Welcome, Fall!

It’s the last day of August, which means fall is just around the corner. Soon we’ll be harvesting fall fruits and veggies. These beautiful gourds that Aprils created for the Stand in Birmingham are a foretaste of what’s to come!


Ultra Violet Craziness!

These photos show just how dynamic glass art can be when it’s hung on a plain wall with some dramatic lighting. The shadows created by the twisting arms of “Ultra Violet” make the piece seem so much larger than it is and add extra energy to the already wild form!



3 Light Opal Chandelier

April’s Opal Chandelier is a beautiful mix of contemporary colors and forms. The blues and aquas are punctuated with hints of gold and just the slightest touch of purple. This photo shows off how well the light matches the resident’s beautiful rug, too. One of April’s strengths as an artist is assessing the current space and making art to enhance the existing furnishings and ambiance. Three LED lights illuminate the glass in this chandelier in the best way. A truly stunning work of art!

3 Light Opal chandelier  web

Be a Glassblower!

Did you know that you can come into the studio to make your very own sculpted glass flower? Our studio assistant, Ally, will work with you to make a completely unique flower. This is a really cool experience that allows you to get a taste of what it’s like to make glass art! Call the studio at 248-745-3786 for more info!

flower making 2

Throwback Thursday (Stripe Edition)

You know what time it is… Throwback Thursday! Today we’re looking fondly upon the striped splashes of yesteryear. The stripes applied to the outside of these vessels emphasize their curvaceous form. Not to mention, they look super spiffy!

spst cranberry silver stripe

spst emerald green silver stripe

Women’s Equality Day

Happy Women’s Equality Day! This special day was passed by Congress in 1971 to commemorate the passing of the 19th amendment on August 26, 1920 which granted women the right to vote. We are a studio owned and managed by women, so of course we’re in full support of this holiday!


You can still help the MHS!

We’re still donating a portion of proceeds from any studio e animal item to the Michigan Humane Society! If you haven’t gotten around to ordering your favorite little kitty or pup, call us to make an appointment to stop by the studio! Many MHS items are also available through our web store under the tab “MHS Gifts.”

Sitting cats spotted

Happy Monday!

Epiphany’s rainbow paperweights have always been popular. And why not? The range of color in these small objects is simply amazing.


Diamond Bloom

We love how the glass fins on artist Curtis Pittman’s “Diamond Bloom” reflect the light at different times of the day in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s crazy how this simple material can do so much and be manipulated in so many ways! (That must be why we love it so much.)


Photo by Sean Deckert

Photo by Sean Deckert

Photo by Sean Deckert

Photo by Sean Deckert

Banglatown Happening

Food? Art? Food AND art coming together for one big delicious installation? We’re all in. “Banglatown” is a Detroit neighborhood known for its large population of residents from Bangladesh as well as its thriving arts community. This event invites you to join artists for a full-sensory introduction (yes, more than just taste and smell!) to the cuisine of Banglatown. Sounds delish!

Click here to learn more!

Photo from Modeldmedia.com

Photo from Modeldmedia.com

Still Life with Two Plums

Artists Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick created this gigantic bowl of glass fruit, “Still Life with Two Plums.” It’s bold, colorful, and reminiscent of the Michigan fruit we love. How ‘bout THEM apples??

Food for Thought

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” – John Updike

This studio is our breathing space, where epiphany creations are inspired and produced.


Summer Saturn

Summer is a great time for dinner parties on the patio. Make the most of yours by serving a great wine and presenting it in a great decanter! This Saturn decanter is pure class with its simple shape. And that planetary ring does more than look nice – it provides another surface on the interior of the decanter for the wine to hit as you pour, aerating it to perfection!

Saturn Decanter_blk_sm


We don’t want to think about it, but the end of summer is looming out there. The long days and endless nights are just so great, and April’s “Velo” seems like it’s made out of Michigan sunsets.


Virtual Lily Tour

If you don’t get a chance to stop by the University of Michigan to see April’s “Glass Lily Garden” show, you can take the virtual tour here!

video of show

Cool Blues

“Agave Sketch” is perfect for a weekend at the lake. Look at that beautiful blue splash!


A Quick How-To in Glassblowing

When you see a piece of blown glass that has a beautiful even stripe pattern on it, chances are it was made in a fashion similar to this! You need even spinning of the rod and a thin string of glass applied around the blown glass. This is why glassblowing is a team effort – these stripes can’t be made by one person!



We noticed that #CalmYourselfIn4Words was trending on Twitter a few days ago… What would your 4 words be? We’re thinking “Lose Yourself In Color.” This detail shot of April’s Candy Shop Chandelier does the trick for us! Go to April Wagner projects > Lighting in the tab above to learn more about this project!


Throwback Thursday

Time for a little throwback because it’s Thursday, of course! The green and cobalt in this Old School vessel are just divine. And that pop of pink on the rim? Ow, ow!


Interested in Glass Classes?

We get a lot of inquires about glassblowing classes, and while we do not offer traditional classes here at epiphany, our friends at Michigan Hot Glass are well-equipped to show you the ropes of glassblowing! Their classes are perfect for beginners as well as those with some experience.


Glass Art Galore

The University Medical Center in New Orleans can boast two new glass art pieces – both totally different from each other. Ray King’s “River Spirit” features geometric planes of glass suspended from the ceiling while Dale Chihuly’s “Crystal Blue and Amber Tower” is installed in a reflecting pool allowing each curving piece of glass to shimmer in the face of the water. We wouldn’t mind getting an appointment at this place!


