blue

Who says hearts have to be pink? These gorgeous shades of blue are perfect for a lover-of-all-things chic.


Lampworked Horse

We don’t do this kind of glasswork, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless! You’ve gotta have quick hands to sculpt hot glass.

Free Gift Boxes!

Did you know that we can include a nice gift box with any online order? Dress it up with a pretty ribbon or keep it clean and minimal with plain white.

Shop at www.epiphanyglassstore.com!


Wine and Chocolate

Everyone knows that a little wine and chocolate can go a long ways on Valentine’s Day. How about serving up your vino in a beautiful epiphany decanter? A drink that good deserves a beautiful vessel.

Tornado Decanter with wine_sm

Decanter Grouping_sm

Subtle Beauty

New pumpkins in the most gorgeous subdued hues. That stony tan pattern is so good.


Happy Zanfirico Colors

We are in love with the patterns and colors in our Zanfirico bowls. And yes, you can use these photos as your phone wallpaper! ;)




A Little Poem for You…

“Flowers and candy are all fine and dandy, but our advice to impart is to surprise with a heart!”

Check out our hearts in the web shop or call us to check on color selections! 248-745-3786.


Celebrating Quirky Holidays

Did you know that today is official “Fun at Work Day?” (We’re not sure how official this actually is, but we’re rolling with it…) We work hard here at the studio, but getting to make incredible art is pretty fun too. So we’re basically celebrating Fun at Work Day every day! ;)


Hey, YOU!

Psst! We’re holding a flash sale on Instagram tonight at 8 pm eastern time. Don’t forget to check us out by following @epiphanyglass. What will the mystery item be?


New MHS Items Available!

It might be a new year, but our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society is still going strong! We’ve added some new items to our web store that benefit the MHS. This little fuchsia and lime kitty is looking for her “forever home!” Find this cutie in our web store under “MHS Gifts.”


Ring Bling

Planning on putting a ring on it this year? Get her a heart shaped ring holder for her to put that ring on!


The Magic of Color

We’re honored to be featured in CODAWorx “Magic of Color II” issue of their magazine! April’s “Le Jardin les Enfants” was chosen for its superb use of the brightest hues!

Click here to see the magazine.

April Wagner, "Le Jardin les Enfants"

April Wagner, “Le Jardin les Enfants”


Heart of a Dog

Fun Friday! We have a great idea for you this weekend. Head over to the DIA to see Laurie Anderson’s magical film, “Heart of a Dog.” The film even features Anderson’s piano-playing pup! The film screens tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday… check out the DIA’s ticketing site to get your seat!

Heart Paperweights

‘Tis the season to embrace all things hearts! We love our heart paperweights and we think you will too. Sweet and classic, they make great gifts.


Start a New Tradition…

It’s Wine Down Wednesday! Never heard of it? It’s the best way to celebrate Wednesday, and it’s even better with an epiphany decanter! These Tornado decanters look so great with a beautiful red wine.

Tornado Decanter with wine_sm

Snow Caps

When it snows, our outdoor ornaments get little frosty caps. It’s the little things, people.


Happy MLK Day!

Today we honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. We have a great resource in our city at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History and they have a terrific day of events planned to celebrate MLK. If you’ve got the day off, head on downtown to see what’s going on!

Check it out here.


Coming soon!

Follow us on Instagram @epiphanyglass to check out our upcoming flash sale! This is a new endeavor for us and we’re excited to be offering some fun pieces.


Winter Pumpkins

Last week we got busy making colorful pumpkins. Believe it or not, these are popular all year round!



Apply for a Kresge Award!

We think Detroit is one of the best cities in the world (dare we say THE best!?) for artists. Our community is engaged, passionate, and hardworking. The Kresge award is a great chance for Detroit artists to expand their work – only a few more days to apply!

Click here to get application information.

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday time! This sculpture is definitely has “wow” factor! “Copper Spike” is aptly named and shines with a special vibrancy.


Get ready for the heart parade!

Is it true? Could it be? It’s a fact, people. Valentine’s Day is only a month away! Our heart paperweights make the perfect gift for your sweetie, best friend, or family member. Peruse the color selection on our web shop!

Studio e heart paperweight

Studio e heart paperweight

It’s a wee bit chilly….

Brrr! It’s COLD out there! If you’re the type to embrace these chilly temps and sparkly snow, you might like this Silver Blue Ques sculpture. The color and iridescence of the glass reminds us of a frosted scene.


