team epiphany

Chris Kramer: Assistant Glassblower

Chris Kramer

Assistant Glassblower

Jared Monchnik: Assistant Glassblower of team epiphany

Jared Monchnik

Assistant Glassblower

Marc VandenBerg: Master Glassblower

Marc VandenBerg

Master Glassblower

Mary Griffin: Studio Manager of team epiphany

Mary Griffin

Studio Manager

Mike Teeple: Facilities Manger

Mike Teeple

Facilities Manager

Natalie Engel: Content Creator of team epiphany

Natalie Engel

Content Creator

Paul Runde: Fabrication Specialist

Paul Runde

Fabrication Specialist

Rebecca Silverman: Assistant Glassblower of team epiphany

Rebecca Silverman

Assistant Glassblower

Shannon Teeple: Studio Assistant of team epiphany

Shannon Teeple

Studio Assistant

Cat Jack White: Chief Distraction Officer

Cat Jack White

Chief Distraction Officer

Shiva and Brahma: Studio Cats

Shiva & Brahma

Studio Cats