Dale Chihuly, "Crystal Blue and Amber Tower," University Medical Center, photo by John D'Addario

Dale Chihuly, “Crystal Blue and Amber Tower,” University Medical Center, photo by John D’Addario

Ray King, "River Spirit," University Medical Center, photo by John D'Addario

Ray King, “River Spirit,” University Medical Center, photo by John D’Addario

More Great Art at U of M’s NCRC

The closing reception of April’s show “Glass Lily Garden” on September 9 will also celebrate other works on display this summer at University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Center. These include selections from the N’Namdi Collection, such as pieces by Alvin D. Loving, Charles McGee and Gilda Snowden in a show entitled “Abstract View: Detroit.”


Glass Lily Garden

We’re excited to be featured by the University of Michigan’s STAMPS School of Art and Design. There’s still time to go see April’s show “Glass Lily Garden” at the North Campus Research Center in Ann Arbor!



Great Gift Idea

Our studio e heart paperweights make the perfect wedding gift. What better way to show a great couple that you love them than by giving them the gift of art?


Happy Friday!

It’s a fabulous Friday here in Michigan! Let’s celebrate with this completely breathtaking piece, “Current Leaves.” Over 200 individual pieces are suspended together to create one unified work. “Current Leaves” lives at the Midwest Medical Center in Dearborn.



Throwback Thursday

Time for a little Throwback Thursday! This cool blue frosted nest brings just the right amount of icy chill to a warm August day. These frosted nests are also called Serocco Nests. The frosted finish is added after the glass is done cooling.


New Items in our Shop!

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) we added a bunch of new pieces to our web store. Now you can have your own epiphany glass art even if you’re one of our more faraway friends. Click “Store” above to shop!


Paw Print Decanters Still Available

We had a great time at the Pawte Cuisine with the Michigan Humane Society last week. We still have some paw print decanters with matching glasses available for sale. Call the studio or send us a message if you’re interested!


FOX 2 – Home of epiphany glass!

We might not have caught these newscasters with the most serious expressions on their faces, but we’re pretty pumped about that beautiful aqua epiphany free form on the set of FOX 2 Detroit! Awesome!


International Friendship Day

Today is International Friendship Day! We are thankful for your friendship, whether you’ve attended one of our open studios, bought an epiphany glass artwork, or kept up with us on social media. Today we celebrate you!


Nature Inspiration

We can’t believe it’s August already! Let’s start the month out with something fun – these flowers become totally clear when exposed to water. April gets a lot of inspiration from nature and we think these blooms will inspire you too!


Photo from website linked below.

Photo from website linked above.

Golden Nest Vase

A nest vase gets ready to go in the annealer. We’ll have a lot of new colors of these pretty pieces at our Holiday Show in December!


Want epiphany Updates?

Do you want to stay up-to-date on epiphany happenings and projects? We can add you to our mailing list, and we’ll let you know when we finish a cool new custom piece or give you the inside scoop on our open studio events. Don’t worry – we’ll never spam you – mailings go out around 4 times a year! Email abby@epiphanyglass.com to let us know you’d like to be added to our list.


April Wagner Sculpture

Did you know that sculptures like this one are available for sale on our website? Or if you’re local, call the studio to come see a piece in person. This sculpture is small yet vibrant – perfect as a touch of excitement and color in your home.


Cane of all Colors

This colorful cane is made by hand here at our studio. It seems like there are infinite color and pattern combos – all beautiful! Cane is used to make designs in larger pieces of glass art, like this Zanfirico bowl.



Save the Date!

On September 9th, the University of Michigan will be hosting a closing reception for April’s show, “Glass Lily Garden.” The reception will be free and open to the public, so head down to Ann Arbor and join us for a nice evening celebrating this great show! The exhibit is installed at the North Campus Research Complex.


What is “Fazzoletto?”

Ever heard of the word “fazzoletto?” It might sound like a kind of yummy pasta, but it’s actually an ancient technique of glass blowing developed by the Italians where the glass is blown in free form. April has always used this method and added her own twist to the technique, combining fresh colors and adding sculpted elements to some pieces of blown glass. The result is truly breathtaking!

April Wagner, "Tangerina"

April Wagner, “Tangerina”

Life Trees

About a month ago, a new artwork titled “Life Trees” was installed at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. It was made by the Detroit Design Center and features handblown glass elements. It’s good to see glass being used in art around the city!

epiphany Trumpet Vases

Flashback Friday to epiphany’s sleek trumpet vases! These pieces are a technical feat, requiring the glassblower to stretch her arm up to 2.5 feet away from the bench while keeping everything centered. The glass loops at the bottom are sculpted onto the end of the trumpet so that the entire work is one piece of glass. Crazy! These guys really sound the horn for the weekend, no?


Sculpture of the Day

“Silver Amethyst Thistle” is just the most lovely shade of purple. We are officially in love!


Pet Urns

Did you know that epiphany glass has started making pet urns? These custom pieces are such a special way to commemorate your best fur friend. Call the studio for more information and pricing.

Pet Urn - Cat low res

Glassblowing in Action

A lot of the techniques in this video are ones that we use here in the studio! We make our own colored cane and use it to make beautiful custom pieces.

City Sculpture

If you’re local to Detroit, you might want to check out City Sculpture – a new park filled with monumental sculpture by Robert Sestok. It looks like quite the adventureland!


Photo by Brandy Baker from the Detroit News.

Photo by Brandy Baker from the Detroit News.

New Kresge Fellows

The new winners of the Kresge Award were announced recently. Looking forward to seeing what these artists come up with in the next year!


The visual artist Kresge Fellows. Photo from www.kresge.org.

The visual artist Kresge Fellows. Photo from www.kresge.org.

Sculpture of the Day

It’s Friday! Here’s a wild sculpture to start your weekend off right. “Red Sentinal” is bold and quite the stunner, if we do say so ourselves.


