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With your help we have met our goal to donate $10,000 to SHAREUkraine.org thru the sale of our #HeartsForUkraine.

While our #HeartsforUkraine are no longer available to purchase, we encourage you to please continue to contribute to SHAREUkraine.org.

SHAREUkraine, is a Detroit-based 501C3 co-founded by Ukrainian Sam Rozenberg of ShareDetroit. SHAREUkraine will pass 100% of the money on to their trusted partners in Ukraine. Here is a recent article about Sam Rozenberg and SHAREUkraine.org

Please join us in supporting the Ukrainians as they fight for freedom. Together we can change lives.

In a world that wants me to whisper I choose to yell. What is happening is wrong and I will do something about it.”

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    SHARE Detroit co-founder, Sam Rozenberg, was born in Ukraine and is passionate about doing good in his home country, especially in their most urgent time of need. We are creating a new site called SHARE Ukraine to help support the citizens who are affected by the ongoing current events. Our goal at SHARE Ukraine is to provide a platform to well-meaning members of the free world (individuals and organizations) to help Ukraine directly and effectively.

    We are working to communicate the most urgent and vital needs as seen through the lenses of your respective interest, faith, and social outlook. The events that made these years relevant in the reels of history are repeating themselves. The threat to Ukraine is existential. If we again let the enemy succeed, as we have in 1936 to 1941, we become complicit not only in the genocide of the Ukrainian people but all genocides—genocides of the past, present, and future.

    If you want to donate and don’t have an organization you trust fully to turn your hard-earned money into real helpful action, donate to SHARE Ukraine. You have our guarantee that 100% of your money will go to an organization that will put your money to help Ukraine to bring light out of the darkness thrusted upon them. The organizations will be nominated and vetted by people on the front lines in Ukraine, like Sam Rozenberg’s classmate Tolik Lobanov, a retired general in the Ukrainian Army, now a volunteer in territorial defense forces.

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