Zanfirico Vessels/ Awards

Crain’s Detroit recently wrote about our growing portfolio of corporate gifts and awards. Read it HERE.

In 2016 we were commissioned by GM to create something really special for their Supplier of the Year Awards. We designed these custom Zanfirico bowls with their company colors as inspiration. Zanfirico is a traditional venetian glassblowing technique in which thin polychrome rods of glass, called Cane, are fused together and rolled onto a base of clear glass to create the type of pattern and texture shown in the image above.
The Zanfirico technique experienced a revival in the Italian city of Murano in the early 1800s. this, along with other traditional methods, were once again popularized and became staples of a lasting resurgence.
April has always been fascinated by the interaction between traditional and contemporary styles. Much of her work is notable for its almost subversive use of forms and textures. This is part of what makes her pieces so easily identifiable. Her approach to Zanfirico shows an underlying respect for the time honored technique. She puts her own spin on it with her color choices, and by making her own Cane. You can watch a video of that complex process below.

For GM, April thought this symbol of classic design and elegance was perfect. She also wanted to give them pieces they’d be proud to display in their homes and offices.
One recipient of this award was the company Brake Parts, Inc. They were so thrilled with it that they commissioned us to create 20 versions for their individual employees. The modified design is similar to the original bowl, but smaller. And no two pieces are exactly alike, making them even more special for the recipients.
Watch the Cane Making video below. It’s fascinating!

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