Pantone Creations

Pantone’s color of the year is the sophisticated and understated Marsala. April used this hue as inspiration for these two new sculptures!



New Items Available!

We’ve freshened up our web store with a lot more of April’s epiphany sculptures. Check it out! Anything you see can be safely shipped direct to your home. Click “Store” above to see what we’ve got. This free form bowl is gorgeous with its stunning silver rim.


Cooking with Glass

Are you a foodie AND an art fan? This video shows how you can combine your two passions.

Michigan Made

Michigan-Made is a great website that offers a wide selection of products for purchase that are all (you guessed it) made in Michigan! Our studio e heart paperweights and pen holders are also available here.



Aventurine Adventure

Want to know how we get that sparkly effect in some of our pieces like this blue pen holder? This sort of glass is called “aventurine” and includes copper salts in the chemical makeup of the glass. It used to be called “goldstone” and has been thought to bring good fortune!



CODAworx “Transformative Walls”

Did you get a chance to scroll through the online magazine by CODAworx that features “Bello Fiori?” The theme was “Transformative Walls” and April’s piece sure fits the bill. The lobby wall of St. Joe’s Hospital was literally a blank canvas before April created her bright and beautiful floral collage across it.


Make Your Own Glass

Have you ever wanted to make your own glass, but don’t have access to chemical elements OR a 2000-degree furnace? Play this game from the Corning Museum of Glass instead. It’s *almost* the same as the real thing. ;)


Beverly Fishman Sculpture

Cranbrook Academy of Art’s own artist-in-residence, Beverly Fishman, produced these colorful pill-shaped blown glass sculptures. It’s cool to see what other glass art is being made in the area!

Photo from www.habatat.com

Photo from www.habatat.com

Transformation Tuesday

It’s Transformation Tuesday! epiphany studios has gone through a lot of transformations over the past 18 years. From developing the classic epiphany pieces to expanding into three distinct brands – studio e, epiphany, and April Wagner, the studio is constantly evolving. Thanks for following us over the years – here’s to many more!


Lilies Galore

Don’t you love this beautiful curving line of lilies on the wall at University of Michigan? These sculptures are on display as part of April’s show, “Glass Lily Garden” at the North Campus Research Complex in Ann Arbor. At the studio, the lilies are usually displayed on shelves, but here they take on a whole new look by being hung vertically!


Here, Hear!

Guess who’s here? Nick Cave and his amazing Soundsuits, that’s who! “Here Hear” is an exhilarating exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum, and if you like color, sound, movement, texture or dancing, this is the artist for you. The show is up through October 11, and the summer will be filled with different events to show off the vibrant, sculptural costumes that Nick Cave dubbed his “Soundsuits.” This one’s a don’t-miss!


Photo from www.pbs.org.

Photo from www.pbs.org.

Independence Day!

Happy birthday, America! You’re looking swell at 229 years old! We love April’s patriotic ornaments. They’re so cheerful and celebratory!

White with blue and red Captain America ornament

White with blue and red Captain America ornament

Sparklers and More

Lots of towns are doing their fireworks display tonight… are you heading out to see a show?


The Brave, the Bold, the… Turkey?

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin had hoped that the turkey, which he called a “Bird of Courage” would be used as an official symbol of the nation instead of the bald eagle? That would certainly bring new meaning to Thanksgiving!


The Countdown Begins!

Countdown to the fourth of July is upon us! Let’s whet our appetite for patriotism with one of epiphany’s cool red, white and blue ornaments!

White with red Stars ornament

White with red Stars ornament

Highlight on “Warp and Weft”

April’s “Warp and Weft” is a vibrant addition to this already bright and happy room. The white and red curls of this contemporary wall sculpture make an interesting juxtaposition with the traditional crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.



Smile, it’s Monday…

Happy Monday! Hope this picture brings a little smile to your face.


About our Glass

People often wonder if they can microwave our glass or put it in the dishwasher. The short answer is “NO!” Our glass is composed of a much different combo of minerals than Pyrex, which is durable and can hold up under quite a bit of stress.

Extra, extra!

Ever wonder what happens with all of the extra glass pieces that April makes when she creates a large work? Anything that isn’t broken gets stored away… who knows when we’ll need just the right piece!


One-of-a-kind Decanter

Beautiful decanter and wine glass set with hand-sculpted butterfly and leaf embellishments. The butterfly decanter was inspired by the natural elements in paintings by Frida Kahlo.



The walls in our studio change pretty frequently – here’s what’s on display right now! Like what you see? Call us to make an appointment to see it in person.


Thought of the Day

“A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.” – Eugene Ionesco

Today’s April Wagner creation…”Three Stars Up One.”


Gettin’ Clean

Sometimes our glass needs a bath. This big piece gets the spray down (carefully) – suds and all. If you have a piece of glass art and it needs a wash, fill a sink or tub with room temperature water and use regular dish soap to carefully rinse it.


Custom Creation

This was a neat project – a handblown jar with butterflys and flowers for a Bat Mitzvah. Guests could put well-wishes or advice on slips of paper and put them in the jar! If you’re looking for a handmade touch for your special event, April can work with you to create a truly unique piece of art to complement any occasion.


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there! Today we raise our glass to you! (Ha. Ha. But really, what says “Dad” more than a cheesy pun?)


The Glassblower’s Uniform

Whoever places glass into our annealing furnace gets to wear one of these snazzy uniforms – lest their hair get singed!


The “Godfather” in Action

“The glass is alive.” So says Lino Tagliapietra, often considered the godfather of the studio glass movement. See him in action in this video from the Corning Museum of Glass.


Throwback Thursday! Here’s an up close shot of the glass ramps that became part of the garden of greens for “Spring” as part of the “Four Seasons” series at the Stand restaurant in Birmingham. The final piece also included glass basil and fiddleheads.



