The Four Elements

In 2004, Pfizer, Inc. commissioned April to create a four part site-specific glass wall sculpture based on "The Four Elements: air, fire, water, earth". The multi-part sculpture was to be installed in their Round Interaction Conference Room at their Ann Arbor complex, where there are four niches located throughout the room.

Air, Earth, Water, Fire (clockwise)
The room also holds a round cherry wood conference table, which is designed to give all participants a sense of equality and to negate a hierarchy. Borrowing from this idea of separate but equal collaboration, April drew inspiration from the four elements.

April’s goals with this piece were to enhance the work environment without being distracting and to encourage creative thought.

The four elements concept provided April with ample inspiration to work with the
engineering challenges of creating hand-blown glass sculptures that would fit into the narrow space of the niches.

April’s unique set of sculptures help to create a positive and stimulating business environment for Pfizer’s employees, boosting morale, discussion, and interaction between executives, which in turn leads to better business!

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