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How to Beat the Dog Days

It’s that time of year when everyone needs to make sure to stay hydrated – and that includes your furry friends! You can give your pets the royal treatment with one of our beautiful handblown glass pet bowls. Glass doesn’t leech toxins like metal or plastic, so it’s the perfect way to make sure your […]

Making Music from Glassblowing

If you’ve ever watched even 2 minutes of glassblowing, you know what an amazing spectacle it can be. These artists are taking the performativity of glassblowing to a whole new level!

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

It’s getting hot, hot, HOT here in Michigan. But the 90-degree temps are nothing compared to the blazing 2400 degrees of our reheating chamber. This gig isn’t for the weak…

Lazy Monday Morning

Lazy Monday Morning

Monday mornings have got us feeling a little like April’s kinetic sculpture… lazily twirling whenever the breeze wafts by.

Z is for Zanfirico

Z is for Zanfirico

Today is our last day of the epiphany alphabet and it’s a good one! Around here, Z is for “Zanfirico!” These awesome vessels are crafted with colored cane that we make here in the studio. April arranges pieces of cane in various patterns and then the cane is picked up with a gather of clear […]

epiphany glass spring open studio 2016

Y is for You!

Y is for “You! (Yes, YOU!)” We probably don’t say it enough. Without the support of our friends near and far, epiphany studios wouldn’t exist. Whether you’ve bought an artwork, attended our open studio events, or introduced us to your friends, we appreciate YOU!

X is for X-ing Boundaries

X is for X-ing Boundaries

Oy. Today’s letter of the day is X… before you judge us for this one, we challenge you to find a glassblowing term that starts with X! In the meantime, X is for “X-ing Boundaries” (as in *Crossing* Boundaries). Did you know that glassblowing is a field largely dominated by men? While we love ourselves […]

W is for Wine

We’re celebrating everyone’s favorite letter … W is for Wine! The epiphany decanters are always a classy statement. From the performativity of a Tornado decanter to the cool and sophisticated Kayan, epiphany decanters are truly works of art.

V is for Volcano

Long-time epiphany fans will appreciate this one… V is for Volcano! April recently made a few of these throwback pieces and we captured the moment for you. The Volcano is a classic epiphany piece that pairs a base of clear bitwork with a gracefully waving body.

U is for Unstoppable!

We may be biased, but we think U is for “Unstoppable!” April’s work continues to evolve as she refines her skills – even a master glass artist keeps growing and learning every day! She’s not stopping anytime soon…

T is for Tweezers

T is for Tweezers

T is for “Tweezers” and no, we’re not making any comments about your eyebrows… Our tweezers are HUGE and used in a lot of different projects. If you’ve ever made a glass flower with us, you’ve used the tweezers to shape the petals!

S is for... SO much!

S is for… SO much!

As you can imagine, S is a big letter for us. S is for “Sculpture,” “studio e,” “Splash Bowls” and “Shiva” (our “Studio” kitty)! All of these S words are just part of a day’s work at epiphany glass. Jealous yet?

R is for Rondelle

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post, we’re talking about another of the elements April employs for her sculptures. Today is R for “Rondelle!” A rondelle is a flat, circular disk that can be made in any size (as long as it can still fit in the reheating chamber!) The rondelle is created by spinning the pipe […]

Q is for Ques

Bet you thought today would have us tripped up, but we are celebrating Q for “Ques!” Most of April’s sculptures involve a lot of smaller glass pieces combined together to create a larger work. A “Que” is one type of these smaller pieces – a flat ribbon of glass that twists or curls in a […]

P is for Punty Rod

Today’s letter is P and our word might be new to you. P is for “Punty Rod” and we can’t make glass without one! This is the rod that attaches to the hot glass and allows us to hold onto the glass while we’re shaping it.

O is for Ornament

O is for Ornament

O is for “Ornaments” at epiphany and even though it’s not the holidays, we’re of the opinion that these gorgeous baubles can be hung all year round!

N is for Nest

N is for Nest

Whether it’s one of the originals or a brand new piece, around here, N is for “Nest!” The nest works show the many ways hot glass can be used – from the delicate strands of clear glass to the clarity of each colored core, the nest vases have it all!

