April’s Favorite Glass Creations

April has been making beautiful glass pieces for over 20 years. She has developed a distinct style that can be recognized around Metro Detroit and in the public and private collections of GM, Pfizer, Strategic Staffing Solutions, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and many others. April has a broad and impressive portfolio including chandeliers, freestanding sculptures, wall installations and large scale commissions. Let’s take a look at some of her favorite pieces that she’s created over the years!

Pam’s Garden is a hanging piece that April created in 2016. Glass flowers and delicate leaves float down from the ceiling and reflect color on the walls, adding warmth to the room. This piece utilizes many elements that are commonly seen throughout April’s work. She uses textured ribbons of glass in many different ways to represent different subjects. Here you can see they are used as leaves and vines, creating energetic shapes and interesting compositions. You will also see that flowers and nature are common themes in her work.

Novae Flos was created for the Lincoln Display in the 2012 North American International Auto Show. Again, you can see April’s signature style at play here, using energetic and fluid ribbons of glass to evoke a sense of movement. This piece was designed to give the space a "sanctuary" feeling and traveled from city to city with the auto show.

3 Stars Up is a bespoke sculpture comprised of individually blown glass pieces carefully assembled to push the boundaries of line, form, gravity and stability. This elegant piece has a dreamlike quality to it and the glass pieces look like dancers floating through space. This sculpture feels like a moment suspended in time and has a very ethereal and calming presence.

Rabbit Lives at Claire’s House draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. It’s a very detailed freestanding sculpture of a miniature garden filled with various flowers, mushrooms, vines, bees and butterflies. This piece is compositional on all sides and has so many intricate layers that you can find something new each time you look at it. You can view this sculpture in the round at this link!
April has so many unique and beautiful sculptures, and these are just a few. Watch the video below to see more of her incredible work throughout the years!