Elysian Dream

This radiant, site-specific, custom sculpture was created for the master bedroom suite of a private residence. The client knew exactly what they wanted in terms of the bright, playful color palette. April was inspired by their color choices, and drew upon that inspiration to form the organically flowing composition of the sculpture.
The vibrant colors, combined with the almost fantastical shape of this unique piece are what gave rise to the name ‘Elysian Dream.’ A name that conjures imagery of a transcendently beautiful afterlife seemed appropriate for a piece that truly brings the client’s space into a new and beautiful realm.

This client’s home contains a mix of eclectic works from various genres and eras. April designed the sculpture with that in mind, ensuring that it would stand out among their other decor, and that it would add to the harmonious balance of the space. The result is a work of art that seamlessly serves as a bold focal point.

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