M is for Mark

Where would we be without M for “Marc?” One of our talented glassblowers, Marc VandenBerg brings a fantastic set of skills to our studio and helps us with a multitude of projects. One of Marc’s fortes is lampworking, which is a detailed sculpting of glass. Follow him over on Instagram at @marco2150 to see some […]

Photo by Don Campbell, Herald-Palladium Staff

L is for Lilies

April’s most recent show focuses on L for “Lilies!” If you get a chance to make it over to the Inn at Harbor Shores in St. Joseph, Michigan, you can see “View Through a Colored Prism,” an exhibit which highlights April’s large floral sculptures. (Not to mention, you can check out L’eau d’Vie – the […]

K is for Kitties

K is for Kitties

K might be our favorite letter of the whole alphabet because K stands for “Kitties!” April is a huge animal lover and it shows through everything from our partnership with the Michigan Humane Society to the newest member of our team, Brahma. If you want to be part of the furry love here, you can […]

J is for Jacks

Glassblowers use a very unique set of tools, one of which is our letter of the day, J for “Jacks!” The jacks consist of two long, metal arms that are connected at a spring-loaded joint. In this video, you can see April using the jacks to narrow the neck of the glass bubble she’s working […]

I is for Innovative

Over the years, epiphany glass has created some truly unique glass art, and that’s why I stands for “Innovative.” Whether it’s the flared body of a massive Volcano, or the delicate strands of a nest vase, April has been making work that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Watching her push the limits of glass on a daily basis […]

H is for Hotshop

H is for Hotshop

ABCDEFG… H! Now that we’re back on track with our #epiphanyABC, you might be able to guess that H is for “Hotshop!” This name is especially apt as the weather warms up outside, giving our air conditioner a run for its money. April and the team start working extra early in the summer to beat […]

F is for Flowers (and Forgetting...)

F is for Flowers (and Forgetting…)

Whoops – when we asked you if you knew your ABC’s, we should have double checked our own kindergarten knowledge…. We totally skipped F! Which is a shame, because F stands for “Flowers” here at epiphany! Not only does our studio have a sweet little garden outside, we’ve also got pretty flowers on the inside […]

G is for Glory Hole

The epiphany alphabet gets a little crazy when it comes to the letter G! Around here, G is for “Glass,” “Gallery,” “Gifts,” and “Gaffer” (the word for a professional Glassblower.) But maybe we’re most fond of G for “Glory Hole,” the hottest reheating chamber on the block. If you’re feeling gutsy, take a whirl with […]

E is for epiphany!

E is for epiphany!

Is it cheating if we say that E is for “epiphany?” Well, we’re happy to “Educate” you on the “Evolution” of our business’s “Epithet!” When April started “epiphany” in 1996, she was “Exploring” terms that could describe her “Expertise” in creating art. “epiphany” means an insight in to the “Essence” of an object or material. […]

D is for Decanter

D is for “Decanter” here at epiphany! Over the years, April has developed several unique designs that not only perform but look good doing it. A decanter might be a piece of functional glass, but there is definitely a fine art to making one. #epiphanyABC

C is for Chris

In the epiphany alphabet, C stands for “Chris,” our studio assistant who rocks our socks! Unlike many art forms, glassblowing is definitely not a solo act. Most recently, Chris was part of the team that made over 500 glass tumblers for a special Detroit Grand Prix project. That’s persistence! #epiphanyABC

B is for Bubble

B is for Bubble

We’re continuing on with our epiphany ABC’s today and if you’re just joining us, have no fear! We’re only on B, which around here stands for “Bubble!” Many of April’s large commissions utilize the basic element of a glass bubble to create something great and marvelous. These chandeliers are the perfect example of the power […]

Learn your ABC’s!

Do you know your ABC’s? You’re probably thinking, “Of course I do, DUH!” But do you know your epiphany ABC’s? School may be out for the summer, but we’re going to teach you a thing or two. At epiphany glass, A is for “Annealer,” the special furnace that the glass goes into to cool down […]