New Sculptures

April has been busy in the studio recently! We thought we’d share some of the amazing new pieces that she’s created in the past couple months. Above is the centerpiece of this new collection, entitled Curaçao Siren. It was designed as a custom piece for a client’s living room. It’s a kinetic sculpture, meaning that it rotates freely on the stainless steel stand. This makes the viewing experience even more dynamic.
Like all of April’s work, this piece is engaging from every angle. The client’s chose the color palette in this instance. Their pool is visible from their living room, and they wanted the colors of the sculpture to mirror the colors of the water outside. April used this as inspiration to sculpt the multi-layered, organic shape that you see here.

This piece then served as a launching off point for a series of new sculptures. April was inspired to bring some bright, lively colors into the studio as we near the dreary months of winter. As you learned in our last post, Fall also serves as a big source of inspiration for her work during this time of year. But sometimes you have to take that kind of inspiration and turn it on its head. She began to crave the sight of ocean greens and blues, and even some pastel hues. What resulted were some of the really interesting pieces seen below.
As always, her signature style is evident in the textured curls of glass, and their carefully executed composition. Although the shape of these sculptures evokes a sense of freedom and fluidity, each piece is meticulously planned and thoughtfully designed. The ease of these sculptures is, in actuality, a testament to her consummate perfectionism.
Below you can see two more sculptures from this series. The one on the left is like a rippling ocean wave cascading in on itself. It’s almost as if she took the wave shape and twisted it in space. With winter on our heels, you could also interpret it as an icy blue, a wave frozen in time.
The gorgeous yellow sculpture on the right is almost spring like. The abstract collection of flower shapes with their goldenrod color create a joyful image. It belongs almost equally in a bright fall flower arrangement as it does in a spring field. The deftly manipulated forms are almost unrecognizable as glass. Each piece was delicately constructed by hand, and then attached together with an invisible epoxy. What results is a bouquet that could last a lifetime.
In the video below, you can see two of the sculptures above as they rotate 360 degrees. Seeing them from every possible angle really gives you a new appreciation for their forms. We can’t wait to see what April comes up with next!