5 Sculptures Inspired by Nature

April’s work has always taken colors, shapes, and other elements from the natural world. Even in some of her most abstract works, nature has been a huge source of inspiration. Let’s take a look at how the natural world has inspired the following five pieces.

Rabbit Lives at Claire’s House
This custom sculpture was commissioned for the Flint Institute of Art’a 2016 Party fundraiser. Of the five works mentioned here, it’s the most representational. The elements drawn from nature are clearly visible from every viewing angle. April incorporated flowers, leaves, mushrooms, butterflies, fiddleheads, and even bees into this lively and brightly colored sculpture. Each individual component is carefully made from hand-blown glass. The composition works from all sides, and encourages the viewer to linger on the various small, hidden elements tucked into the piece. It’s like looking into the heart of a magical garden.