We’re Crazy for Zanfirico!

Have you heard? Our gaffers have been busy making brand NEW zanfirico bowls in some pretty incredible color combos!! A few of them are already on sale… nab them up because we have a feeling these gems are gonna go quickly!


Fresh and Clean for 2016

Last week we did a big reorganization of the studio. Everything feels so fresh and so clean now! Small items have found their homes in padded drawers. If you love order and systems, this one’s for you!


Tropical Waters

It will probably still be a while before we see little buds poking their way through the dirt here in Michigan. In the meantime, why not invest in a beautiful glass flower that will never wilt or fade? This Tropical Waters flower is just the ticket.


Throw the best “Just for kicks” party

January always seems to bring about a nice reprieve from the crazy schedule of the holiday season. But what if you’re finding that things are a little * too * quiet? Consider hosting a “just for fun” winter party at epiphany! Our furnaces will keep you and your friends warm as you make glass flowers with our studio assistants and enjoy the cozy ambiance of our studio. Call us for details and pricing! 248-745-3786.


Flashback Friday!

Let’s try a little something different this week… Flashback Friday! These “2 Blue Stars Up” might be tangoing, hugging, or conversing. Even the relatively simple forms of this sculpture seem to set a scene for a story!


Commissioning your OWN art!

Does your new year’s resolution include bringing more art into your life? (If not, we think it should!) This year, think about adding a piece of custom art to your home. Commissioning a piece of artwork doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. These “Flutterby” pieces were done to play off the vibrant colors of the surrounding wallpaper. Call us to find out how the process works!


It’s epiphany!!!

Happy epiphany! This might just be our favorite holiday of the year… wonder why? ;) (But yeah, Christmas is officially over.)


What Inspires You?

The new year is a great time to brainstorm fresh inspiration for new projects. What gives you the best inspiration? April often looks to nature – plants, animals, and all the wild patterns and colors of the earth! These little sea friends seem like they’d offer the perfect palette for the next April Wagner creation…


Feeling the Blues

Will we ever see the sun again?? Winter blues have got us down, but this hot orange and red lily feels like a ray of much-needed Vitamin D.

transparent red and orange lily

Follow us on Instagram!

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to grow our presence on Instagram! We’ve already got a few followers, so come on over and join the party with @epiphanyglass! We post a lot of behind the scenes pictures there that we don’t post anywhere else. We’re also going to experiment with some flash sales of studio e gifts there as well. Find us at www.instagram.com/epiphanyglass!


What do YOU want to see?

Thanks for following us in 2015! You guys are why we’re here on the intrawebz. What kind of content would you like to see in 2016? We’ll do our best to make it happen!


Happy New Year!

Happy new year, everyone! Let’s make 2016 the best yet. Lots of beautiful glass art coming your way this year!


Last TBT of 2015

How appropriate that our last Throwback Thursday of the year is happening on New Year’s Eve! This time, we look back to this past year when April installed this incredible 3-story chandelier in a home in New York. Here’s to many new successes and joys for YOU in 2016!

FullSizeRender (4)

Hooray for MHS!

2015 has been a great year for our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society. We are so glad we were able to join forces with this organization to raise money and awareness about the great work they do for animals around Detroit. This spring, they will open their doors at their brand spankin’ new facility downtown. We simply can’t wait! Check out their webcam to see the progress…


Peace and Quiet

Things are pretty quiet around the studio right now. We’ll be back in full force soon enough though!


Ornament Beauty

We made a ton of ornaments this year. You might be ready to take your holiday decorations down, but we think ornaments look great all year round! Just put one in your window and watch it shine.

Twisted Leaf - low res

12 Days of epiphany

We hope you enjoyed our epiphany version of 12 Days of Christmas! Almost all of the items featured in our stellar song are available on our web store for purchase. Check ‘em out!




The TWELFTH day of epiphany…

Drumroll please…. We’ve got the whole shebang today….

