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Enchanted Sleeping Kitty


Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Art Glass Sculpture

Nothing is more enchanted than a sleeping kitty, they are the epitome of relaxation and grace. New for 2022, our Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Sculpture is a rich gold color, sparkling like the real deal and full of nuance. Using a specialized technique to create this unique lustrous finish, these kitties add the perfect bit of glamour to your collection. Cats think they should be worshipped and this sculpture is beautiful enough to do just that!

The purrfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Our Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Art Glass Sculptures are guaranteed allergy free and never need you to clean the litter box. Solid hot-sculpted glass with layers of color, a heart stamp in the glass on the bottom, and signed and dated. Each kitty is handmade and unique – sizes and colors will vary. Find other styles here.

Approximately 1″H x 3″D.

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Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Sculpture

Our elegant sleeping kitty sculpture makes the perfect accent piece for the cat lover who finds joy in the beautiful silhouette of a cozy napping cat. The delicate curl of our Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Sculpture looks beautiful on a shelf, desktop, or mantle. Each of our beautiful solid glass sleeping kitty sculptures is handcrafted in our glass studio in Pontiac, Michigan. We start with selecting the colorful glass frit to create the distinctive hue of each unique sleeping cat. We gather clear glass from our 2000+ degree furnace, and pick up the colored frit and shape the hot glass on the polished steel marver. Once we have created the perfect shape, we use our tools to twist the molten glass into the delicate swirl of our sleeping kitty. We add ears by gently sculpting using crimps and finish with a heart stamp on the bottom. We then place it in our annealing oven to allow the Enchanted Sleeping Kitty Sculpture to slowly cool. After the glass art has cooled, we date and sign each piece.

Our Sleeping Kitty Glass Sculptures are inspired by our studio cats who make themselves at home throughout the studio. They cozy up in the windows, in front of the glass furnace, and sometimes on and around our busy glass artists as they make our amazing sculptures. Chances are you can get a glimpse of our sleeping studio cats if you have an opportunity visit on Thursdays or Saturdays when our studio and gallery are open to the public from 10-3. Be sure to check out our Workshops to see our available hands-on classes to make your own glass sculpture in our southeast Michigan Glass Studio. Our talented glass artists will assist you as you learn the magic of glass making.

Sleeping Kitties Available in CalicoGold AventurineGreyTuxedo & Tabby.

Approximately 1″H x 3″D.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm

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