Elanah’s Private Event


Come and enjoy a fun night at epiphany studio – You and your friends will work closely with our studio artists to create your very own glass bird!

Date: 5/25/21
Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm

You will choose your own colors, sit and work at the bench with the hand tools, including
torches, and reheat at the 2000 degree furnace under the safe and watchful eye of our expert glassblowers. This age old craft is mesmerizing to watch but even more exciting to do yourself! After you are finished with your creation and it cools down in the annealer, we will arrange for your bird to be dropped off with Elanah, engraved with the maker’s name and gift boxed. This dynamic and unusual outing will be the creative inspiration and outlet you and your friends have been yearning for, and will bring fond memories long after the event ends. Elanah will be providing refreshments for this private event as well. 

Availability: In stock

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