Paperweights Galore

Some of the most colorful paperweights from over the years. The colored glass in each epiphany paperweight is shaped using a mold, then covered by clear glass. Which one is your favorite?


Award Designs

This year, we were honored to make some unique awards for the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. It’s always special to be involved with great causes in our area.


Highlight on Gold Cirrus

April has made a lot of lighting pieces over the past few years. “Gold Cirrus” features her signature curled glass in an absolutely luxe golden color.



Flag Day

It’s Flag Day! April made this cool flag out of handblown ornaments in red, white and blue.


One Week ‘Til Father’s Day!

One week until Father’s Day! Our studio is chock full of sculptures of all sizes. If your dad is an art lover, stop by to pick out an unforgettable gift. Call 248.745.3786 to make an appointment.

Green Volcano by April Wagner

Green Volcano by April Wagner

Where Does Glass Come From?

Ever wonder where we get our glass? It starts out pretty simple… these bags contain silica, soda lime, limestone and other minerals in powder form. When they get shoveled into our furnace at 2000 degrees… voila! Clear glass. Our glass is soft and pliable – much more flexible than the glass you have in your pyrex containers at home.



Dad’s Day Gift Ideas

Does your dad appreciate a great bottle of red wine? Perhaps a handsome epiphany decanter is the perfect Father’s Day gift! We also have a few square liquor decanters for the dad that prefers a nice scotch. ☺ Call us for purchasing details.

Tornado Decanter with wine_sm

Danish Glass Artist Showing in Cass Corridor

The Simone DeSousa Gallery in Cass Corridor is featuring Danish glass artist Pernille Braun and her piece, “What Comes Down.” Using layers of glass to make cylinders of different colors, the pieces are hung on the wall in a “musical sequence.” Check it out – the show is only up until June 20!

Pernille Braun, "What Comes Down." Photo from www.simonedesousagallery.com

Pernille Braun, “What Comes Down.” Photo from www.simonedesousagallery.com


Follow @epiphanyglass

Nest Vases

These little nest vases were a hit at our open studio in May. We’ve just got the pink one left! Call us if you’re interested.

Nest Vases  Grouping_sm

Live Glassblowing

Can’t make it to one of epiphany glass’ open studios or another local hotshop? The Tacoma Museum of Glass has a live feed of their glass blowers. Pretty cool stuff happens there!


Get Crafty!

This website has some neat craft ideas for anyone interested in playing around with glass at home.


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Partnership with American Heart Association

Wouldn’t you LOVE one of these cute stemless heart wine glasses we made for tonight’s Metropolitan Detroit Heart Ball hosted by the American Heart Association? We think this simple but bold design is pretty darn great.


Head’s Up: Father’s Day is Coming!

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is June 21st! We have great gifts for dads, including these professional but fun pen holders from our studio e collection.



In Memory

Paperweights with ashes inside are becoming a more popular way to remember a loved one. The epiphany ash paperweights are simple and beautiful.

The "bubbles" on the interior of the paperweights are the transformed ashes.

The “bubbles” on the interior of the paperweights are the transformed ashes.

The Planets Align…

Julie Gill certainly uses stained glass in a way that we’ve never seen before – where were the planets lined up on the day you met your love? She maps out the stars in glass to commemorate a couple’s special date.


Artist Julie Gander at work. Story and photo by Sarah Cole.

Artist Julie Gander at work. Story and photo by Sarah Cole.

Summer Summer Summertime!

Happy June! Let summer officially begin! (Ok, not *officially* until the 21st, but our state of mind is starting to drift toward the beach…)

April Wagner, "Tangerina"

April Wagner, “Tangerina”

Why Buy epiphany?

Our cat and dog bowls made for our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society are the best for your pet! Here’s why:

1. These bowls are durable! Over ¼” thick, this glass isn’t as fragile as you think!
2. Each bowl is made to be totally no-slip. The kitty bowls have rubber feet and the bottom of the dog bowls are dipped in a rubber coating so your pet can’t push them across your kitchen floor.
3. Glass won’t leach toxic chemicals or by-products into your pet’s food and water. 100% safe for your furry friend!
4. Did we mention they’re totally cute, too?

Dog Bowls

Shiva with small pet bowl

P’s and Q’s

“Mind your P’s and Q’s!” In this piece “Pea and Ques”, the “pea” is the bold little green round in the center of the sculpture, while the “que” is the curly-Qs are the minty green curls around it. Who says you can’t have fun with your titles?


Join us at the Garden Party!

June is almost here and that means the annual Garden Party is just around the corner! Funds raised will provide scholarships for students at the Oakland Community College Culinary Study Institute and the Macomb Community College Applied Technology programs.

Epiphany will be represented at this great event, which is full of great food and wine, and some amazing classic cars. For more info, head to the Garden Party website.



Zebra Stripes

Time for a little Throwback Thursday! This blue zebra makes us feel ready for a summer trip to the zoo…


Colors galore!

An epiphany paperweight is a classic form that allows April to play with ideas about color and pattern.


Visit the DIA Gift Shop

Did you know that you can find #epiphanyglass at the @DIADetroit gift shop? Sculptures like “Electric Crimson” are available there.



Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! We remember those who served in the armed forces – thank you for protecting our country.

White with red Stars ornament

White with red Stars ornament

Winter Cardoon

If you think this piece, “Winter Cardoon,” is stunning in the photo, you should see it in person! It truly sparkles when it’s under the lights.


We need YOUR help!

epiphany glass relies on YOU, our supporters, to help us grow! If you want to help us out, click this link to Like our Facebook page, and then share it with a friend that you think would love our glass art. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!


