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paperweight series

PAPERWEIGHTS / epiphany studios

The paperweights are the series in which April plays with ideas about pattern and color. Like sketches, the paperweights are a rewarding form in which to explore many ideas in a relatively short period of time. The intricate combination of colors belies a sophisticated understanding of the chemical properties of each individual color. Colored glass is made by mixing raw glass minerals and oxides. For example, copper can be used to create greens, blues, or reds depending on what other elements are present. Combining colors together can be tricky as the minerals and oxides don’t always work together. Unlike painting in which blue and yellow make green, colored glasses mix according to their chemical makeup, thus blue and yellow do not make green. The years of experience, of trial and error, and of tweaking color formulas, have determined the development of the unique style of the epiphany paperweights.