On the TWELFTH day of Christmas down at epiphany, TWELVE vivid icicles, eleven paperweights, ten sleek wine coasters, nine purring kitties, eight cool pint glasses, seven curly fries, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The eleventh day of epiphany…

On the eleventh day of Christmas down at epiphany, ELEVEN PAPERWEIGHTS, ten sleek wine coasters, nine purring kitties, eight cool pint glasses, seven curly fries, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


The tenth day of epiphany…

On the tenth day of Christmas down at epiphany, TEN SLEEK WINE COASTERS, nine purring kitties, eight cool pint glasses, seven curly fries, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The ninth day of epiphany…

On the ninth day of Christmas down at epiphany, NINE PURRING KITTIES, eight cool pint glasses, seven curly fries, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The eighth day of epiphany…

On the eighth day of Christmas down at epiphany, EIGHT COOL PINT GLASSES, seven curly fries, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The seventh day of epiphany…

On the seventh day of Christmas down at epiphany, SEVEN CURLY FRIES, six ornaments, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The sixth day of epiphany…

On the sixth day of Christmas down at epiphany, SIX ORNAMENTS, five puppy dogs! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The fifth day of epiphany…

On the fifth day of Christmas down at epiphany, FIVE PUPPY DOGS!!!! Four gorgeous flowers, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters, and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The fourth day of epiphany…

On the fourth day of Christmas down at epiphany, FOUR GORGEOUS FLOWERS, three wrap bowls, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The third day of epiphany…

On the third day of Christmas down at epiphany, THREE WRAP BOWLS, two wine decanters and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The second day of epiphany…

On the second day of Christmas down at epiphany, TWO WINE DECANTERS and a unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


The first day of epiphany….

So we know that it’s not *technically * the right time to sing the 12 Days of Christmas, but we thought we’d get in the holiday spirit with a little rendition of the classic tune a la epiphany glass studios! Sing along if you know the words…

On the first day of Christmas, down at epiphany! A unique sculpture just for me! (or you!)


Cane Crazy

We are in Zanfirico mode these days! April is trimming our hand-pulled cane to the perfect size for our classic epiphany bowls. With all this cane, we can make more than 50 bowls! Keep an eye out… many more colorful pieces are coming your way!

IMG_019412313797_10154369948072977_6974687238214607916_n” class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-11128″ />

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sundays are perfect for online shopping! Lucky for you we’ve added a lot of new items to our web store! Tons of cool ring holders are now available for online purchase. At $25, these little beauties are at the perfect price point for a stocking stuffer or sweet gift for your friend!


Shop at epiphany TODAY!

Did you miss our holiday show last weekend? Good news for you! We’re open today (December 12) from 12-4 pm. There’s only 2 weeks until Christmas Eve, so get in here for all your gift needs!


Thanks, Michigan Humane Society!

We’d like to thank the Michigan Humane Society for joining us at our Holiday show this weekend! Just from this weekend’s sales, we’ve been able to donate $318.67 to this amazing organization! There’s still time for YOU to be part of our effort. The studio will be open Saturday December 12 (tomorrow!) and 19 from 12-4 pm for shopping, and you can also buy our pet products on our web store at www.epiphanyglassstore.com.

Sitting cats stripped

Throwback Thursday

Raise your hand if you’ve seen this throwback sculpture in person! April made “Juicy” piece in 2003, but it still feels cool and on point!


Put a Ring on It!

These heart ring holders are just the right mix of cute and classy. We’ve still got a few, and we’ll be open this Saturday, December 12, 12-4 pm for you to come get them!


Glass Baskets

April’s glass baskets are a totally new style for her. Great artists are always evolving while still staying true to themselves. In these baskets, you can see April’s love of bright colors and contemporary forms manifested in a fresh way.


Thanks for Your Support!

Whew! Now that our holiday show is over we are ready for a little cat nap. Thanks to everyone who joined us, sent their best wishes, or purchased items online – you made this year’s open house a truly terrific event!

And for those who missed it, you can still purchase beautiful gifts online at our web store in the tab above!

Sleeping Cat

Last Day of Holiday Show

It’s the last day of our Holiday Show! Don’t miss out on the chance to see April and her team blowing some beautiful glass. Demos run today from 12-6 pm. This is also the only time we ever offer a discount – 15% off gallery prices! Our open houses are always fun and vibrant, and we hope you’ll join us!


Saturday at epiphany

Looking for a fun and family-friendly Saturday outing? We’ve got you covered at epiphany glass! We’ll have glass blowing demos all day at our holiday open studio. This is a fun chance for you and your kids to see the magic of glass blowing – it’s truly mesmerizing! Not to mention we’re here with our partners at the Michigan Humane Society. Partial proceeds from any pet products go straight to them!