Glass Magic

Ever heard of a Prince Rupert’s Drop? We know there’s science behind it this phenomenon, but this video makes it all feel like magic. (Also, how cool are these high-speed cameras?!)

Doggies Galore!

Aren’t these pups the best? Call us to check color availability!

dogs grouping

How It’s Made: Decanters

Wanna know how April made the fabulous decanters for our open studio a few weeks ago? Play this video to see the process in action!

Sitting Kitties

Didn’t get a chance to visit us at our open studio event? Have no fear! We still have plenty of pet themed glass pieces available. These sitting kitties with different colored “spirits” were particularly popular! Remember that partial proceeds benefit the Michigan Humane Society!

Sitting cats grouping

Kiki Smith’s “Constellations”

Cool video on the installation of Kiki Smith’s piece “Constellation” at the Corning Museum of Glass, which includes glass stars and animals!

Mural Workshop at DIA

Looking for a fun Sunday afternoon activity? The DIA is hosting a mural workshop in conjunction with the Diego + Frida exhibition at noon today. Artists George Vargas and Vito Valdez will lead the hands-on workshop.


Color Craze

People always marvel at April’s understanding of color in glass… these hot transparent hues prove why everyone’s impressed!


Paper Flower Workshop

Real flowers are beautiful, but a perfectly crafted paper flower is the next best thing. The DIA is offering free paper flower workshops every Friday night this month – family friendly and a great weekend activity!


Calendar-Paper Flowers

Graduation Season is Here

It’s springtime, so the likelihood that you know someone graduating from somewhere is pretty high! Tell them you’re proud of them with a handmade gift from epiphany. Our studio e line offers a ton of great choices.


Habatat Glass

Having a slow start this morning? Take five and check out the cool glass art included in Habatat Gallery’s 43rd International Show! The gallery is located in Royal Oak… if you can get there in person, it’s worth a trip!


Quirky Holiday Day

Did you know? Today is Limerick Day! Celebrate by reciting your favorite quirky poem to a friend. (Bonus points if you can make up one about glassblowing!)


Group Events at epiphany

Today we have a group of docents from the DIA with us in the studio. It’s always fun to have group events – if you’re interested in planning an event, call the studio at 248-745-3786. The calendar fills up fast!

april chatting to a guest at an epiphany event.

april chatting to a guest at an epiphany event.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere! We wouldn’t be here without you! (literally!)

a heart filled with love for all moms.

studio-e hearts in all shapes and colors.

Cranbrook Graduate Exhibition

The last day to check out the Cranbrook Graduate Exhibition is tomorrow, so get over there and see some more amazing art! This town is chock full of good stuff… don’t miss out!


Attention Art Lovers!

Attention local art lovers! The College for Creative Studies Student Exhibition opens in one week! This is a great opportunity to support the newest class of emerging artists in Detroit. All art is for sale and a whopping 100% (yes, 100%!!) of the proceeds go right back to the student. Tickets and more info here:


Throwback Thursday

Time for a little Throwback Thursday! This cranberry and violet striped splash bowl is just a treat for the eyes.

Get Your Mother’s Day Gifts Here!

If you missed our open studio event last weekend and still want to find a great Mother’s Day gift, it’s not too late! You can check out our online shop by clicking “store” above, or call the studio at 248-745-3786 to make an appointment to stop by to pick out a great piece that your mom or grandma will love!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We sincerely hope your day is filled with tacos and margaritas. Speaking of margaritas, don’t you think one of these colorful glasses would be the perfect vessel for a lemony-limey tequila drink?


Thank YOU!

Whew! After a busy weekend at our open studio, we are wiped! But even more, we’re thankful for everyone who came out to support what we do here at epiphany glass. We love sharing art and beauty, and you all make it possible for us to keep doing that. Cheers to you!

More Open Studio Fun!

We had a great time yesterday with everyone who came out for open studios! Today is the last day to visit epiphany glass for this special event. Hope to see you here! 770 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac, MI, 48341.


Spring Studio TODAY!

Today! Stop over at the studio as we open to the public this afternoon from 12-6. This event only happens twice a year, so join us to get your fill of beautiful colored glass and amazing artists in action. Not to mention, this is the perfect place to find a gift for Mother’s Day! Join us at 770 Orchard Lake Rd, Pontiac, MI, 48341.


Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! We hope this spring-colored “Spyder” will inspire you to join us tomorrow and Sunday for our Spring Open Studio event. epiphany studio will be open from noon-6 each day, with live glass-blowing demos, guest artist Emily Donald and lots of beautiful artwork to view! Can’t wait to see you here…


A great reason to buy glass

Want another reason to come to Spring Open Studios? A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Michigan Humane Society! We love animals around here and are excited about giving back to the furry friends who need it most. Open Studios is Saturday and Sunday. 12-noon. Epiphany Studios, 770 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac, MI. Hope to see you here!


Meet the Kayan

One of the highlights of this weekend’s Spring Open Studio is the unveiling of epiphany’s new decanters. The Kayan is an oldie but a goodie, and is a classic design for a classic wine drinker. The striking wrap around the Kayan’s neck is not only visually unique, but serves the purpose of keeping your wine from dripping down the side of the decanter! This Saturday and Sunday come see our whole line of beautiful vessels.

Kayan Decanter

Kayan Decanter

Emily Donald Guest Artist

There’s a ton of reasons to stop by our Open Studio this weekend, and one of them is our guest artist Emily Donald! Emily graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her BFA in fashion design. Since then, she’s worked in NYC for Wovenplay and San Francisco for Gymboree. Now she’s launching her own line of screen-printed textiles, Beacon & Batten. Stop by and show support for this amazing artist!


Final Countdown to Spring Studio Show

The final countdown to Spring Open Studio begins today! This weekend, May 2-3, stop by our studio at 770 Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac to see what epiphany glass is all about. The studio will be full of beautiful hand-blown glass artwork like this amazing green volcano.


Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY just opened a 100,000 square foot wing just for contemporary glass art! Super cool.


the Corning Museum of Glass

the Corning Museum of Glass

Spring Fling!

If this Zanfirico bowl doesn’t scream spring, we don’t know what does. Pinks and oranges put us in the mood to be outside in the sunshine!


Meet the Tornado

There’s only one kind of tornado we want to see around these parts and that’s the Tornado from epiphany’s new line of decanters! This fabulous decanter is more than just a pretty face. The glass vortex on the interior actually helps aerate your wine as you pour it in by increasing the surface area that the wine touches. More surface area = better aeration! See the Tornado in action at our Spring Open Studios, May 2-3.

Tornado Decanter_blk_sm

Tornado Decanter with wine_sm

Spring Weather

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” – Mark Twain

If you get really imaginative, this sculpture “Inside Out” could represent the blustery spring winds…

inside out

inside out

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday!! April always makes about 50% more glass than any given project needs so that she can pick the perfect pieces for the final work. That’s how this table full of blue and purple waves became Violet Aqua Water Wall!



Shop to Benefit Michigan Humane Society

The ladies of epiphany studios are busy getting ready for this year’s Spring Open Studios! This event is free to the public and is perfect for all ages. Come on over and see live glass-blowing demos from 12-6 pm. We will also have a limited number of spots available for you to try your hand at glass-blowing and make your own piece of art! This awesome experience is $50 per person. Call the studio at 248-745-3786 to reserve a spot.

Remember that a portion of all sales will benefit the Michigan Humane Society, so you can feel free to shop guilt-free!

LOGO - MHS (PMS186 HEART)-ai [Converted]

New Nests at epiphany glass

For years, people had asked April if her nest sculptures were supposed to double as flower vases. Now they definitely can! The classic tangle of glass is now wrapped around a tiny bud vase. These pretties will be available for purchase at the Spring Open Studios, May 2-3. Pro Tip: They make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Nest Vases  Grouping_sm

Grab a Drink, Diego + Frida-style

What’s better than the perfectly crafted cocktail? The perfectly crafted cocktail that’s themed to celebrate the Diego and Frida show at the DIA, of course! Take a tour of the Detroit culinary world with these restaurants that are serving Rivera and Kahlo-inspired drinks and dishes. Yum!



CCS Alumni Show Opens Tonight

Tonight is the opening of the Re:View CCS Alumni Exhibition! Join April and other alumni at the Valade Family Gallery on campus for an opening reception from 6-8 pm.

Meet the Stella

STELLAAAA!!! Stanley and Stella may have had a fraught relationship, but we know you’ll fall blissfully head over heels for the Stella, one of epiphany’s new decanters. With graceful curved ridges around the body, this vessel is perfect for the oenophile in your life.


Stella Decanter

Stella Decanter

Three Curls in CCS Alumni Show

The lovely “Three Curls” will be shown at the CCS Alumni Exhibition, which opens this Friday. April graduated from CCS in 1997 and says that her experience at the school allowed her to dive into glassblowing with an intensity that she couldn’t have found anywhere else.

three curls

three curls

Beacon & Batten

We’re huge fans of Emily Donald’s cool and fresh textiles from her new line, Beacon & Batten. Good thing she’s a guest artist for our Spring Open Studios on May 2 & 3! Stop by to see her awesome product line.

Emily Donald textiles

Emily Donald textiles

CCS Alumni Show

The “Re:View CCS Alumni Exhibition” is opening this Friday, April 17 with a reception from 6-8 pm. April has two pieces featured in this show at the Valade Family Gallery on campus, including this sculpture, “Silver Ques.” The show is up until May 29, so head to Midtown and check out the awesome work being made by CCS alumni!

silver ques

silver ques

Diego and Frida at the DIA

Diego and Frida are making waves in Detroit… if you haven’t seen this show yet, get yourself down to Midtown and see what everyone’s talking about!


Meet the Krackle

Release the Krackle! This new decanter from epiphany glass features a delicate crackling pattern around the body of the vessel. This effect is achieved by submerging the glass in cool water at just the right moment to shock the glass into crackling but without causing total fracture. The result? A totally radical way to enjoy your favorite wine.

Krackle Decanter

Krackle Decanter


This sculpture is bright and celebratory and perfect for Friday.

flutterby #5

flutterby #5


Throwback Thursday

It’s Throwback Thursday! April’s salmon Old School never gets old to us…


You can make glass art, too!

If you’ve always wanted to make your own glass artwork, our Spring Open Studios on May 2 & 3 will give you the chance! We will be offering a limited number of spaces for you to work with a studio assistant and make your own glass creation. The cost is $50 per person and space is limited, so call the studio today to reserve your spot! 248-745-3786.

Studio assistant Ally helps a guest make a pulled flower.

Studio assistant Ally helps a guest make a pulled flower.

Open Studios Guest Artist

We’re excited to announce that our Spring Open Studios will feature guest artist Emily Donald and her brand new line of hand-printed textiles, Beacon & Batten! Featuring patterns inspired by vintage textiles and wallpaper, each of Emily’s pieces is crafted using natural materials and eco-friendly inks.

textiles by Emily Donald

textiles by Emily Donald

Meet the Bubble

The Bubble decanter will be available for purchase at Spring Open Studios. With the appearance of tiny glass bubbles around the body of the decanter, this vessel is lighthearted and fun! Open Studio is on May 2 & 3, noon-6!

Bubble Decanter_blk_sm

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from epiphany studios!


