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nest series

NEST SERIES / epiphany studios

Inspired by the motions of sand and wind, these intricate pieces push the boundaries of contemporary glass. Uninhibited by the mundane appeal of the functional vessel, these forms are purely sculptural in basis. The nests are made by sculpting multiple bits of clear glass on a spherical shape. This seemingly random weaving of the hot glass strands creates layers and layers of uncommon detail throughout the piece. To offset this organic method, a concise lip wrap in either gold/silver, or a transparent color finishes the edge. The nests sparkle like ornate chandeliers, as the many strands of glass catch and reflect the ambient light.

The serocco nests are frosted on the exterior to emphasize the complex patterns made by the multiple applications of molten glass. the depth of the layering and intricacy of the piece are uncovered when the diamond like reflections of light have been gently frosted. This frosting process is done after the nest has cooled to room temperature.

The medusa nests are another complex variation of the nest series. The trails of the medusa nests are made with specially colored glass; sensuous blue, green, or brown tones depending on how the colors are used. These unique colors are specially mixed at epiphany just for the medusa pieces. Not only does the color vary from piece to piece, but within the same piece many colors subtly reveal themselves. The application of these colors triples the overall time it takes to make a medusa nest when compared with other nest pieces. The delicate colors also require greater skill to master as they are temperamental and difficult to control. The medusa nests are challenging to create, but beautiful to gaze upon.