gold cirrus chandelier

‘gold cirrus’ chandelier / April Wagner / Winter 2012

Hanging next to halting views of the Detroit River and the breathtaking Canadian shoreline, this chandelier had a lot to compete with visually. Pulling warm gold, amber, and yellow tones from the room April created a rich, saturated, but airy combination of light and color to float in the space like a ‘gold cirrus’ cloud. Using hand-blown glass ribbons and peaz shapes April covered the custom made dusty bronze powdered coated frame to give the appearance of both density and spaciousness in the glass. Using a 2 circuit system, the chandelier has 10 dedicated dimmable LED down lights for the table, used when dining, and dimmable LED rope lights hidden inside the glass for ambiance at night. The ambient lights give the whole room a soft warm glow and really show off the glass. The sophisticated lighting system in ‘gold cirrus’ makes it a versatile, highly functional, and beautiful light.

This chandelier measures 24″ x 24″ x 72″