Meet The Saturn

At this year’s Spring Open Studios, we’ll be unveiling a new line of decanter designs. Come out to meet the Saturn, a classic decanter shape with a simple ring – it’s out of this world! (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Saturn Decanter_blk_sm

Spring Studio Dates

It’s that time of year! We’re getting ready for our Spring Open Studios on May 2 & 3, noon-6 pm. This is one event you won’t want to miss – live glass-blowing demonstrations, tons of beautiful sculptures and gift items at all price points, and a chance to meet the artists of epiphany glass. And a portion of all sales will be donated to the Michigan Humane Society! It’s gonna be a fun time!


April Fool’s Day!

Have you gotten fooled by any pranksters today? Share your funniest April Fool’s Day memories below and we can all commiserate together! ☺


“Bello Fiori”

Well, it’s the last day of March, and that means the last day of our flower-of-the-day. We’re leaving you with April’s piece “Bello Fiori” which is a beautiful greeting to the visitors and employees of St. Joe’s Hospital here in Pontiac.

April Wagner, "Bello Fiori," 2014

April Wagner, “Bello Fiori,” 2014

"Bello Fiori" detail

“Bello Fiori” detail

Double Flower!

The way this flower’s petals are reflected below it is just fantastic!

"Blue lily pad"

“Blue lily pad”

Spring is Near…

Flower-of-the-day… April is right around the corner!

Fuchsia flower

Fuchsia flower

Prosper Magazine

Check out April in the new magazine Prosper! She’s highlighted on page 13.


Along with your flower-of-the-day!

Violet silver blue flower

Violet silver blue flower

Garden Party

How appropriate – a local garden club is making a visit to the studio today! If your club or organization wants a tour of the studio and a demo of some glass-blowing, get in touch with us at 248-745-3786.

Cobalt pink flower

Cobalt pink flower

Butterfly, Flutterby

Since Robert Heinlein said “Butterflies are self-propelled flowers,” does that mean that April’s “Flutterby” counts for our flower-of-the-day? We say yes!

April Wagner, "Flutterby 1"

April Wagner, “Flutterby 1″


“The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Navy spotted flower

Navy spotted flower

Our Studio, Our Home

The 4,000 square foot studio and state-of-the-art furnaces at epiphany studios allow April to make all of these amazing flowers we’ve been showing you. This studio is truly a treasure! (And it’s not too early to put our Spring Open Studios event on your calendar… May 2-3!)

Deep purple flower

Deep purple flower

Follow us on Twitter!

Have you started following us on Twitter yet? You totally should… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  Click the link below!

And a flower to convince you…

Orange flower

Orange flower

“Primary Fete”

“Primary Fete” is a piece of April’s from 2010. It’s abstract, but we can’t help but seeing an explosion of flowers in this one!

April Wagner, "Primary Fete," 2010

April Wagner, “Primary Fete,” 2010

Happy Weekend!

Here’s a series of red flowers by April to greet you as you sip your weekend coffee!

Three red flowers

Three red flowers

studio e flowers

The studio e line’s flower paperweights are only $36! These roses are sure to brighten up your desk.

Red rose paperweight

Red rose paperweight

Sitting Pretty

This flower is “Sitting Pretty,” hence its name.

April Wagner, "Sitting Pretty"

April Wagner, “Sitting Pretty”

Dazzling Blue

“Blue thou art, intensely blue; flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?” – James Montgomery

Cobalt and sapphire flower

Cobalt and sapphire flower

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Before you head down to the local pub, we picked a perfectly green flower just for you.

Green flower

Green flower

epiphany Lily

We call these pieces “lilies” in the studio, but they also look like a splash. What do you think about this sculpture?

April Wagner, "C's Green Lily"

April Wagner, “C’s Green Lily”

Rivera and Kahlo are in Detroit!

“Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit” opens today at the DIA! This show is bound to be amazing – Kahlo’s work has never been shown at the DIA, and some of Rivera’s preparatory drawings for the Detroit Industry murals will be highlighted as well.

Frida Kahlo is often pictured with flowers in her hair… so her self-portrait is perfect for our flower-of-the-day!

Frida Kahlo, "Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr. Eloesser," 1940

Frida Kahlo, “Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr. Eloesser,” 1940

DIA Panel

Next week, another great panel comes to the DIA! On March 18, “Packing/Unpacking” will feature conversations with artists and curators on the idea of the artist as entrepreneur and the state of the art market. http://www.dia.org/calendar/event.aspx?id=4698&iid=

And your flower for this Saturday…

Violet and pink cranberry flower

Violet and pink cranberry flower

Dr. Seuss Inspiration

Funky Friday Flower power! This flower is inspired by Dr. Seuss (and we think you can see why!)

Dr. Seuss inspired flower

Dr. Seuss inspired flower

“Le Jardin les Enfants”

You’re getting a whole garden of flowers today! April’s piece “Le Jardin les Enfants” is at the Flint Institute of Music.

April Wagner, "Le Jardin les Enfants"

April Wagner, “Le Jardin les Enfants”

Bright yellow bloom from "Le Jardin les Enfants"

Bright yellow bloom from “Le Jardin les Enfants”

Day Dreaming

Is anyone taking a spring break vacation this year? Where would your dream destination take you? Would it have beautiful flowers like this?

epiphany flowers by April Wagner

epiphany flowers by April Wagner

Your Little World

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” – Georgia O’Keeffe.

Here’s your little world for the moment!

Violet flower

Violet flower

Little Shop of Flowers

Happy Monday! Today’s flower-of-the-day is a little different… “Little Shop of Flowers” is colorful and crazy!

