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splash free form series

SPLASH SERIES / epiphany studios

The splash free form series, available with no stripe, with a stripe, or with an overlay color, is based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Italian style called “fazzoletto”. This style was developed in the 1930’s by the Venini factory, in Murano, and recently revisited by west coast and Seattle based glass artists. “Fazzoletto” means to blow the glass in a free form manner using gravity and centrifugal force to help shape the piece.

The epiphany splash series has a distinctive contemporary twist which delineates our style from any other. This unique style is characterized by the sculpting of solid clear glass bits on the outside of the piece. The addition of these clear glass fingers or trails running from the base up the sides give the piece its sensual, and dynamic character. Each curve of the lip is hand sculpted to achieve maximum continuity of line and form. every splash free form is made to capture the essence of the glass as a fluid and molten material.

A contrasting stripe color added to the outside of the splash free form reveals another dimension of the splash free forms series. The stripe helps define the curvaceous exterior and flowing nature of these pieces. To make the stripe on the piece, a colored glass bit is touched onto the piece near the lip of the form and spun in concentric circles to the bottom. The clear glass fingers are then sculpted over the stripe.

Our most popular colors in the splash series are the transparent jewel tone pieces with the silver and gold striping. paired with a rich, saturated transparent body color the effect of the metallic hues is stunning. The gold and silver colors are created via a lengthy, difficult technique, termed “reduction”. By removing the oxygen from the atmosphere of the glory hole (a 2400 degree reheating chamber), the carbon molecule will attach itself to the gold and silver elements in the glass. These elements become trapped on the surface of the piece, thus creating our unusual and eye catching metallic stripe and lip wrap colors.

The specialized equipment necessary to create and control the “reduction” technique is in place on both our medium and jumbo glory holes. This feature on our jumbo glory hole allows us to create these gold and silver metallic colors on a scale capable by only a select few studios in the world.

The overlays splash free forms are the most technically involved pieces in our splash series. With complex and sophisticated colors that create a lush depth unique to the overlay process, these pieces are the collectors favorite. This special depth of color is created by overlaying a white glass color on a transparent glass color. The transparent color then becomes translucent. This color is seen on the inside of the piece and has a watercolor, or puddling feel to it, because the light is allowed to penetrate through the transparent color to the white, and then reflect back at the viewer. This fine characteristic has great appeal, even to the untrained eye, often inspiring comments that the overlay striped splash free forms have a certain “je ne sais quoi”. The overlay effect can also be seen in the juicy exterior stripe color. The stripe is a transparent color as well, and again the light reflects back off the white overlay and creates a rich depth. The contrasting lip wrap color adds a clean finishing touch to the edge of the piece. like candy for your eyes, the overlay striped splash free forms are a treat to behold.