The Art of Drinking

The holidays are upon us, and that means we’re all channeling our inner hosts and hostesses in preparation for meals with family and friends. It also means that, instead of dumping that $5 wine from Trader Joes directly into our mouths, we’re going to grab a nice bottle of something and bust out the decanters and drinkware.
Decanters have been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, glass decanters were used to transfer wine from large barrels to the table for serving. Later they would be prized for their ability to aerate wine, enhancing its richness and flavor. After the fall of the Roman empire, glass became scarce, so decanters were made from materials like bronze, silver, and gold. But glassblowing came back into the forefront during the renaissance in Venice, and to this day Venetian glassblowing techniques are utilized by artists.
The Tornado Decanter pictured here is one of April’s signature pieces. The inner structure of the glass allows for maximum aeration, and is visually stunning. April draws from these traditional techniques, while putting her own spin on them.
Of course, wine isn’t the only beverage that benefits from decanting, both in terms of flavor, and presentation. Our silver and gold liquor decanters were designed to add style and flair to your cocktail consuming experience. They also make beautiful display pieces, thus marrying form and function in a really fun way. Much of April’s work is focused more on form and aesthetics than it is on functionality. But it’s wonderful when the two can come together. There is absolutely no reason why functional items can’t also be aesthetically pleasing.
These two decanter sets show the possibilities inherent in this form. On the left is the Kayan decanter set, so named after the traditional forms worn by the indigenous women in Sarawak and Borneo. The red rings that orbit the decanter and glasses elevate them from drinkware, to art. Similarly, the decanter set on the right was custom made for a client that wanted something truly unique and artistic. April applied various organic seeming glass forms to these hand-blown glass vessels to create not just a beautiful decanter set, but an artistic narrative.
If you’d like to see more of our decanters, glasses, and other drinkware, visit the Vessels page on our website. We also have many available for sale in our Web Store, and at our store in the Guardian Building. It’s not too late to pick one up for the holiday season!
And to see April and an assistant making one of these glass decanters, watch this video!