Golden Enchanted Wine Stopper


We are proud to introduce the Golden Enchanted Wine Stopper. Each glass wine stopper is unique with a delicate twist and shimmering golden luster finish. Handmade by our talented artists in our Michigan studio. Our beautifully handcrafted Golden Enchanted Wine Stoppers are functional and refined.  Golden Enchanted Wine Bottle Stoppers begin as clear glass from our 2000 degree furnace. They are then handcrafted with artistic precision using a shimmering gold luster mica. Every step of the process requires our experienced glass artists to use their creative skills. They shape and twist the molten glass into an exquisite swirled glass finial.

When using our Glass Wine Stopper regularly, you will keep your wine fresh for weeks without looking plain or industrial. Each epiphany glass Wine Bottle Stopper has a black silicone base that seals off your open bottle, and stainless steel accents resist corrosion from the acid in the wine. Shop our other wine bottle stoppers here.

Whether a wedding, bachelorette, or just a very special event, these wine stoppers make great favors for your party guests. They also make a wonderful housewarming or shower gift. These wine stoppers from epiphany glass come in their own gift boxes. Their elegant design will remind your guests of your glamorous event every time they use them. With a gift this beautiful and practical, that will be often.

The Enchanted Wine Bottle Stopper fits most wine bottles, and the silicone rings in the middle of this zinc alloy stopper create a tight seal in the bottle while also preventing leaks if stored horizontally.

Approximate dimensions 5″L x 1.25″D

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A beautiful solution to your wine-keeping needs!

It’s no secret that your favorite bottle of wine can turn quickly into wine vinegar if left open. The Golden Enchanted Wine Stoppers are the perfect solution to your wine-keeping needs. While you can always try to push the used cork back into the bottle, that’s usually not the best solution. As soon as the wine is exposed to air, the oxidation breakdown process begins. The air causes the wine’s delicate aromas and flavors to start deteriorating.  Leaving the bottle uncovered can quickly lead to spoiling even the best wines in only a matter of days. A pierced cork will allow air inside, but wine stoppers delay that spoilage. The stopper fits most wine bottles, and the silicone rings in the middle of this zinc alloy stopper create a tight seal. Placed properly in the bottle, it also prevents leaks if stored horizontally.

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