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Blue heart paperweight

Countdown to Valentine’s Day!

January is coming to a close and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Plan ahead this year and surprise your sweetheart with a gorgeous glass heart from the studio-e line at epiphany studios! Several colors are available here on our website, or you can contact the studio to see what other colors […]

New epiphany art

New epiphany art

Just a little something pretty to brighten your day! This April Wagner piece features curls of colored transparent glass.

Challenge Detroit

Detroit is looking for its next great leaders! If you’ve got the charisma needed to help take this city to the next level, apply for the Challenge Detroit project. Thirty people will be selected to live, work, play, give, and lead in Detroit for a year. The applications for 2016 open February 1st, so get […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrr! It’s cold out there and spring seems years away. How do you stay motivated to be productive in these dark winter months? At the studio, we like to keep our bodies moving to amp up the flow of energy. Or we just snuggle up to our 2000 degree furnace for warmth…


We all like to daydream about our ideal homes, and Houzz.com is the perfect place to drift away on a cloud of interior design inspiration! April and epiphany studios have a profile here that allows you to see some past projects. Don’t forget to check out the positive reviews! Thanks for your support, everyone! http://www.houzz.com/pro/epiphanyglass/epiphany-glass-studios

Happy Monday!

Shake those back-to-work blues by feasting your eyes on some of the fantastic glass art in the New Glass Review’s image collection. http://www.cmog.org/research/publications/new-glass-review/search

April's sculpture at the Los Angeles NAIAS in November.

Last Day of NAIAS

Today is the last day of the NAIAS in downtown Detroit. What a ride! April’s sculptures featured by Lincoln Motor Company have the sleek lines and contemporary flair that might remind you of your favorite new car.

Toys in Art

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head down to the Detroit Artist’s Market and visit their current exhibition, “It’s Like Toys In Here.” Three artists “convey their own child-like curiosity through art that combines serious themes with playful interface and fun aesthetics.” Sounds like a fun time to us! The exhibition runs through February […]

Cranberry opal blue flower

Colorful Carnations

Did You Know? The official flower for January is the carnation. These flowers have edible blooms and used to be used as flavoring agents in beer, wine and liquor! Carnations come in an array of colors, as do the beautiful flowers made here at epiphany studios.

Time is Ticking…

There’s only a few days left to hit up the NAIAS at the COBO Center in downtown Detroit! Not only are there cool cars to be seen, but April’s work is featured with Lincoln Motor Company as well!

Glassmaking Tools

Did You Know? There’s a special tool called a “battlemore” that’s especially for smoothing a flat bottom of a blown vessel or molded object. Learn about some other tools in this video by DC Glass Works.

studio-e gifts

What do you do when your brain is still burnt out on gift ideas from the holidays, but you know someone whose birthday is coming up? Why, check out the studio-e line of affordable and beautiful gift items! Each studio-e object is made by hand by an epiphany studio assistant and all items are under […]


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone! Inspiring words from an inspiring man: “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

Making Mischief

The CCS Center Galleries will be opening a new show on January 23rd called “Making Mischief: Cynthia Greig, Jennifer Dalton, Alex Gingrow, Laurina Paperina and Scott Reeder.” The exhibition features works by these artists that scrutinize (and satirize!) the systems and behaviors unique to the art world and its inhabitants. See their Facebook page for […]

Calling All Car-Lovers…

Today is the day, car-lovers! The North American International Auto Show is open to the public in downtown Detroit at the COBO Center. April created 6 custom pieces for Lincoln Motor Company to use in their display at shows throughout the United States.

April Wagner, "Tempest," 2009, 36" x 6'6" x 18"

Garnets Galore

The birthstone for January is the garnet! Even though garnets come in a variety of colors, you probably know it in its deep red form. The stone’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed prompted the name “garnet,” which comes from the word for seed. This piece, “Tempest,”  utilizes the beautiful red hue often seen in garnets. […]

NAIAS Charity Preview

Today is the Charity Preview for the North American International Auto Show. Profits from ticket sales for the preview support a wide variety of children’s charities. Since 1976, the Charity Preview event has raised over $96 million for kids in Michigan!

Attention Artists!

Are you a visual artist working in the Detroit metropolitan area? Consider applying for the Kresge Artist Fellowship, which awards $25,000 to literary and visual artists of Detroit. Due date is January 22! http://www.kresgeartsindetroit.org/2015-kresge-artist-fellowships-application-cycle-is-open/

Follow Us!

If you’re on Twitter, follow us at @epiphanyglass for more fun facts and tidbits about the studio! Be sure to “Like” our page on Facebook too to stay updated on the goings-on at epiphany. P.S. We’re even on Google+! There’s a social media site for everyone!

A beautiful violet epiphany glass nest.

Epiphany Nests

epiphany glass nests are inspired by the motions of sand and wind. These intricate pieces push the boundaries of contemporary glass and are made by sculpting multiple bits of clear glass on a spherical shape. The nests sparkle like ornate chandeliers – the many strands of glass catch and reflect the ambient light.

Welcome, NAIAS!

Welcome to the Motor City, NAIAS! April created 6 sculptures for the Lincoln Motor Company that will be featured at NAIAS locations across the country.

Epiphany Glass in the News

A nice article by the Detroit News on April and her art! http://www.detroitnews.com/story/life/home-garden/2014/11/20/pontiac-glass-blowing-artist-april-wagner/70024904/

The More You Know…

Did You Know? A fiery hot piece of glass can’t just cool down on any old shelf or table. In order to prevent the glass from cooling too quickly and becoming brittle, we use an annealing furnace, which starts at 900 degrees and slowly lowers the temp. Cool, right?

April's piece at the Lincoln Motor Company booth at NAIAS, Los Angeles.

April at NAIAS

April’s sculpture at the Lincoln Motor Company booth at NAIAS, Los Angeles in November.

Artist in Action

Lino Tagliapietra is one of the world’s most renowned glass blowers. At age 11, he began apprenticing at a glass studio in his hometown of Murano, Italy, an Venetian island with a centuries-long history of glass-making. By age 21, he reached the level of “maestro” and now he’s been rocking the glass art world for […]

The More You Know…

Did You Know? epiphany studios is the largest hot-glass blowing facility in the Midwest. Our hot tank furnace can hold 800 pounds of liquid glass!

One of six sculptures by April for the Lincoln Motor Company.

NAIAS Coming Soon!

Watch out, Detroit! The North American International Auto Show is right around the corner. April’s work is being featured with the Lincoln Motor Company at select shows across the country. Here’s her piece from November’s Los Angeles show.

The More You Know…

What is “studio glass?” This term refers to the use of glass to create artistic sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. The American studio glass movement is pretty young – it started in 1962 when a chemist and a ceramist at the Toledo Museum of Art began experimenting with molten glass. In 1969, the museum constructed the […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from epiphany studios! Did You Know? “Epiphany” means “insight into the essence of an object and/or material” and served as the foundational idea behind the studio’s beginnings back in 1993.