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Some of our favorite projects at epiphany studios have been creating custom sculptures, chandeliers, and wall hanging installations for residential homes. A large portion of our business comes from these types of projects, and we have a lot of fun working on them. There’s something exciting about the challenge of designing a piece to perfectly marry the decor and feeling of a particular space. Our clients typically come to us with a vague idea of what they want, and April uses her creativity and knowledge of interior design to create something beyond what they could have imagined. Sometimes our clients know exactly what color scheme they want, and leave the rest to April. Sometimes they only know that they have a blank wall that needs to be filled, and she’s able to find just the right shapes and colors to bring their space to life.
The two pieces above, entitled (from left to right) ‘Dancing Round Elle’ and "Analogous Round Elle’ use one of her signature shapes and bold, highly saturated colors to give these clients’ rooms a captivating, colorful focal point. Each circular disk of hand-blown glass is intentionally placed to ensure that the composition of the piece serves the shape of the room. The glass disks vary in density, creating layers with different opacity. It also means that the appearance of the pieces, and the shadows that they cast, will change depending on the lighting. In both cases, the clients wanted something bold and energetic to liven up the space. April was inspired by that challenge, and to this day these works are some of her favorites.

Hand-blown glass chandeliers are also frequently requested by our clients for their living and dining areas. This ‘Whiskey and Ivory’ bubble chandelier was created for a private residence in Franklin, Michigan. April designed not just the blown-glass "bubbles" but the hanging fixture, as well. The warm tones and textured clear glass combine to create a look that is at once contemporary and classic.
The clients’ personal style preferences were taken into account, as well as the color of the walls in the dining room, and the style and colors of their china. What resulted was a truly unique work of art that these clients can brag is unlike any other chandelier, because it was created specifically for them. Having something like that gives a special quality to any space, and that’s a big part of why April’s work is in such high demand.
The chandeliers seen above were also created for residential homes. The top image shows April’s bespoke "Gold Cirrus Chandelier." It uses a dimmable LED lighting system, including 8 down-lights and a set of rope lights. The gold colored glass ribbons are beautiful on their own, and even more so when illuminated over the client’s modern dining area. The color references their walls and other decor, giving the room a cohesive appearance.
The 12-light Crystal Chandelier and hand-blown glass sconces in the bottom images were made with halogen lights and stainless steel fixtures. The blend of the contemporary lighting in a traditional home is breathtaking. Both functional and beautiful, the chandelier and sconces are the only source of light in the room and provide ample down lighting as well as ambient lighting.
These hanging chandeliers fit so perfectly into the clients’ staircases that they’ve become intrinsic aspects of their spaces. The soft colors and delicate ease with which the glass bulbs hang give these pieces an airy lightness that’s perfect for the spaces they’re in. These pieces serve as a strong visual center for the clients’ home, but don’t detract from the minimalist feel.
Wall hanging sculptures are another very popular request. The top pieces are part of a "Flutterby" series that April created for a client’s living room. These fantastically fun and exuberant sculptures perfectly complement the bold design of the surrounding wallpaper. The colors and lines of these sculptures bring a joyful addition to the space. They also demonstrate how April is able to pair her work with any interior design style, be it minimalist or maximalist, and create something beautiful within those parameters.
The bottom sculptures were also designed for residential living rooms. "Tempest" on the left was created for a very modern loft space, and marries perfectly with the client’s collection of modern art. "Turchina Filigrana" on the right was designed for a contemporary style home, and also complements the client’s extensive collection of eclectic artworks.
Finally, this beautiful wall hanging sculpture is called "Warp and Weft," a reference to the clients’ passion for the piano. This hand-blown glass sculpture is both surprising and feels right at home. April custom-created this piece for the client’s home, playing off of an existing glass chandelier. ‘Warp & Weft’ is proof that you can combine traditional and contemporary styles in your home! If you’ve been inspired by this post and would like to discuss having a custom hand-blown glass piece made for your own home, please send an email to

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