April Wagner, "Little Shop of Flowers"

April Wagner, “Little Shop of Flowers”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s a sea of flowers for all you gals out there. The staff here at epiphany is largely women, so we believe in girl power 100%!

studio e rose paperweights

studio e rose paperweights

Ally’s Favorite

epiphany studio assistant Ally’s favorite flower is the rocket pincushion. Never heard of it? Check out this link to see this crazy floral! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leucospermum_reflexum_var._luteum.JPG

And our flower-of-the-day…

Spotted orange flower

Spotted orange flower

Mary’s Favorite

Our studio manager Mary Griffin’s favorite flower is the hydrangea. Here’s an epiphany flower for you!

Maroon and olive flower

Maroon and olive flower

Abby’s Favorite

Our communications and marketing manager Abby’s favorite flower is the English garden rose. Here’s your flower of the day!

Red and indigo flower

Red and indigo flower

April’s Favorite

April’s favorite flower is the classic daisy. It may not be a daisy, but we sure think this bloom is pretty.

Cranberry opal blue lapis flower

Cranberry opal blue lapis flower 


Today’s flowers-of-the-day are courtesy of our studio e line. These flower paperweights are only $36 and come in a ton of colors! Call the studio to make an appointment to see these beauties in person. 248-745-3786.

Orange rose paperweight from the studio e line.

Orange rose paperweight from the studio e line.

Flower of the Day

Berry lemon flower

Berry lemon flower

Flower-a-Day keeps the cold away!

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” – Lewis Grizzard

We sure are ready for spring after a pretty wicked February. How about a flower-a-day to urge on some warm weather?

Fuchsia lemon flower

Fuchsia lemon flower

Amethyst Inspiration

On this, the last day of February, here’s a beautiful sculpture that reminds us of amethyst. (Probably because the color of this glass is named “amethyst.”)  The birthstone for February is the amethyst and we think it’s just a lovely color!

Amethyst "Thistle"

Amethyst “Thistle”

Memorial Glass

Glass can be used as a medium to capture cremated ashes, such as the sun catchers and paperweights featured in this article. epiphany studios has made similar paperweights for those looking for a unique way to remember their loved ones.


Icy Glass

These delicate, icy leaves appear frozen but are actually made of glass! Made by Israeli artist Noah Hagiladi, they seem perfect for a cold February day.


Glassmaking 101

Ever wonder how glassmaking got its start? This fun video by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, hosted by Burnie and Ash, will introduce you to 2000 years of glassmaking in about 8 minutes.

Museum of Glass’s Burnie and Ash

GAS Newsletter

In case you missed it, here’s the winter edition of the Glass Art Society’s newsletter. Lots of great content here! http://viewer.epaperflip.com/Viewer.aspx?docid=1f3a1556-3612-494a-9339-a4140120eb79

Small But Beautiful

Who knew a simple paperweight could be so gorgeous? This stunning glass piece was made by April and is part of our epiphany product line.

An April Wagner paperweight from the epiphany line.

An April Wagner paperweight from the epiphany line.

Weekend Window Shopping

Whatcha up to this weekend? How about a little window shopping at studio-e? We’ve got so many pretty things and everything’s under $100… Click “Store” above to browse around.


There’s still time to get your CIRQUE tickets for the DIA’s Founder’s Junior Council gala on February 28th! Fantastic food, decadent drinks, divine dancing and best of all, masked mystery… what more could you want? Join the party here:


Upcoming Event at the DIA

The DIA is hosting a panel discussion titled “Mavericks: The Shape of Things to Come” this coming Wednesday, February 25th at 7 PM. The panel participants will discuss the role of the museum as a creative workspace, the changing identity of galleries and how art spaces are evolving as community hubs. It sounds like there are going to be a lot of interesting ideas bounced around! Tickets are free, but required to reserve your spot.


Throwback Thursday!

It’s another #tbt! This time we’re going back in time 10 years ago to when April created a piece for the Ross Controls world headquarters in Troy, MI. The piece was inspired by the graphic symbols that the company uses to explain their products. Almost like 5 pieces in 1, the work extends across the wall of Ross’ boardroom.

"Ross Symbols," 18' x 26" x 8," 2005

“Ross Symbols,” 18′ x 26″ x 8,” 2005

Solar Power!

Solar panels might just be the way of the future. *Especially* if they look as cool as these! Cool to see how glass art can be used to spur the excitement around sustainable energy sources.


Mardi Gras!

We’ve been having a barrage of holidays lately! Today’s Mardi Gras, and we’re celebrating with this piece “Burberries.” Purple, green and a hint of gold remind us of a New Orleans style party!

April Wagner's "Burberries."

April Wagner’s “Burberries.”

Happy President’s Day!

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” – President John F. Kennedy

Happy President’s Day! Here’s to more leaders who will support the arts in our country. Thanks, President Kennedy.

The Future of Stained Glass

Here’s an interesting perspective on another form of glass art. What do you think? Will stained glass see a revival in the near future?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We love having you as our supporters, patrons, and well-wishers. Here’s a little love from us to you.

studio-e hearts in all shapes and colors.

studio-e hearts in all shapes and colors.

Your Daily Inspiration…

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Old School Throwback

Time for a little Throwback Thursday… here’s a piece from the appropriately titled “Old School” series that April based off the style she explored at CCS.

A cranberry and purple Old School sculpture with a fantastic rim of lime green!

A cranberry and purple Old School sculpture with a fantastic rim of lime green!

Coming Soon to Detroit…

It’s no new news that Detroit is attracting artists faster than you can say “cheap real estate.” Here’s another group that’s making the transition from the Big Apple to the Motor City, and they’re not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops.


A Bright Idea

Behold, the wonders of glass! We could use a little more Vitamin D around this time in February…


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! If this “Seuss Flower” from our Pinterest page doesn’t make you smile this morning then we don’t know what will!


Here’s A Crazy Idea…

We think an art vending machine is a really cool idea! But maybe not with glass art…