Holiday Show Starts Today!

Today’s the day, people! This is not a drill! We are opening our doors at 4 pm this afternoon! We’ll have live glassblowing demos, holiday treats, and beautiful glass for purchase. If you’re looking for a fun and totally unique date night, come check us out! We’ll be open until 8 pm.



Tomorrow! Tomorrow! We’ll see you! Tomorrow! We’re only a daaay! Aaaa! Waaayyy!! (We may be a bit too excited about our Holiday Show, but who wouldn’t get excited about 15% off gallery prices? It’s a once a year phenomenon!)

Join us at the studio, 770 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac, MI 48341 from 4-8 on December 4 and 12-6 pm on December 5-6.


Cleanin’ Up Our Act

We are getting so fresh and so clean, clean, here at the studio! All of the glass will be super sparkly by the time you arrive for our open house on Friday. ;)


Pet of the Week

Tune into WDIV Channel 4 this morning for the Michigan Humane Society’s “Pet of the Week” segment which will feature a furry friend AND some glass pet items too! The humane society is such a great organization doing amazing and often difficult work for the animals in our community. By purchasing any of our glass pet products, you’ll be helping them with their mission to save animals around Detroit. Join us at our holiday show this weekend to see what our partnership is all about!

Sleeping cats grouping

Twisted Leaves

It’s just about time to deck the halls! These twisted leaf ornaments are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree or holiday décor. A vibrant array of colors means there’s the right ornament for everyone! Available for purchase through our web store or at our open studio next weekend!

Twisted Leaf - low res

Throwback Time

We haven’t had a throwback in a while, and even though it’s Sunday, let’s talk a walk down memory lane… “Study in Red and Gold” is a small sculpture that embraces the colors of fall. Our trees may be mostly bare now, but we still have the memories of their fiery colors!


Small Business Saturday

It’s Small Business Saturday! We are lucky to have a great community in which to live and work. Think local this holiday season – search for artisans and business owners of your city and give them your patronage! We’ve got a lot of great art for you this year – just check out our web store.


Black Friday

Ay yi yi, it’s Black Friday! Whether you’re out braving the crowds or hiding safely at home, we hope you are enjoying the start to the holiday season. If online shopping is more your style, hit up the epiphany web store. We’ve got everything from Michigan Humane Society gifts and our famous paperweights to beautiful sculptures and decanters! There’s sure to be something for everyone.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are thankful for YOU! Small businesses can’t survive without the sustained and dedicated commitment of their communities and patrons. If you’ve purchased a piece of glass art, attended our open studio, or even “liked” us on Facebook, you’ve been part of the big epiphany family! From our studio to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful for MHS

As we gear up for the big turkey day tomorrow, we have to *paws * to give thanks for the Michigan Humane Society! April’s kitty Shiva hails from the MHS, as do the pets of some of our employees. To say a big “Thank you” to this organization who saves the lives of thousands of animals, we are continuing to donate proceeds from our animal products. If you’re a pet-lover like us, consider some of our pet gifts for the holiday season.

Shiva with bowls

We are Thankful!

Today we’re thankful for our beautiful, nay, HOT, furnaces! These babies are the engine that makes our studio purr. At 2000 degrees, they make nice hand-warmers during the winter months, too. ;)


Flower-making at epiphany

We had a fabulous event here at the studio last night! Each of our guests made a colorful glass flower to give them a taste of what our glassblowers do every day. If you’d like to make a glass flower with us, come to our open studio event the first weekend in December! We’ll have flower-making sessions throughout the weekend, but they fill up fast! Call us at 248-745-3786 to reserve your spot.


Detroit Weather: 365 Days

Tomorrow, the Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art will be showing artist Susan Campbell’s film “Detroit Weather: 365 Days” at their Patron’s Coffee event. Campbell recorded the weather in Detroit for a full year using cameras attached to the roofs of Detroit buildings. The results are spectacular and dynamic.

If you’re looking for a way to support the DIA, the FMCA is a great way to do it. Events like these are one of the major perks! For membership info, click here.

Film still from Susan Campbell's film, "Detroit Weather: 365 Days."

Film still from Susan Campbell’s film, “Detroit Weather: 365 Days.”

Novi Pet Expo

The Novi Pet Expo is this weekend, starting on Friday, Nov. 20! Our friends at the Michigan Humane Society will be there and if you bring a donation of pet food or supplies, you can get $2 off your admission. This is such a fun, family-friendly event with lots of animals, too. If you’re a pet-lover, this event is a “don’t miss!”


Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Detroit is this week! If you haven’t checked out the amazing art our city has to offer, Third Thursday is the time to do it. Galleries throughout the city are open in the evening, often with special performances, exhibitions, demos and more. Art Detroit Now has the lineup for this week’s openings!

New Ornaments!

Remember those secret projects we were talking about a few days ago? Drum roll, please….we now have some awesome icicle ornaments available for the holiday season! These fun pieces come in 10 different colors, each wrapped with a frosty white twist. Get them on our web store or call us at 248-745-3786! We have a feeling these will go fast!


30 Americans at DIA

Have you seen the 30 Americans show at the DIA? The show features African-American contemporary artists from the Rubell Family Collection. It’s a stunner, to say the least. Here are a few highlights, according to DIA curator Valerie Mercer. #30PlusUs

Find Mercer’s top hits here.


Lovin’ at epiphany

Hearts on hearts on hearts. Find these great paperweights on our web store!


Instagram Goodness!

Did you know that we’re on Instagram? Follow us at @epiphanyglass to see pictures that we don’t post anywhere else! Check us out here!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.26.28 PM

Rose Window

Throwback time! “Rose window” is a tangle of color and joyful expression! We think this really epitomizes April’s work – varied, organic form married with a meticulous eye for the perfect hues!


Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Did you know that Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, one year after the end of WWI? Now we observe Veterans Day to honor all veterans, whether serving in war or peacetime. Many, many thanks for your dedication and service to our country.


Busy Studio Days

We have a ton of fun projects in the works here at the studio. Getting ready for our Holiday Show always means lots of new hand-blown and sculpted glass! Some pieces are still under wraps, but in the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous nest vase in a bright cobalt color!


Tornado in Action

How great do our tornado decanters look when filled with a lovely red wine? The spiral on the inside of the tornado looks beautiful, but also serves to aerate your wine as your pour. The more surface area of glass the wine hits, the better aeration you get! Cheers!


Give Back to the MHS!

Our line of pet-themed glass art is available on our web store. Even when you buy online, a portion of the proceeds benefit the Michigan Humane Society. This cause is near and dear to our hearts – several of us have adopted fur children from MHS! So if you need a little somethin’ somethin’ for the pet lover in your life, consider a piece from epiphany! http://www.epiphanyglassstore.com/MHS-Gifts_c_17.html

Sitting Cat

Optical Illusions

The possibilities of glass continue to surprise us. We like the color and illusionistic quality of these “optical float paintings” by Wilifred Grootens. There’s always something new happening, even with a medium as old as glass! Check it out here!

Photo via thisiscolossal.com

Photo via thisiscolossal.com

Mini Nest Vases

Happy Friday, everyone! This nest vase is such an exuberant color. We love the way the clear glass embellishments set off the burst of gold. These mini nests are new for the holiday season and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Check them out on our webstore: http://www.epiphanyglassstore.com/epiphany-glass_c_15.html


Shooting Star

Throwback Thursday time! This week’s “Shooting Star” is a stunning node of orange-gold surrounded by an explosion of deep blues and purples. If you’ve ever seen a shooting star, you know how special they are. This glass piece is just as unique and reminds us of the beauties in a clear night’s sky.


First Frost!

Attention Flint residents! We are coming to YOU this weekend for the First Frost Art Fair at the Flint Institute of Arts. We’ll have a lot of beautiful gift items available, plus an afternoon at the museum is a wonderful way to spend the early holiday weekends. More info can be found at: http://www.flintarts.org/support/events/artfairs.html

studio e grouping 2 2014 web

Flower Making at epiphany

Our studio assistant Chris helps a guest make their own glass flower. This is a cool experience that requires NO glassblowing experience! It gives you a taste of what our artists do every day. We have openings for flower-making at our Holiday Open Studio, which is right around the corner! December 4, 5 & 6! Mark your calendar and reserve your spot today! Call us at 248-745-3786 to reserve your spot.


Purple-licious Pumpkin

Halloween might be over, but pumpkin season is still with us! This purple pumpkin is quite the beauty. Too bad real pumpkins don’t come in such glamorous hues!



Did you remember to turn your clocks back this morning? That extra hour of sleep is So. Great. Plus it gives you an extra hour to admire April’s wild and colorful sculpture, “Gonzo.” This piece lives at the Four Seasons Resort in Vail, Colorado. The bright colors are just the thing to keep us warm as the temperatures drop!


Pink Pumpkin

What a cutie! This little pink pumpkin is quite the charmer. With its curly-Q stem and deep folds, there’s a lot of talented glass blowing packed into a small piece.


Goodbye Summer…

It’s felt like fall for a while now, but today is the official last day of summer! So goodbye to weekends on the water, laying out in the sun, melting ice cream cones and nights on the patio. And hellooooo cozy scarves, falling leaves, trick-or-treating and pumpkin-flavored everything. And then… winter… Let’s stay in the fall mood with this spotted green pumpkin. The iridescent blue stem is something special!


Have your holiday party at epiphany!

We’re hosting a little party at the studio tonight, where each guest will be making their own glass piece. Sounds like fun, right? We’ve still got openings for holiday parties this season, so if you’re looking for a unique and truly unforgettable evening for your employees, friends or family, contact us for more information! The studio number is 248-745-3786.


True Blue

A blue pumpkin certainly makes a statement! There’s just something about cobalt blue glass that people can’t get enough of. The color is so deep and rich and pure. Plant this pumpkin in a spot with lots of light and watch it glow. :)


Phoenix Rising

The fall leaves in our neck of the woods are looking pretty darn beautiful right about now, not to mention the fantastic sunsets we’ve been having lately. For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we present “Phoenix,” a beautiful sculpture that uses the fiery colors of fall.


Tornado Decanter Set

Our Tornado decanters were definitely the star of the show at the Detroit International Wine Auction last Saturday. Now that we have matching stemless glasses to go along with this dynamic and beautiful decanter, the whole set is irresistible! Each glass features a subtle s-shape on the bottom of the glass that mimics the interior swirled ridge of the decanter. So chic!


Pumpkin Perfection

This pumpkin is perfect for the moody fall days we’ve been having lately. The amber glass is rich and elegant, topped by a frosty white stem. This guy sells for $55, call us at 248-745-3786 it up quick!


Ceiling Surprises

April has done a lot of projects that hang from the ceiling and it’s interesting to see how other artists tackle this design problem. Here’s a really cool solution displayed at the Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki, Finland.

See more here!

Photo from thisiscolossal.com, story by Christopher Jobson

Photo from thisiscolossal.com, story by Christopher Jobson

Pumpkin Shortage

Alert! Did you know that there may be a severe shortage of canned pumpkin at the grocery stores this year? Illinois is the largest producer of pumpkins in the USA and they had too much rain this summer, wiping out much of their crop. So stock up, because once it’s gone, it’s gone, and then there’s no pumpkin bread, muffins… you get the idea. HOWEVER, the good news is that the increased rainfall did not affect the epiphany pumpkins! ☺ This gorgeous flecked chartreuse pumpkin captures the spice of fall just perfectly. Going for $70… call the studio at 248-745-3786 if you want it!


DIWA 2015

Today is the Detroit International Wine Auction to benefit the College for Creative Studies! You can play along at home by using the mobile bidding website Greater Giving. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an epiphany decanter set, this is the perfect opportunity to make your purchase count for even more since part of all of our proceeds will go back to CCS. There’s also a lot of other beautiful artworks as well as some pretty amazing wines up for bid!

Check it out here: https://ccscad.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/34thDetroitInternationalWineAuction2015/RegistertoBid/tabid/717899/Default.aspx


Contemporary Chandelier

This summer, April made an amazing new light fixture for a home in the Hamptons. Actually, “light fixture” doesn’t do this incredible piece justice. Individually blown glass bulbs hang over 45 feet in the center of a sweeping spiral staircase. April worked with the architect Campion Platt on this project, and his video overviewing the house has a great shot of her art. Check it out!

Throwback Time!

It’s our favorite time of week – Throwback Thursday! For those who know April’s work, you’re used to seeing explosions of bright color. It’s what we love about her style. But this small piece, “2 Violet Berries” has a quiet intimacy that’s so lovely. The two “que” curls nestled together result in a harmonious composition.


Blue Pumpkin

This little blue pumpkin is so charming! We can imagine it offering a bit of a surprise to your desk or windowsill. At only $40, this blue pumpkin is also perfect for a “just because” gift. Call the studio at 248-745-3786 to reserve it today!


Red Arthropod

This piece by glass artist Madeline Rile Smith is totally kooky and dynamic! Glass is such a cool medium that can result in an incredible array of forms.


Photo from the Corning Museum of Art website.

Photo from the Corning Museum of Art website.

Hearts Galore!

We love our heart paperweights from the studio e line… they make great gifts, they’re bright and colorful, and they add a unique touch to your desk space. You’ll definitely want to keep these in mind as the holiday season approaches!


Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! What better way to prep for the cold winter months than to adopt a furry pup who can snuggle with you to keep you warm? Not to mention the warmth he or she will bring to your heart!! As we continue our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society, we encourage you to consider adopting if you want to add a pet to your life. And if you can’t get a real dog, consider one of our pretty glass pups! Partial proceeds go to the MHS, so it’s a win-win-win.

dogs grouping

DIY Sugar Skulls at the DIA

Throughout the month of October, you can make these fun sugar skulls at the DIA! Sugar skulls have been part of the Mexican Day of the Dead preparations since the 18th century and are made to honor the soul of the deceased. These drop-in workshops are held from 12-4, so put it on your schedule and make a day of it!

More info here!

Calendar-Sugar Skulls 1

Pumpkin of the Day

This emerald green pumpkin with an aventurine gold stem is such a chic color combination. This gorgeous piece can be yours for $55. Call us at 248-745-3786 if you’re interested!


Meet Ness!

Say it with me: Throwback Thursday! This is a fun one. “Ness” is crazy and dynamic. With its swooping, curving shape, we can definitely see the legendary Scottish creature emerging from the waves for a split-second appearance!


Kudos for CARE House!

Congratulations to CARE House for a successful fundraiser last Saturday! We are proud to partner with such an organization that does such important work in our community. If you are looking for ways to give back to our city, consider supporting the prevention of child abuse by donating to CARE House.


Silvering in Action

If you’re wondering how we get gold and silver leaf (which is extreeeeemely fragile) onto our new decanters, check out this video!

Drum Roll Please…

For those of you who were guessing along with us as we released clues about our latest project, the answer is HERE! We’ve been making these fantastic decanters that are embellished with gold and silver leaf. The design is a striking contrast from other epiphany decanters with their unique, contemporary look. Each decanter will be available with a matching set of FOUR (remember the clue?) glasses. We have a feeling everyone will want to get their hands on these…



Pink & Purple Pumpkin

Don’t you love our alliterative title? This little beauty is perfect for the color-lover in your life. The lilac and pink on this pumpkin is just WOW! Only $40 for this one, call us at 248-745-3786 if you’d like to purchase!


Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art

April is a proud member of the Friends of Modern and Contemporary Art auxiliary at the DIA. The FMCA is a great group for anyone who loves the fantastically diverse array of what we call modern art. As a member of the auxiliary, you get access to some of the coolest events offered at the DIA and rare opportunities to get behind-the-scenes. If you want to learn more, check out the FMCA Facebook page or Twitter at @FMCA_DIA.


It’s the Time of the Year for Pumpkins!

It’s a TGIF kinda day for sure! We’re celebrating October with our beautiful handblown pumpkins. Each pumpkin we post this month is available for purchase at our studio. If you’re interested, give us a call at 248-745-3786! This pumpkin is just gorgeous – a photo can’t do it justice! The blues and greens meld together in an almost watercolor-esque effect. This lovely creation is $70 and definitely one-of-a-kind.


CARE Night this Saturday

This Saturday, we will be teaming up with CARE House to raise funds for their critical mission of preventing child abuse and helping victims and their families. April’s artwork will grace each table at the gala, with partial proceeds from each sold piece going right back to CARE House. If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, consider CARE House. Learn more here:


Image from Carehouse.org

Image from Carehouse.org

Mystery Project Clue #4

The last day of September calls for the last clue for our mystery project!

When you’ve had a long day
And need much celebration
epiphany’s got you
And your favorite libation.

We’ll be revealing the full project soon… stay tuned!

April on FOX 2!

Catch April on FOX 2 Detroit tomorrow around 9:15 am! She’ll be talking about our partnership with CARE House at their CARE Night gala this weekend. The event is a great opportunity to join us in raising crucial funds for an organization that fights for the welfare of children in our community. More info can be found at carehouse.org.